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  1. Thanks everyone for your kind words and support, it means a lot to me right now.
  2. Those of you who have timepieces with me right now, please bare with me while I deal with some serious personal changes here at SSTEEL Towers.

    Gasket advice from modders?

    Don't buy into those Chinese packs, your best bet is to pay the more expensive retail prices from cousinsuk, and alike, these are more to gen spec.

    Word Association Thread

  5. Huhge backlog on these being in stock, just hope the hype isn't too good to be true, just like the CHS movements, which all are flawed.
  6. Afaik, all dealer are awaiting stock of these.

    Anyone Want to Show Us Your Work Area?

    Not at all mate, we all started somewhere, and with time, patience, and good financial investment, you too can reach new heights.

    Anyone Want to Show Us Your Work Area?

    DSC06847 by S STEEL, on Flickr DSC06846 by S STEEL, on Flickr DSC06845 by S STEEL, on Flickr Thats mine above, only that tidy twice month though.

    Re-setting keyless works on A2836

    Glad to hear you finally got it sorted, well done
  10. SSTEEL

    Looking for modder in EU (Rolex Datejust)

    `Email address sent
  11. SSTEEL

    Austrian, Germany Modds and Repair

    I was right lol, thought I was going mad for a minute Hagan.
  12. Domi is your best bet, but has a few months turnaround time, I'm in EU and can assist, pm me if you like. I could of swore I replied to a similar thread by you which I said the same lol Just realised who you are, hello Hagan, long time no chat mate.
  13. SSTEEL

    Re-setting keyless works on A2836

    Please, call me, Micky Thats right, rotor (oscillating weight) then auto wind bridge, then remember the screw over the rear of the keyless work is opposite threaded to a normal screw, meaning you have to screw clockwise to remove. Obviously remember to remove the screw that screws into the main spring barrel. Use something like a toothpick to put a little pressure on the gold wheel whilst you unscrew this screw as sometimes depending on how old the movement is, the screw will unscrew with park or the barrel. There are thee small silver screws holding that bridge in place. This screw... DSC02539___S_STEEL___Flickr by S STEEL, on Flickr Actually ignore me, you don't need to remove that reverse screw at all, you can leave it in place, just remove the screw over the main spring barrel, and then those three tiny silver screws.
  14. SSTEEL

    Re-setting keyless works on A2836

    You may of bent the brake lever, you can access this from the rear where its positioned.
  15. Never come across that before, but have come across the Swiss STP 1-11 auto wind bridge not fitting an ETA 28XX movement. The screw hole (stem side) doesn't align.