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  1. cissiboy


    And money thrown for fun to mail 2 empty envelopes I’m curious to open them
  2. cissiboy

    Looking back...

    Those 2 rolex sold now would have fetched a nice margin
  3. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

    next on the chopping board most likely SSSMTL
  4. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

    local guy has it now in case you wonder.. Nice piece indeed but the sandblasted titanium is a [censored] to say the least
  5. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

    LOL I SOLD IT...
  6. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

  7. cissiboy

    A modded XF FC diver v2

    Have both. As simple as that.
  8. cissiboy

    Hello From Singapore

    i dont go KTV rest assured that, so yeah you and I never together
  9. cissiboy

    Hello From Singapore

    sorry I don't see where I was being rude, I'm sorry if I sounded so. Apologies A. and @conankinder no he doesnt even work, this guy...just drives around his Mitsubishi Lanjiao all zhanged up. Red plate some more.
  10. cissiboy

    Hello From Singapore

    yes. And your real name is not even Legend.
  11. cissiboy

    Hello From Singapore

    no chill
  12. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

    fresh form the mailbox
  13. cissiboy

    Hello From Singapore

    income opportunity lol heroooo bro (virtual shake of hand with twist of wrist to check watch out)
  14. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

    44mm fc you must squint a lot from the next table Sent from my SM-T325 using Tapatalk