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  1. Congrats. Been there, and done that. For me it is the most rewarding part of this hobby. Sourcing parts, servicing the movement and building the watch makes a watch more special for me.
  2. Yup, first one is a piranha, and the second is a anjoemara (btw. taste real good). I am currently in Suriname, South America.
  3. No watch for today, we where on a fishing trip in the jungle.
  4. Welcome to this amazing place a lot of us call home. I would suggest start reading the link below, and make use of the Search functionality to find the answers you need. The Rolex section can be found here: http://rwg.cc/forum/143-the-rolex-area/
  5. I would like to nominate @misiekped as modder of the year. His work is always outstanding, and he is a great guy to deal with. I would like to nominate @Legend as crew member of the year. For rep of the year I would like to nominate the ZF IWC Big Pilots. The build quality of these are amazing, and I really like the working PR.
  6. Very nice watch, and as always great photo's
  7. I just read a forum post on a diver watch forum where someone's (automatic) watch was held back by DHL because they thought the watch was a quartz watch, and had a lithium battery in it. https://www.ups.com/content/us/en/resources/ship/packaging/guidelines/batteries.html
  8. Been there, done that. But not online, I recently started taking watchmaking classes. Maybe this hobby ends up in a career change. But for now I have so much to learn.
  9. very interesting, thanks
  10. Very nice denim strap. From Gunny?