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  1. I may have a spare one but you can also get one from helena rou
  2. You mean like this one? There are no obvious way to do it. Perhaps use a vietnam 6541 case and a 1655 bezel.
  3. Thats because you have them too close to the flame/ and or leave it to long. It is easy to verdo it. I did it with numbers down, but very briefly. Its hard to control the process exactly so need plenty of spares
  4. - 10 seconds on top of a gas flame, turning around - polish with ultra fine sand paper, followed by cape cod
  5. And a chocolate brown insert. Much prefer that to the purple one...
  6. Love it, here is mine Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. The color matches the gen wg crown perfectly
  8. RJ’s heat treatment is worth it. Here is a build with gen dial, xtal, crown and eta 2834
  9. Unknown case totally reshaped Viet dial Bezel was a cartel 1655 before compley transformed Raffles hands Swiss eta Thanks!!
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