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  1. Here is a shot attemp with my new phone sorry for the dust over the crystal
  2. awesome!, pm sent!
  3. Hi I Since Tc its gone i have been building a TC kermit (Rolex submariner 16610LV) first i had in mind to drop a Yuki or a SH3135 but had the chance to snap a gen 3135 for a very fair price that ended up inside my favorite rep (16600), so the kermit went to the bottom of my drawer for several months and I want to finish it this month this is what i have so far: -Brand new TC case + bezel + caseback + crown + gasket -Brand new TC crystal -Used TC bezel not flat 4 -Brand new submariner hands not LV but green lume (vtg tudor clarks) -Used KH LV Dial -TC DWO -Swiss ETA 2824-2 -BP SD Bracelet So i will be eternally grateful if some one can post the schematics of a TC movement holder since i used a plastic one but feels bad and i would like to have a decent one instead, its been one year waiting for this single part and none pops up at any forum, so the measures of the ring will be greatly appreciated to make a custom one from my watchmaker latte. thnaks in advance to this wonderful forums and their amazing users.
  4. d4v3

    Scammer Alert!! Surgcmdr@yahoo.com

    Ugh sorry to hear mate, hate when this happens, hope everything ends right, hope we could all report accounts via paypal to protect each other among respected members.
  5. d4v3

    Ivan Dials

    Some things are better left unsaid, good luck with your quest my friend, patience its the key to this game.
  6. Hi again, I got 2 days ago a $900 usd panda dial and the closest to me its number 1. compared to the gen: -For most people they will see if you clothes and vehicle, age and work position match with your watch so if you drive a porsche or ferrari people will asume gen daytona ($78000 usd) -For experts and replica fans it will be and instant tell but to be called out its very unlike since probably the one spotting its also a replica owner/lover. -Among many gen forums members, you will be an atrocious monster of fakest fakitty eww and deserve to stay the rest of your life in exile.
  7. d4v3

    Where to get TC movement ring (screw type)

    Hey drummania you can make one out of a tube, just find one with the inner diameter close to your mvt diameter and then sand down the outter diameter to fit your case, with a file you can remove parts to give space for the stem and finally a mini drill/dremmel and tap for the holes, it seems more difficult than it really is if you have the proper tools. Yuki sells them too to adap a 282X to agen spec case (like tc) cheers
  8. d4v3

    Anyone currently has this model yet?

    They cant make the subdials bigger pecause the 6 hr one will "bite" the 6 hr mark at the bottom (this is known as bleed) so the only solution its to print all subdials as big as posible. one thing we all should suggest to the fqactories via TDs is to make a speedy with gen specs but not functional complication (chronograph) just like that gen spect 23j daytona with no fuctional but correct case dimension if noob can make a good dial and a good case that would make a super rep and it deserves to exist imo.
  9. d4v3

    Planet Ocean Chronograph options

    Hi well the problem with omega chronographs is the subdials spacing, in all model spacing its off compared to the gens, from the mythical speedmaster to the modern chronos, all of them have wrong case dimensions and wrong dial subspacing so they are not very popular if you want more info about a particular model is a good idea to post a reference to know which model are you adressing, other good idea is to do you own research on omega reps, chronos in general are not considered very good. the spacing its bad due the movement used (a7750, st19 or quartz microstepper) gens use 321, 861, 1861 and 9300 movements
  10. Thats a really useful blueprint tyvm, do you have more of this?
  11. Agreed prices and dealers can be found searching at the forum, no mystery part dealers with "extra good quality" for $200 more, here is the way to go: 1.-Study your prefered model (reference, size, color, material) 2.-Search within the forums for those parts 3.-buy all once you know as much as possible about parts this will save tremendous amount of time and money, this magnificent forum have several threads with build details from several members around, check those too! P.S. sometimes its better to hunt for a watch already built if you dont have all the tools/skills/practice needed to build a high end rep.
  12. d4v3

    Best Daytona rep

    Also a big fan of vintage Daytonas, I guess is all about the sensations of the watches on your wrist, my very first rep was Tag microkrogirder 45 mm very chunky and very fake, then a Pam 388 and IWC also very beefy until I got my first 42mm a bargain LMPO v1 and then i knew it, my favorite size its 42 mm, after some time i got a 5513 from cartel then a 1680 mbw and a 16600 (my most used rep thus far and the most popular rolex rep model) recently got interested in vtg daytonas, currently building my first high end with an MQ panda, viet case, and v72, cant wait to see all together, i have been considering getting myself a cartel to practice shaving the case to make it thinner, we'll see.
  13. d4v3

    WTB 6239/6240 Pushers

    Daniel Wong pushers (6239 Valjoux 23/ mystery movement case) Pusher Cap: 2,7mm height Pusher stem: 6,64 mm Pusher base: 3,2 mm (this is the one that seems to be bigger for you, isn't it?) you have the Ofrei ones and they have same specs as per gen. Why don't you try to get a full set (pair) and replace them both instead of replacing just one, set should match. hope it helps
  14. d4v3

    WTB 6239/6240 Pushers

    hi Daniel, I happen to have : -Gen 6239 pushers -DW 6239 pushers and -CU 6263 pushers (302) I will try to measure all of them for you, i'll post pictures asap.
  15. d4v3

    My first 6538 build

    hey thnaks for the tip, i'll try one of those, noticed that my t21 for my DW 6263 also fits, not periodically correct tho.