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  1. @Athaya I am very interested in one. Count me in.
  2. For most TD's I have to use triangular shipping which usually costs about $50 to $60. But at least I know it will arrive, and I have no issues with customs.
  3. I have not been visiting this site that much in the last year, but this looks like a very nice and interesting project to follow. I had bought the last of the HH 5514 cases back then, and used it to build my first (and most expensive) uber franken with the help of some very nice members here. It has been my daily wearer since then. You are doing an amazing job. Love to see what comes out of it.
  4. What are you building?
  5. My Subs got new shoes. The 243 is on a Gunny strap, and the other is on a Corrigia strap.
  6. Hi all, I have seen a gen dial on fleebay, and I am wondering if it will fit on a JF 9.5 AP diver? I do not want to clip the dial feet.
  7. Great combo. Who made the strap?
  8. Didn’t know it was allowed to place a WTB outside of the Sales forum.
  9. Got these two incoming. A Omega Seamaster 166.067 (bought on fleabay for $300), and a very nice issued CWC chronograph from 2005.
  10. Email Toro, and received 2 new screws at no cost from him. Never worn the watch though. Bought a gen 67 Speedmaster, which has become my daily beater.
  11. Hi all, It has been a while ago that I have bought my latest rep, so I recently bought a AP Diver, and I really like it. It is a well build watch, and for the last week it is my daily watch. But I noticed today that one screw is missing. Where can I find some replacement screws?
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