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  1. AP Picture thread

  2. Any barefoot walker around here?

    So you are walking on dirty streets, kerb, escalators, you drive, you go to meetings and restaurants barefoot? Sent from my SM-T325 using Tapatalk
  3. AP Picture thread

  4. AP Picture thread

  5. AP Picture thread

    Well, maybe not the best photo but - inner bezel numerals look odd, small - they look stamped not embossed - looks black not blue (might be lighting) - subdials look off also Maybe it's all in my head.. Sent from my SM-T325 using Tapatalk
  6. AP Picture thread

    funny bezel, what is this ?
  7. AP Picture thread

  8. AP Picture thread

  9. AP Picture thread

  10. Show the PAM combo you choose today

  11. Best AP Royal Oak 15400?

    New jf xtals are damn good. I'm a devoted prof 2xar fellow but on new jf (RO & ROO) it is IMHO not necessary at all Sent from my SM-T325 using Tapatalk