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  1. Hi There I’ve got a JF 15400 Black dial I’m considering selling/trading has been my daily beater, myiota movement no noisy rotor and regulated +-2sec. Excellent power reserve and nuclear lume. JF has the best OTB 15400 replica impressive quality. You can find an updated version 2 (latest clasp and engravings) which you can find from every and each TD. If you are interested in pulling the trigger but don’t want to pay retail we can work out something and I’ll happily trading/selling mine. Alternatively JF v2 would be your best option at the moment. For the diver a Legend build here from m2m would be your grail alternatively JF again (for ceramic and F.C.) and NOOB for steel. Hope it helps!
  2. Hi there, I've got one I might consider selling or trading. PM me and we'll figure something out.
  3. Congrats to an outstanding person for a wonderful community! Thanks for your contribution sir
  4. That's so inspiring, we all need to sit back, relax and learn the lesson a man like Nikki6 can teach us all! Terrific format too! Hope there'll be more episodes to follow! Great works guys!
  5. I'd say that's true for the sub-C line although the classic LV from JF is the TC-killer best OTB cartel sub at the moment, plus don't underestimate the Yuki movement because you can install a gen dial or gen hands pretty much straightaway. If I were in your shoes I'd buy the JF classic LV has it serviced by SSTEEL and franken-it up with gen xtal, date wheel, dial and insert (in this particular order). If you are not particular fond of the LV well you can buy an aftermarket (or gen) LN insert and correct dial and swap them in :). If you're after a sub-C (it'd be odd since you've mentioned the will of buying from TC) I'd rather buy a second hand already modded M2M here on the forum or a brand new one from BK: gen SWISS ETA serviced, clark xtal, centred cyclope and pearl. In that scenario I'll go for a BK no date .
  6. SSTEEL is the best around, you can't go wrong with him! One of the most respected contributor of the community enjoy your new-to-be sub
  7. What about a swiss 7750 inside a B01? I've got a gen hamilton jazzmaster chrono in the old ETA movement era and wondering if can replace A7750 in the breitling with eta...sec at 9 and date at 4
  8. LOL A bimbominkia indeed totally! No, actually I haven't noticed that...not a clue because of this stupid bug of taptalk's...on the iPad half infos are missing on a regular basis, so I see no date on almost every post Have a great day! Thanks mate
  9. I completely understand your point and I agree 100% although in the spirit of the forum which is deliberately voted towards kindness and effectiveness in helping newbies...I don't like to be hostile or to slam the door in the face of new member who clearly has difficulty in communicating in english and doesn't have a clue on how a forum works If the guy has this just one question and it is urgent and can't express himself in a proper english well as a community we have to give him an hand I guess...we should help first and then politely instruct any new members about our etiquette. Would it be acceptable if the guy will always speak his own language? Of course not, everyone has to share the post in english, I completely agree but again just for an urgent question and only for those who clearly have difficulties the one time help in foreign language it's not big deal I guess... I thought the guy was desperate in be assured whether the dealer he had a deal with is in the trusted zone or not, which is an urgent matter especially when money is involved and an immediate help is needed so I tried and help him out, again just for that one question. It's not my aim to encourage non english speaker to communicate on a regular basis in they own language and sorry if I gave a wrong impression, hope this clarifies my point Help first, educate afterwards and if they won't abide to our general rules well ban the hell out of them Sorry GenTle for the misunderstanding Ciao!
  10. This is my JF 15400, quality wise nothing to complain about, movement keeping pretty great time even with occasional wearing time, bracelet and general construction feels solid, comfortable and overall good. Decoration of miyota is pretty close although nobody in the know could ever be fooled in thinking it's the real deal, jewels look made out of plastic, rg rotor looks off all in all a remarkable attempt imho and flaws you can live with. Bezel screws nice and sunken, polished details pretty good, date is perfectly centred but date font is wrong. Tapisserie on the dial is too small, the dial in mine has a couple of printing issues with the white markers at 46 min and at 59 min and 1 o'clock marker a little crooked. Xtal and AR is very good. Lume is strong but last too little. Thickness is still a bit generous but nothing major the watch doesn't feel bulk. Put a gen rotor (or close back if you don't care) and a gen dial and you are good to go if you want to invest 3k+ to franken it up...gen dials are virtually impossible to find but from time to time on Ebay a miracle could happen...
  11. Ciao Mauretto, Intime.co (Ryan) è uno dei venditori fidati, viene utilizzato sempre e con fiducia da noi iscritti al forum e non si è verificata alcuna "sola" se hai dei dubbi circa un modello o vuoi avere conferme riguardo alle foto controllo qualità prima che l'orologio scelto ti venga spedito scrivi pure sul forum e vedrai che qualcuno ti risponderà immediatamente. Ci sono diversi italiani nel forum quindi scrivi pure in italiano se preferisci qualcuno ti risponderà o mandami un PM e se potrò ti aiuterò o ti indirizzerò verso qualche membro più preparato!
  12. Wear it in good health mate! You've picked the best And welcome to this family, enjoy your time here!
  13. There's absolutely more than 15 subs available in UK, if you pop in the shop inside Westfield shepherd's bush in London next to the omega AD in the window you'll take a look at the full subs range so at least 3 out of 15 just in one shop(???) plus on park lane there's the rolex flagship with again the full range of rollies subs included... Maybe, just maybe 15 subs are available for small watch dealers, jewellery shops across UK, but I'm positive that at Harrods', Westfield's and Co where the big spenders go you'll be able to buy whatever rolex you fancy on the spot (except for the latest SS daytona or newest model produced on a limited initial run for which you need to get on the waiting list and preorder...)
  14. My gen Hamilton Jazzmaster chrono on a grey suede nato
  15. The white hand should indicate the number correspondent to the weekly count of the year as you can see 52 is the higher on the scale which is the maximum number of weeks in a calendar year so give it a week and check whether it moves or not.
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