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  1. I believe all the TD's no longer stock this model. Your best bet is to trawl through M2M sales.
  2. I have a few left, so drop me a pm
  3. Replied DSC00758 by S STEEL, on Flickr
  4. I have a few new TC movement holders left from TC's last stock
  5. 16610 JF sub pics

    Looks like overspill on the lume @6, yours is just one of quite a few I've seen with this.
  6. TC V7 Extreme value these days ?

    Thomas Caddell
  7. What Omega are you wearing today?

    Still rocking my super franken DSC00234 by S STEEL, on Flickr
  8. Rolli still around?

    Wishing you good health mate.
  9. Happy Birthday RWG.cc!

    Happy Cake Day RWG
  10. Rehaut? Has anyone ever tried polishing

    I've never polished a rehaut, but I've remove many a JF sub's rehaut engraving to make the mid-case look like an older model. The Finnish is a fine brushed Finish.
  11. Can Reps take a beating

    Drop me a pm, I should be able to help, but I am very very busy these days, so don't expect a next day service.
  12. SA3135 movement Crown please help

    Ask your watch guy if he's referring to the clutch in the crown.
  13. 99% sure this is a replica

    Bad fake
  14. What Omega are you wearing today?

    Luckily most of mine was source from the previous owner, I just added the movement, and bracelet, the crystal is a gen sapphire with Sunnydales double AR