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  1. Isnt this forum the best?

    You and me both mate. This place is where it's at my friend.
  2. Micky, SSteel, dirkhunt

    I'm here, not heard of Dirk Hunt though, you referring to Dirk, Zocker?
  3. New pickup - Titanium PO from Trusty

    $250 is a little steep for a non-chronograph movement service, pm me, and I will give you a student discount of 50% off my retail price of a full movement service for you.
  4. Tudor 7032 problem with the hands

    I can get this sorted for you, and carry out the work professionally, credit to you for trying yourself, but your not the first to screw things up, drop me a pm if you would like my help.
  5. If you want accuracy out of any movement, then buy a better quality movement such as an ETA, Sellita, or Asian ETA clone, all you would need to do is change the hands, and dial, the latter you could simply remove the 21J dial feet positions with the correct equipment.
  6. Tudor 7032 problem with the hands

    Do you have a photo showing this? Have you pressed the hands tubes down onto their pinions fully? Hands manipulation is possible, but it really depends on who is carrying out the delicate job.
  7. Keyless work needs resetting, hands and dial off I'm afraid, I'm in EU too, and can help if you don't mind shipping from Poland to Finland.
  8. (Re)brushing lug tops?

    120 grit, go to cousins website, and enter P4935 in the search box.
  9. does this happen often to you guys?

    Rule of thumb is whenever ordering a watch from a TD, NEVER order/purchase with a deadline/expectation in mind, just order, and forget about it and you will be surprised when it lands.
  10. These modified A7750 movements that transfer the native running seconds from @9 to @12 are quite problematic sadly.
  11. Help please.

    Yes, its a ladies size. I'm happy to put it together for you, currently the dial is loose, so can sort this out for you, and case it in the gen case set.
  12. Help please.

    Here you go, gen dial, ,id-case, and casebook and crown. Movement is an ETA 2824-2. DSC06423 by S STEEL, on Flickr
  13. Help please.

    I may have one, but need to check if I have the bracelet for it.
  14. (Re)brushing lug tops?

    I also use the Bergeon Medium block for lug brushing, but have also found a cheaper version that works well too.. https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/garryflex-abrasive-blocks?code=P4935