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  1. cissiboy

    Why Do So Many RO Reps Have 8 BPS?

    Yes we spoke about next door. Best option for fc diver right now
  2. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

    Nice gen ! @dylan both montauk ?
  3. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

    foking gen mate
  4. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

    That usb cable is painful to behold Sent from my SM-T325 using Tapatalk
  5. cissiboy

    Rolex 1016 Space-Dweller

    By far my grail 369 dial
  6. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

    Spoil market
  7. cissiboy

    AP Picture thread

  8. cissiboy

    Rolex Submariner from Jason007

    That insert doesnt look too bad The maxi dial is a bit maxx
  9. cissiboy

    Show me your FC diver photos!

    https://www.pixelsbin.com/album/A5Yp this is going on sale on RWI later today - should be the cheapest modded (low-beat + custom dw) FC diver we heard of