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  1. But you ARE on here Seriously, can you take a screenshot of any error messages or post the text of the error messages here? There have been 1 or 2 times that an insecure image has been loaded from a third-party site that does not run https and that wil cause a waning, but those you can ignore if that's whats going on. But give us some screenshots or text of the error message and we shou,d be able to help
  2. Classifieds/sales area update Made a couple of minor adjustments to the classifieds; You can now select currency; USD, EUR, GBP New, free sale packaged added, so that all members can CLEARLY see that all sales are free to add (for a limited time) All new ads will now be placed in their relevant sub-forum as a regular discussion thread, but no new topics will be allowed in the forums. All new sales must be added via the classifieds section.
  3. Sale forums view only All the sales forums has been restored with all the "old" ads available. These forums are from now on view/reply only. All new ads must be submitted via the classifieds system and a copy of these will also show up in the corresponding sub-forum.
  4. Suggest you have a look through the settings and select the actual notifications you would like to receive instead of turning everything off
  5. Free of charge, until further notice All VIP memberships that had no active payments were automatically downgraded. But we have used so many systems over time that if you know that you had an active, paid service, feel free to PM me and we'll get it sorted out. Hopefully the new classifieds section will be great when it's up and running 100%, with a bunch of stuff posted for sale. Hopefully it will grow on you and all the members here And all the current ads will be coming back later today. Just waiting for time to do the necessary adjustments to close the forum properly so that all new ads are posted in the classifieds area...
  6. Never heard of them. Website can be found here: https://www.sybir.com/
  7. Hey guys. Nice to see you back
  8. Well, as long as you have a valid card on account, the payments will be take automagically until cancelled. A new invoice for the renewal will be issued a couple of days before the automatic payment is due and you can then cancel the upgrade if you wish. If you don't cancel, the invoice will be paid automatically.
  9. I appreciate that! There might have been something wrong with the reminders that has gone out and or the autorenewal settings that have cause this. Either that or it's basically because we moved from one system to another and the renewals "went away"
  10. Liverpool
  11. Load speed Would appreciate some comments from our global community about the load speed of the site. We are now utilizing both Cloudflare and some of Amazons cloud services to remove some of the load from the forum servers, so hopefully this, combined with the new design, is giving you a good experience browsing the site.
  12. As part of the upgrade, All VIP accounts has been checked by an automated script. If there were no active payment plans/payments connected to the accounts, they were downgraded and you would have to upgrade again. That being said; the script can have done a mistake, as we've had so many different systems over the years. So please check your purchases here: https://rwg.cc/clients/purchases and see if you have any purchases. If not, can you remember if you have upgraded/paid lately for an upgrade? And if neither is the case, you can upgrade your account again here: https://rwg.cc/store/category/1-account-upgrade/ If you have payment details for your last payment, PM it to me and I will look into this asap
  13. Get started - Post your watches/straps/stuff for free in our new classifieds section For a limited time, all members can post as many new ads as they want in our new classifieds section. The new classifieds section is incredible easy to use. You can post items for sale, wanted and for exchange, all in the same interface! Here is how you post a new ad; 1. Go to the new classifieds section; https://rwg.cc/classifieds 2. Click "Create new ad"; 3. Select the category you want the ad in; 4. The next form should be self explanatory, but here is a quick walk through; Title - Fill in the desired title for the ad Tags - Add any tags/keywords to your add. These can be used in a search to find your ad or similar ads Price - Add your sale price here Location - Specify a location. You can specify anything from just the country the item is located in to your specific address Allow offers - Let the members make offers for the item you are selling. You can select to deny or accept the incoming offers Advert images - Upload the images of your items(s). Click on the small circle in the bottom left corner of the thumbnails to select your main image Contact details - Select either PM e-mail, other or a variation of these three Package - Select the desired advertisement package. For now, all sales are free and you will not be charged anything, regardless of the package you choose Type of advert - Select your advert type Item condition - Select the condition of the item you are selling.