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  1. Some crowns can have their clutch repaired, but many cannot, and those that can, you need a good staking set to reform the shaft if its not an internal clutch screwed housing.
  2. Would a TC movement holder work for you?
  3. DSC02739 by S STEEL, on Flickr Just arrived, SA3135 SD Special from TT
  4. I have many Canadian customers, but based in Finland, I could help, but won't be back from my vacation until the 6th of August, if you can't wait until then, maybe someone else will point out to you a US based repair guy.
  5. Belated Salute to my friends Stateside for 4th!
  6. There's heavy policing going on there right now, so expect delays.
  7. Had my QC a little while back and I too noticed the bezel font is too bold, but at the price sold, I'm guessing the rep factory know about this, and have a new version coming out soon. DSCN8184 by S STEEL, on Flickr
  8. Back on the 6th of August, and then back at work on the 14th.
  9. Sure, I will be able to help better once I'm back from my vacation, I have since tracked down the exact Omega parts needed for the Planet ocean ceramic models now.
  10. Welcome to the forums. It's a very common problem with those model of replica watches, and the best course of repair is to replace the tube, and crown with genuine Omega parts as the rep materials are so poor quality they wear out over a short amount of time. I'm from the UK, and reside in Finland, EU, and can repair your watch, however I'm away on vacation soon, and won't be back until early August, so if you can hold out until then, I would be happy to book you in.
  11. Looking good, can't wait to get mine
  12. Looks good, should have mine this week all being well.
  13. Green light it, you will thank me later.
  14. Good to hear, looking forward to mine. Are the markers on the bezel insert platinum?
  15. Is that one of Andrews recent specials SeaDweller with the SA3135 ? I have one on its way.