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  1. I could do with a few TC bracelets now, I have enough dials, let me know if you have anything.
  2. I agree Mike, I was trained by The Swatch Group Nordic, and knew in advance on what TSG were planning, and even though myself, a few local watchmakers here, and fellow colleagues in Sweden and Norway trying to get them to steering in the right direction, they still went ahead with their decision.
  3. Indeed, I have even lowered the price to €250 just for today, if it don't sell, it will go back into my stock.
  4. The Swatch Group have shot them in their own foot with what they are doing, luckily I purchased my movement stock from them earlier this year, and they fulfilled a preorder recently too, I tried passing on the savings of some over stock movements on the forums, but even with a giveaway price, no takers, I guess the poor economy is hitting everyone hard these days.
  5. Those Seamasters I built for G are stunning, quite fancy building myself one or two, but finding the time is hard, so busy of late.
  6. I enjoyed watching Sir Roger Moore in The Saint.
  7. RIP Mr Bond, very find memories seeing him in the Bond films.
  8. You can remove this thread then
  9. Passed away following a short battle with the big C aged 89.
  10. Got your pm, and replied my friend, I'll get that sorted for you
  11. Sick terrorists aiming at defenceless children, and teenagers, this just about sums these sick idiots up, shameless. Thoughts go out to all my UK friends, and families at these troubled times.
  12. I couldn't find a WTB area when I posted, but have since found it.
  13. Afternoon bump, check your drawers
  14. Don't superglue it in case you need to remove it at some point, if the thread is torn, use some expending adhesive like gorilla glue, if the thread is still in tact, use some loctite.