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  1. WTB 6239/6240 Pushers

    Daniel Wong pushers (6239 Valjoux 23/ mystery movement case) Pusher Cap: 2,7mm height Pusher stem: 6,64 mm Pusher base: 3,2 mm (this is the one that seems to be bigger for you, isn't it?) you have the Ofrei ones and they have same specs as per gen. Why don't you try to get a full set (pair) and replace them both instead of replacing just one, set should match. hope it helps
  2. WTB 6239/6240 Pushers

    hi Daniel, I happen to have : -Gen 6239 pushers -DW 6239 pushers and -CU 6263 pushers (302) I will try to measure all of them for you, i'll post pictures asap.
  3. My first 6538 build

    hey thnaks for the tip, i'll try one of those, noticed that my t21 for my DW 6263 also fits, not periodically correct tho.
  4. My first 6538 build

    silix crystal : 30,6 mm Sternkreutz: 30,2 mm case opening: 30,4 mm
  5. My first 6538 build

    Sternkreuz ST19
  6. My first 6538 build

    1.5 mm as per kime's tutorial
  7. I'm still alive but....

    best wishes hologramet get well.
  8. My first 6538 build

    Specs: Silix case 6538 Athaya Brevet crown and tube Swiss 2836 movement Tiger concept second hand Clarks vintage Tudor hands set Helenarou 6538 dial Sternkreuz ST19 Rivet bracelet Nato RAF $ Fat Springbars Done thus far: case tapped to accept Athaya crown and tube, lug holes drilled to accept fat spring bars, lugs hand chamfered, plexy trimmed. pending to do: Relume 3 hands and dial to match, modify bezel shape to slim and change profile, age the insert install Athayas pearl with matching lume, remove engravings and engrave with better fonts, make a true gilt 4 liner solid gold dial. I wanna say thanx to many members that helped me out with tips and sharing knowledge and with their posts, hope its doesn't bother since it's an often seen build thread, prices are by memory to encourage other members to try their builds. so the pics: Silix disassembly Drilling and tapping the case and lug holes Athayas crown and tube ready to install crown replaced Chamfering the lugs some polishing and not chamfering the lug holes Lug holes not chamfered To be continued....
  9. ty dpap, very appreciated.
  10. Part sourcing for 6263 build

    The sellers of the bezel keeps changing ebay username keep looking and suddenly a "new seller will appear" but pictures are always the same and price its fair tho it shouldn't take more than 2 months to appear, also you can contact tonny and he should be able to source this one for you, thansk for sharing those pics, I am doing the same build slowly getting all parts.
  11. amazing work rolo, yeah noticed some really really nice viet dials lately even very cool lume dots vintage. Your work its absolutely stunning rolo, i wish there were more sub hands options, the only slim ones avaliable are those alpha homage but you gotta buy the whole piece, keep up the great job rolo, pictures are fantastic!
  12. It was 2 cases the a7753 and the v23/mysterious thinnest, I think the main difference its the caseback thickness, but after reading lots of posts about DWs they were changing so many "versions" were avaliable back in time.
  13. 6239 to 6263 Panda build proyect

    Thanks alligoat another part coming now so we'll see if all fits once all the parts arrive, this is the list of errors that I made for rushing: 1.- bought a 6239 case but really wanted a 6263 Paul newman panda 2.-bought 302 pushers but mines should be 301 instead, i'll save the 1st pair for another proyect 3.-planned to used DW hands so had to get a new valjoux 72 ones since DW were for a7750 so fa so good, just waiting all the parts to arrive to put all together and take better pictures, been very busy with xmas but really happy with this first build, i been really tempted to work also in a 1680 old school MBW swiss mvt that i want to tune up with a MQ 1680 red dial, relumed and a gen mvt and i in the other hand a 6538 silix, but will focus on the daytona until its done. here some pics of the movement that i took with a cellphone magnifyier, hour wheel and washer removed, cheers everyone!
  14. 6239 to 6263 Panda build proyect

    merry xmas to all! movement has not stem for v23, trying to find the proper one...