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  1. Might be a 6538/5510 dial which will be slightly larger than 5508.
  2. It has a spelling mistake Should be 208x with x being a number. In the old days the English literacy wasn't that great in the rep workshops.
  3. The font is pretty much spot on for a MK4 bezel with the exception of the "2" which should be a bit more straight. I doubt anybody would notice even with a gen MK4 right next to it.
  4. Wow, a iPhone for the price of a MacBook... ... but then again a beaten up long 5 sub bezel insert is about the same...
  5. Yes, pre-paid. I was more worried about the watch as it was worth a couple of k. (Vintage Gen) Should highlight that I would not recommend anyone his service as it really is not for the faint hearted...
  6. Tried him once, had my watch for over a year. Same as in your case first communication good, then month's in between. Finally nothing. Had written it off... then one day he sends me a tracking number...watch showed up shortly after.
  7. Leave it as is, the high beat A6497 is quite reliable. The Swiss 6497 is low beat and undecorated, hence will be an instant tell with a glass caseback.
  8. Gen older style 703. You are looking for the 704 unibody for your 2005 watch.
  9. I believe this might be a spec of light. It was very common with the Noob 243 and even the gen cyclops do have this issue.
  10. I don't think the 62xx have a separate retainer, at least I have never come across this construction. Once the bezel is off, the crystal comes off, unless someone has applied glue to keep it in place. If it is just a DW crystal I would break it and replace with gen.
  11. Don't forget the before and after pics...
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