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  1. Big Dazza

    5500 explorer build

    Liking the Tudor there! Great work
  2. Big Dazza

    Broken rotor screw head

    im in the UK so probably not much help. im sure there are a few guys in the US who could do the switch for you would be better than sending all the way back to China as it takes a very long time to send back.
  3. Big Dazza

    Broken rotor screw head

    where are you based?
  4. Big Dazza

    Broken rotor screw head

    probably need a new winding plate. you can remove the top plate but undoing the 2 darker screws and replace the whole plate
  5. Hey man!

    I can't seem to contact you.

    Anyways, I plan on getting an HR Dial and I wanted to know how much would a relume cost? Just a relume, without any dial aging.

    Hope we can get in touch,


  6. Check ur inbox plz

  7. Hi !pmed u !interest on modded 6538 bonds !

  8. Big Dazza

    Big Dazzas Vintage trip to Hong Kong

    haha spot on mate. are you from hong kong?
  9. hey big dazza,

    how much is shipping to australia? (sorry, couldn't send you a pm).


  10. Hi Big Dazza,

    Just tried to pm you but unfortunately you are not able to receive messages. Can you please contact me.


  11. Hi, I want to buy your great  6538 by banktransfer.

    I stay in Austria. Please contakt me .

    best regard



  12. i'm interested in your 6538 but i can't send you message ? i'm from homage forum ;-) in EU

  13. Are you still doing relume work? I have a Whoopy dial and a set of silver hands with white lume. I would like to have them relumed to match and maybe lightly aged. If you are doing this, what do you charge and what's the turn around time. If not, can you point me in the right direction?

  14. Big Dazza

    Shall we get one for our next raffle?

    wow i like that a lot!
  15. Hi guys so a friend found this lying around and gave it to me because he knows I like watches. Can anyone chime in and tell me if its gen or not? There were a few links in there too!