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  1. AP Picture thread

    wrong - ceramic was a creature of another illustrious equally talented local modder #nofilter
  2. AP Picture thread

    Lol cos you dont know the price
  3. AP Picture thread

    FC. Lighter and goes well with a wider spectrum of outfits In fact I think I will end up selling the ceramic sooner or later
  4. AP Picture thread

    When the wife asks you for a Trilogy and you think Hell yeah I got this !
  5. AP Picture thread

  6. AP Picture thread

  7. AP Picture thread

    I'll pass you the number of that local bro of mine who bought it for 400$ as a JF..if he got a gen instead let me know..I'll work a deal with him since he's not on RWG
  8. AP Picture thread

    you are getting old Bro..losing your magic touch on AP divers..or merely losing eyesight..
  9. AP Picture thread

  10. AP Picture thread

  11. AP Picture thread

    A friend's jf 2017 diver (miyota) Sent from my SM-T325 using Tapatalk