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  1. Swiss made, gen specifications tube. Typo for "swiss gen specs tube."
  2. d4v3

    my 1016 build

    Oh man I will rememeber forever this msg from member LHOOQ on drilling 1016 lugs: "Wish I could add something, but all of my drilling work is outsourced! IYSK has all the main points covered, but it's a lot harder than it sounds. (And to be honest, it already sounds hard to me!)" guessing as all in life its about having the right tools ( a drilling jig, I guess?) .
  3. Rolex 1016 true gilt dial Parts list - Rep rolex 16000 case highly modded - Viet true gilt dial - Swiss GS Sternkreutz plexy T21 - JKH Hands Relumed - Custom made movement spacer - Gen Swiss NOS ETA 2824 - GS fat spring bars Mods -Lugs drilled to accept Gen spec fat bars -Case lugs reshaped -Crystal replaced with a Swiss better quality -Tube gaskets added and locked with loctite 222 -Bezel was aged very slightly ( as per request) -Hands relumed to match the true gilt viet dial -Hands aged
  4. Hey my friend, the cat ate them! lol
  5. Hi This was the wish list: -JKF Base 1665 -Genune Rolex Crown (shown in pics now installed) -Gen Swiss Eta 2836 -Viet dial -JKH hands -Swiss T39 (not sternkreutz but fitted not tight so pending to UV glue) -Swiss specs tube -Insert and pearl stock
  6. here is a 1665 build, want to thank alligoat, hologramet, Automatico, kime and Slay members for all their advices and wisdom that they share with the forums hope you gusy like it
  7. If you catch Daytona-fever remember that you can always use also valjoux 23 to build frozen ones i am currently working on: v72 6263 panda PN ( viet case, MQ dial, gen parts the rest) V23 6239 "The PN" ( DW slim case, DW dial, rest viet) V726 6263 Big Red ( Tonny Dial, all viet) I prefer cousins pushers cause i think the relation price quality its really good and gen are just insanely high thise days
  8. There are several watches that i would never buy the gen because the reps are close enought: -CrPO dial, case, hands, bezel are like 98% close to the gen (got the gen parts back when available at cousinsuk) people complains about the movement but is it not visible on your wrist -16610LV TC damn close too -new daytonas with SA4130, there are waiting lists and for that money you can franken a couple of reps with gen parts ( big red and panda)
  9. Some sister forums good reputation members send samples to analyze to a metallurgic lab and they came up as real 904L, the main property of such steel is corrosion resistant specially for salt water and sweat, not the color or "shine" as they say. I dont really know what to think.
  10. Nothing closer other than wm9 but the only way to get one its m2m, I never seen one of those for sale, the best in rep world is the JF and costs 50€ but not flat four.
  11. Here is a shot attemp with my new phone sorry for the dust over the crystal
  12. Hi I Since Tc its gone i have been building a TC kermit (Rolex submariner 16610LV) first i had in mind to drop a Yuki or a SH3135 but had the chance to snap a gen 3135 for a very fair price that ended up inside my favorite rep (16600), so the kermit went to the bottom of my drawer for several months and I want to finish it this month this is what i have so far: -Brand new TC case + bezel + caseback + crown + gasket -Brand new TC crystal -Used TC bezel not flat 4 -Brand new submariner hands not LV but green lume (vtg tudor clarks) -Used KH LV Dial
  13. Ugh sorry to hear mate, hate when this happens, hope everything ends right, hope we could all report accounts via paypal to protect each other among respected members.
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