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  1. The sloppy hand is referring to the minute counter complication @3 sub-dial. Quite common.
  2. Yes, I have done it hundreds of times over the years, I'm a service provider in watchmaking as my day job, but unlike most, I do help out the replica watch communities, taking on work on high end replica watches too. Be aware AOOTime is not a trusted source here.
  3. A dial spacer from a 2836 would work modified. A TC movement holder depends on the inner mid-case construction, if its not gen spec it won't fit.
  4. The DayLight models on bracelet seem to be quite well priced, and come with a true 7753 clone fitted.
  5. Yes, its possible, its a tight fit though to squeeze it in there, the TC2824 has the DWO too. If you have the parts, experience and materials, you can pretty much fabricate a custom dial washer on a lathe. The TC2824 comes with its own movement holder which aids the DWO placement, and in later TC builds with this movement TC used a paper washer on the leading edge of the movement holder itself. Without this, you can run the risk of the DWO rubbing the underside go the dial.
  6. Those of Asian too, DG2813
  7. 21J but unsure of exact caliber
  8. I don't know about a break, or if its permanent, it would help if Thomas addressed his loyal past customers, and future possible investors in in hobby.
  9. There has been many seizures of DHL shipments containing reps these last few weeks, so be thankful the Dealer offered you a safer alternative.
  10. Still have my own section on RepGeek, and in my feedback section I have almost six pages of great feedback too
  11. Yup, approaching three years since being kicked off RWG.BZ & RWI, their loss, never looked back.
  12. Here is where the heart is at.
  13. Unfortunately, we have all been left in the dark somewhat, Thomas hasn't posted anything whatsoever about recent rumours, and conspiracy theories about going legit.
  14. Oh right, for some reason I was under the impression it was a new model.