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  1. There has not been much going on in terms of new releases of Audemars Piguet I recently saw that Pure time released a extra thin anniversary edition: https://puretime.io/watch-brands/audemars-piguet/royal-oak/royal-oak-39mm-15202-ss-jf-1-1-best-edition-blue-textured-dial-on-ss-bracelet-a2121.html It occurred to me that the biggest tell on the royal oaks is really the open case back, so why not just replicate the vintage Jumbo, that had a closed case back? This would be the easiest to replicate as it has no sweeping second hand, and the case back is closed..... Why oh why do they not offer these? Oh well enough rant for now. thanks for looking in. Anyone got a decent Royal Oak jumbo closed case back? Photo? TK
  2. hey guys, I am new to this rep world and want to buy my first watch, I like this one http://www.pf-818.com/0-0-omcpo42-002n-spectre-oct.html but dont know how good it is? also the movement it says is Miyota 8205 japanese, is that true? how reliable are these watches? Also I see a lot of watches made with Asian 7750, is that a good movement? Thanks
  3. @SSTEEL I git ni problem shipping out to Finland. can you get into contact with me and let me know about prices, etc PM me. many thanks TK
  4. Hey guys, My Ap stopped moving the other day and was thinking it would be a good time to have it fixed and repaired. Also I have a diver that is in need of waterproofing and some serious polishing....But who to contact in Germany? Many thanks TK
  5. @Legend Cant wait to see what you do with this one! Franzen AP Bumblebee on its way....... No all they need to do is make a REP of the Alinghi......one can dream...(sigh) Nice one. TK
  6. @tomhorn thank you for the information. and for the link..... lets start again!! TK
  7. Hello All, Normally I am more active on the AP side of the forum, however I decided this time I would try my hand at doing a custom build. However it is not as easy as I had anticipated. So I would like some help if possible?! I believe the cheapest way to make a custom build is to get a cartel 6263 and then get a Gen dial. Now here is my problem. I bought a Gen dial, however i believe the dial is the wrong dial for the case I have, also I am based in Europe who should I talk to about having the dial inserted? Also Should the techie bezel be Black or silver with the dial I have here? Many Thanks TK
  8. It has arrived...... http://pure-time.com/product/pre-order-royal-oak-offshore-grand-prix-jf-11-best-edition-real-forge-carbon-parts-v3-a3126-free-xs-rubber-strap/ opinions? hope to see the other type of cases arrive soon! TK
  9. @ Legend, I can't tell you how envious I am of this wonderful piece, I have for a long time been looking for exactly that! Wear in good health. Amazing piece. TK
  10. Thanks for the info re the ROC. lets hope it is what we are waiting for! after which I imagine Messi will come out.....
  11. So whilst browsing my trusted dealer of choice this morning I came across an new model that I had not seen anywhere else. The Royal Oak Chronograph in 41.5mm. check out the link; http://www.p-cls.com/0aproc02002-royal-chrono-ssss-black-os20-quartz-p-15798.html The movement is stated as quartz, I have no idea why they would offer this as a quartz, but the overall quality looks good. I would like to hear some opinions as to overall build quality and if you guys hope like i do that we see a automatic version soon! TK
  12. Here is the MH on original buckle and strap.... great watch - might be coming up for sale soon! -now that the bumblebee is out!
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