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  1. Let me know if the deal for the insert falls through.


  2. Great member to deal with!

  3. olreon

    Carbon diver on TrustyTime

    Hello, I took a look at the case construction of the ap carbon diver. Your cracked bezel has no influence on the waterproofnes of the watch. One of the seals must be damaged or the screws haven't been tightend. Best, Olreon
  4. olreon

    Rep 6538 with gen bezel construction?

    The problem with 6538 and 5510 is that the case sets from Minh, ndt and phong are not 1:1 copy's. the bezels are a big tell, cause they even do not look like gen... Also the cases, they are way wrong. the only case that is 75% of the gen is the phong case....and if you want to have it to look nearly like the gen then you have to reshape it...
  5. olreon

    ChronoPassion V5 QC Pics

    the scratches on bead blasteds are patina, and some peole like it...
  6. olreon

    My franken ROO white theme

    hello, it is now impossible to find gen parts, all sources are dry... some dials popped up at the bay, but gone in a flash... gen hands sets... impossible to find :-( best, olreon
  7. olreon

    Accurate PAM 104?

    Both versions are good, the h and the noob. Best
  8. olreon

    UK - Customs Sezirue

    i dont think that this has something to do with nthe olympic games...
  9. olreon

    UK - Customs Sezirue

    The dealers should be smart this time and should not make it public which country they will use for their transshippment ... Every idiot was able to check out the journey of the reps...
  10. olreon

    UK - Customs Sezirue

    Probably he is in the uk, cause TM EYE UK, acts only in the uk. The dealers need to find as soon as possible a new shipping method! Maybe shipping over another country in the eu is possible. Best
  11. olreon

    UK - Customs Sezirue

    Hmm, i do not know how your chances are, maybe this seizures have to do something with the olympic games, but as far as i understood our dealers there is a organization or something like that which is called TM EYE UK. They are working together with customs and are payed by the richemont group Best, Olreon
  12. olreon

    UK - Customs Sezirue

    They keeped the iwc cause iwc belongs to the richmond group. All watches that are from this group will be seized from now on by uk customs. The dealers should find another way to bring the watches to the eu. The uk method will not work anymore :-( Best
  13. olreon

    UK - Customs Sezirue

    I think that this was it! No more save shippments over the uk. Best, Olreon
  14. olreon

    127 Eddie Lee?

    your case is totaly off. it has the wrong shape...