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  1. Anyone been able to get in touch with Adrian (Ado)? No response via email yet... I’m looking for a good UK modder / watchmaker for a Franken 16610 project if anyone could recommend? Thanks!
  2. Any UK modders or watchmakers can help me with my JF project? I have the following brand new ready to build and potentially have the movement serviced at the same time: - Latest batch JF 16610LV - Gen date wheel - Gen AR LEC crystal - Gen 16800 black insert Please PM if anyone can help, will post pics too when it's done! Cheers!
  3. Very helpful, thanks Mike on a bike!
  4. Can anyone help me out with VIP account upgrades? Can't get a response from any admins (email or PM) and the http://account.selg.nu/signup link will not let me upgrade as there is no payment facility. It states: Sorry, it is impossible to use this payment method for this order. Please select another payment method : Cannot use FREE payment plugin with the product which cost more than 0.0 There is no option to pay with PayPal or anything Thanks in advance! Sam
  5. Looking for the following: Breitling 20/18 Brown Croc Leather Strap - with inside Breitling stamp/ markings Must be genuine and ideally new Thanks!
  6. Is this common with TC? Seems to just ignore email after email, he's supposed to be sorting out a replacement clasp for my YM, been ongoing since the 4th September!!
  7. Going to install a gen crown/ tube on a Sean case YM, is it the 7mm 24-703-0 I'll be needing for the job? Cheers
  8. Looking for a top notch superlume / relume on a yachtmaster, ideally UK based and results like this: http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php/rolex-yachtmaster-dial-116728.html Cheers!
  9. looking for an mbw myself, great case set for mods
  10. your dj is superb too, probably the nicest build i've seen!
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