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  1. The dial is actually quite good. Nice bright white raised print with clean crisp serif fonts. The quality is comparable to gen...better than TC PA dial. More information on the JJS 16610 Submariner has bee added.. it is called "The JJS Experience"... Here is the link...https://www.horologyboard.com/categories/supporting-vendors-and-modders-area.57/
  2. You have to register as a member on Horologyboard.com to view the pics.. I am doing great bro...:)
  3. There is a new premium 5 digit sub builder in town. It is called the JJS 16610LN Submariner. Has anyone heard of it yet? Check out the link and decide for yourselves what you think of it.One of our members got one and did a review vs. a TC sub. Here is the link to it. https://www.horologyboard.com/threads/tc-v7x-vs-jjs-16610ln-review.443/
  4. Yes..that is the problem. It just wont close and stay closed. It pops open too easy..even on its own most times...lol.
  5. Blackholejim over on www.Horologyboard.com has a bunch..
  6. Gen clasp..gen datewheel..gen insert...gen crown..gen tube...and a good service ate a must....pm me if anyone want gen dw's and clasps...i kniw a great source of any gen parts...
  7. yep..it's a piece of [censored]...but it is the best case that came out of the WM9 factory, when TC took over.
  8. Yep, that is a TC case from the very first batch of 100 ever made.
  9. Sigmas appeared in late 1970....there were three versions.... up to 1975.
  10. Sigma's are even more expensive...the batons are 18K white gold and there is speculation that the coronet is as well...... If you have a sigma dial in like condition...70-72....$5500-$6500.00 USD, 73-74........$5800-$6800.00 USD, 75.....$8500-$10,000.00 USD
  11. In this shape...$3800-$4500.00 USD....maybe more.. Vintage 1972-1974.
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