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  1. I would think it’s great to learn from each other 🙂 The rest of the watch might well be genuine but with the picture quality it’s almost impossible to say for sure. the bracelets are nicely stretched so they do resemble a used band from 5-60 years back. Heh.
  2. Thanks for sharing these with us 🙂 I am under the impression that the PN shouldn’t be genuine from the reflective surface of the subdials. (The photos aren’t really clear so I cannot be 100% certain). The “anti-magnetique”, if this is a 4767, should be in a straight line instead or curving around the subdial 6, if I were to look at most references out there... then again I don’t know enough of the Killy to make an informed confirmation. It was commonplace to have dials and parts refinished and swapped back in the day, so it’s a possibility. Either way still l
  3. White on steel bezel, timeless..! Well done there brother 😉
  4. lol lovely PN brother! ;-) Anyways mine's but a basic build, it's a Noob with ARF bezel, genuine hands and a genuine (refinished) Dial lol. Been wearing it daily because the movement is such a joy!
  5. I got mine about $5.5k? 1803 prices range around that price these days.
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