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  1. And I helped him out with his watch WTF !!!!
  2. so you have the balance cap and shock spring attached, but no balance wheel jewel?. This will be difficult to find as it has to fit both in diameter and depth
  3. that is the cap jewel with attched shock spring is the watch a Seiko
  4. It goes without saying that perhaps the OP has been over enthusiastic when replacing the shock spring in the balance [censored] ( I wish this word would not be censored out all the time its a legitimate description !) If this is the case and bearing in mind there will be less than O.1 mm end shake then it more than likely will be this, To test this none destructively., it is possible to raise three or four "lands" with a screwdriver or broach on the mainplate where the [censored] fits to it, That is to raise the mainplate brass by divots to the required height, you wont need much land to test this but it will prove a point. its best practice to raise the land at the front edge of the balancecock, nearest the balance wheel
  5. Hmm , very strange, check these issues 1) pallet fork is not touching the underside of the roller table when balance is screwed down 2) Check the balance staff is true and not bent at the pinions, if your removing the balance from the [censored] to check this, remove the hairspring and collet also and check the balance in the movement without pallet fork for rotational freedom 3) Balance jewels are the correct ones, I am presuming no changes have been made 4) Has the balance [censored] been cleaned, could it have been bent slightly on cleaning, there is a way of overcoming this 5) Curb pins are not frictionally holding the hairspring 6) Hairspring is flat to the balance wheel and definitely not touching either the balance wheel or the underside of the [censored] 7) Check for rundown. let the movement down, remove balance, remove pallet fork and bridge, wind the movement only three or four turns. Watch carefully the escape wheel. As the watch runs down it should at the end of the power run slightly in reverse, so the escape wheel changes rotational direction. If the escape wheel stops dead and does not "reverse" there may be other issues. This is a common service test and should always be carried out. It gives you a very good insight into amplitude and power reserve. Oops, forgot to add, I think you issue is the balance [censored] being bent downwards
  6. Hi Yes you have a balance wheel jewel and cap jewel missing from the mainplate side of the watch. The balance wheel jewel is a press fit into a brass "chaton" and the cap jewel sits on top of the chaton you should also have a shock spring which holds the balance jewel, Chaton and cap jewel in the Block
  7. All the best Micky, If you need anything at all just Hola !!
  8. As the oils become viscous the amps drop, period. The importance of amplitude is critical to any watch movement. The 3135 has a free sprung balance with a complex over coil hairspring. if you not conversant with this, leave well alone. S/d rate can be corrrcted via the microstella screws on the balance wheel of which there are four, two spairs of two. Two thick, two thin, each pair gives different a/d adjustment. If you mess the balance up you will be looking at a far greater cost than a service
  9. Well you’ve done your best, pass this on now. Mike if your US based
  10. Hi George,

    any news on RWI ?

  11. Poor amp and beat error, bring the beat error down see if the Amp goes up which they should. If you don't get at least 275 deg amp it is definitely time for a service NOW.
  12. Hi PB

    could you pm me venue details of the Halifax GTG in Feb


    thanks in advance



  13. I'm intrigued, fire it over to me and I'll do a freebie for you
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