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  1. Puffpuff

    Merry Christmas from RWG

    Thanks @Nanuq and all the members here! It's been an amazing year with RWG community!
  2. Puffpuff

    Rolex 5514 Comex big numbers caseback

    I got the idea - thanks. For that I would need period correct design.
  3. Hello folks, I am on the mission to find comex big numbers caseback for my comex project. I can't find anyone from TD that sells them, however i wonder if there is someone in this forum that knows who custom makes them? I don't think Phong makes them, he only does small numbers as far as I know. Any information would be beyond valuable. Many thanks
  4. Puffpuff

    Ivan/Dark Lord

    I know I am persistent and can be annoying to you guys but atleast I am trying and really want to reach this guy for the same reason that some of you got to him. We all want the best and he is the best out there. If he says no - then at least I tried and nothing I can do about it but without trying I won’t know what’s the answer will be
  5. Puffpuff

    Ivan/Dark Lord

    I obviously wasn’t that serious about it but you took too personal... As I said I am not too bothered about giving me all the information as I will find it my self. Don’t lynch me for trying to post it on here and maybe try finding some luck - which I didn’t. I completely understand everyone’s view on this and if I known his details I wouldn’t give it to anyone either so no beef guys 👍🏻
  6. Puffpuff

    Ivan/Dark Lord

    Someone should just pull a trigger and reveal the information... What’s this big deal to be so mysterious that no one can even reach you aha I don’t mind though I will get to him sooner or later.
  7. Puffpuff

    Ivan/Dark Lord

    I actually thought he had website for a moment 😂 Got me there!
  8. Puffpuff

    Ivan/Dark Lord

    Can you share it with me in pm’s?
  9. Puffpuff

    Ivan/Dark Lord

    He definitely exists. I know 2 people that dealt with him, saw the dials and the email conversations. Maybe more people will have something to say.
  10. Puffpuff

    Ivan/Dark Lord

    Hello I know it’s a big community here and someone definitely knows or even dealt with this guy called Ivan. I have seen his work and it is truly magnificent piece of work. I want to get in touch with him - but you would not find any information about him hence I want to ask if any of you know how to get in touch with him? Any info would be forever thankful