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  1. One of the best reps I ever had. Still regret selling it.
  2. @automatico Thanks for the info. I was thinking about using a gen case for my 1016 build, and use the movement (gen 1560) from my 5514 build for it. If I can't find a suitable gen case I will try to find one from Ruby. For the dial I am still not sure, maybe MQ or Ruby. Or else I will build a complete gen 5500, depending on the costs for the 1016 build.
  3. I am interested in a 1016 dial that is for sale on fleebay. The asking price for this dial is $1000, or best offer. I am guessing this is not a gen dial, but one from Vietnam. What would be a fair price for it? To me the dial looks really nice for a Franken build with gen 1002 case and gen movement.
  4. I have found this dial online and wanted to know if it is this a good quality aftermarket 5512 dial? To my untrained eyes it looks ok for a 5512 PCG from the early 60's, but I am also wondering if this one is for a 5508.
  5. Not a rep, but a gen issued CWC chronograph (Bangladesh Air Force) from 2000. Only 150 issued that year.
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