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  1. Is there someone who is already using this? It looks usefull for our hobby. https://frederiqueconstant.com/analytics/
  2. IWC Big Pilot Patrouille Suisse

    It is indeed a big watch, but it does not feel that big and heavy. The rep strap is replaced by a Donerix strap which looks so much better. The sandblasted crown is replaced by a SS crown from another BP, like on the gen.
  3. It has been a while since I have bought my last rep because I have started collecting Mil watches, and my focus for the last 6 months was on them. But I was still looking at reps, and when I saw a very nice rep of a Big Pilot on RWI I had to buy it. This was a IWC Big Pilot Patrouille Suisse made by ZF. Compared to the gen there are a lot of differences, but it is still a very nice watch. (I really like the sandblasted case) GEN: REP:
  4. Rolex Wristies thread

  5. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/two-men-from-hong-kong-jailed-for-cheating-watch-shops
  6. Hi,

    have a Ploprof V2 with gen eta !

    both bracelet Mesh an orange,both with clasp.

    but cant letit go for 400....

    im locatet in Germany/Koblenz 

    if you want more Info of Pics,contact me via WhatsApp (+49 1781604517)









  7. My first watch from the ground up

    Congrats. Been there, and done that. For me it is the most rewarding part of this hobby. Sourcing parts, servicing the movement and building the watch makes a watch more special for me.
  8. 01-12-2017 "what's on the wrist ?"

    Yup, first one is a piranha, and the second is a anjoemara (btw. taste real good). I am currently in Suriname, South America.
  9. 01-12-2017 "what's on the wrist ?"

    No watch for today, we where on a fishing trip in the jungle.
  10. sea dweller 116660

    Welcome to this amazing place a lot of us call home. I would suggest start reading the link below, and make use of the Search functionality to find the answers you need. The Rolex section can be found here: http://rwg.cc/forum/143-the-rolex-area/
  11. I would like to nominate @misiekped as modder of the year. His work is always outstanding, and he is a great guy to deal with. I would like to nominate @Legend as crew member of the year. For rep of the year I would like to nominate the ZF IWC Big Pilots. The build quality of these are amazing, and I really like the working PR.