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  1. AP Picture thread

  2. Rolex Submariner from Jason007

    That insert doesnt look too bad The maxi dial is a bit maxx
  3. Show me your FC diver photos!

    https://www.pixelsbin.com/album/A5Yp this is going on sale on RWI later today - should be the cheapest modded (low-beat + custom dw) FC diver we heard of
  4. AP Picture thread

  5. What's the best dress watch from a TD?

    Jlc ultra thin ? Iwc 5454 ?
  6. Can Reps take a beating

    Lol sounds like something I would do.. open the watch, eff up, lose tiny mini screws, gives back non functioning... "sorry not sorry"
  7. AP Picture thread

  8. Rolex Wristies thread

  9. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Desire to get rid of annoying deplo + impending Chinese New Year =
  10. OK, who sent me 3x AP watches?

    Lol And no sender details on the package ? Never gotten that lucky to have secret admirers
  11. Watch Box upgrade