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  1. Def BP. But be aware that this is a very old version, and the case is altogether different. The New bezel will very likely not fit. Sorry bud.
  2. Not sure from you pics, but some of the v2 Sub c's had problems with the cyclop glue that would start evaporating in hot conditions. Are you 100% certain it is INside the watch, or could this be another case of bad glue under the cyclop. Kind of random it should happen only in that exact spot
  3. Why would you ever need to do this?? If a Month only has 30 days in it, you just go one day manually to get by the 31st?? Am i thinking this wrong? Never had a non quickset, but dont really see the problem unless you leave it off your wrist for several days.
  4. Imo all hands on V6 suffer from this! I think it is due to the hands recieving a relume to match the New better coloured lume on the dial. It kind of didnt bother me, but it is a shame nonetheless :/ The hands are really great aside from that, though. Really 3D looking. But to OP - do NOT try to open it up and remove the spots. It is NOT dust, but a result of poor drying conditions when the lume was applied.
  5. If someone should want to part with the bezel when they get it let me know
  6. Welcome to the forums mrtoulouse :)

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