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  1. bvc

    6538 replacement chrystal.

    Fantastic. yes it glues in. I will order one now. Many thanks bvc
  2. bvc

    Breitling Bentley GT/dial color?

    I had the gen of this watch some years ago. For the record I was clueless and would never have spotted a rep in a hundred years. if you like it buy it and wear it. If your worried about small tells its time to go franken. Just my 2 pence worth :-))
  3. Could anyone point me in the right direction for a big dazza 6538 replacement chrystal. Lost mine and its sacrilege to have her sitting in the box. Hr dial if that makes a difference? Many thanks gents Bvc.
  4. bvc

    Best pic , winner!

    How is kernow not shortlisted!!! had my vote ;-)
  5. bvc

    march 3rd

    Arrived today.
  6. bvc

    Tip for the day.

    Get well soon mate. Your divers say hi ;-)
  7. bvc

    1st of October Wrist Check

    She is still wearing well S ;-)
  8. If these pics show will do some more later :-)))))))
  9. Ok thanks freddy. I uploaded to imageshack and the pics showed up on the thread yesterday. But imageshack seems to be down right now. Will try again later or sign up for photo bucket when I get a decent signal. I'm in a forest with the kids for the week. Sorry to be such a tease guys!
  10. Amazing the gens come with free cellophane just like the reps!!!!
  11. Took the wife to bond street at the weekend. Popped into selfridges to look at bags and watches. Found the ap section. It was love at first sight! I don't even know why! They were just beautiful. Asked the wife what her favourite one was and she picked the white face ro she wants one which is amazing because last time she chose a Michael Kors rose gold much to my dismay!!! need your help though guys as I fell in love with the gold ro but would be surprised if the rep could match the way this watch just sings on the wrist. What do you think ss rg or full gold? Want matching his and hers for formal occasions best dealer for uk buyer? I will message sead but would appreciate any advice. I got told off by security but I managed to sneak a few pics. Lol!!! Bvc. So sorry guys I thought you could cut and paste pics. Can someone tell me best way to post from an iPhone. And I will upload ASAP. ;-)
  12. bvc

    The wife wants a watch!

    That's a slippery slope! Crazy depreciation! Keep me in mind if your off loading any good reps though. I prefer to only buy from uk members :-) Ps. sorry you missed out on that gen breitling strap I missed it too!
  13. bvc

    The wife wants a watch!

    Looks like the ap then fellas. Appreciate the feedback. Happy days. :-) Kernow heart would love to come and do a deal today. Sadly wallet just had a seizure at the thought of pm ing you! I'd better pass quick bro.