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  1. Great combo. Who made the strap?
  2. Didn’t know it was allowed to place a WTB outside of the Sales forum.
  3. Got these two incoming. A Omega Seamaster 166.067 (bought on fleabay for $300), and a very nice issued CWC chronograph from 2005.
  4. Email Toro, and received 2 new screws at no cost from him. Never worn the watch though. Bought a gen 67 Speedmaster, which has become my daily beater.
  5. Hi all, It has been a while ago that I have bought my latest rep, so I recently bought a AP Diver, and I really like it. It is a well build watch, and for the last week it is my daily watch. But I noticed today that one screw is missing. Where can I find some replacement screws?
  6. After a break from reps, and started collecting military watches like CWC, Hamilton, Benrus, and recently I could not resist in buying two reps I really liked, but never have bought before. So last week I bought a JLC Navy Seals master compressor (with bracelet), and a ZF IWC 3714. The first one is a great tool watch, and maybe I am going to swap the Asian movement with a Swiss one. The second one is a great dress watch, and I am thinking about replacing some parts (dial, hands, crystal) with gen parts I already have in my toolbox. During my break from reps I have started taking classes in watchmaking, so the first thing I will do is take these watches apart, and cleaning/swap the movements myself. Happy to be back into reps, and on this great resource on information. I am still enjoying my uber franken HH 5514 which I have build with the help of some great guys of this forum.
  7. I have recently bought 2 gen slightly damaged IWC Big Pilot dial on fleebay, and I am wondering if there is someone who can fix the damaged spots on these dials. The damage was caused by crappy storage. These were relatively cheap, the one with the damaged 4 marker was bought for $16, and the other one was $41. (excl. shipping cost) I thought this is a very nice for gen dials which I am planning to use in a franken project.
  8. Sorry, I can't make it. I am in Japan around that period.
  9. http://watchesbysjx.com/2018/01/what-happened-this-weekend-a-kerfuffle-involving-phillips-perezcope-and-a-rolex-daytona-solo.html
  10. Too bad these are not made anymore. Would like to own one.
  11. Is there someone who is already using this? It looks usefull for our hobby. https://frederiqueconstant.com/analytics/
  12. It is indeed a big watch, but it does not feel that big and heavy. The rep strap is replaced by a Donerix strap which looks so much better. The sandblasted crown is replaced by a SS crown from another BP, like on the gen.
  13. It has been a while since I have bought my last rep because I have started collecting Mil watches, and my focus for the last 6 months was on them. But I was still looking at reps, and when I saw a very nice rep of a Big Pilot on RWI I had to buy it. This was a IWC Big Pilot Patrouille Suisse made by ZF. Compared to the gen there are a lot of differences, but it is still a very nice watch. (I really like the sandblasted case) GEN: REP:
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