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  1. Server/software upgrades

    The one in the admin lounge? I believe our jet is on it's way back from Scotland as we speak with a new supply
  2. Server/software upgrades

    SSL Issues should be solved now, but I notice there is a problem with the layout now, so I will ahve to look into that.
  3. Hey all Been working on the site in the background quite a lot the last week and have just completed a bunch of updated and upgrades. Classifieds have received some updated and overhaul, so should be easier than ever to ad new stuff for sale. A lot of people have reported problems with Tapatalk and these should also be solved. Last, but not least, I have replaced the old caching server with a new server and I have changed the caching setup. For the g33ks; We are now using a neat combo of Redis, Varnish and nginx
  4. * New Raffle * -FREE!!! VIP Raffle

    Giveaway Winners  
  5. * New Raffle * -FREE!!! VIP Raffle

    Settings adjusted so that non-vip members actually can see the raffle. So NOW you can get your free tickets
  6. RWG Newz

    Hi y'all So...been a long time since I've been up from the basement, but thought it was about time to come up in the daylight and post about some new cool stuff; First of all; We have lowered the prices of our VIP memberships. We need more VIP members to say alive and the new price is $3 per month. As of today, we no longer offer 1-month memberships. ONly VIPS who have already signed up for these will be able to subscribe by the month. Clubs - VIP members will get access to a new, cool feature called Clubs. You can now start your own "Club", right here on RWG. It's up to you if you want it to be an open club, hidden club, secret club, etc. You can start your own collectors club of that specific brand you like or a technical club where you only discuss springs on ETA movements. It's all up to you You can decide if anybody can join or if you have to invite the members. Start your own club here and invite your friends: https://rwg.cc/clubs/ To start a club, you have to be at least a VIP member. Oh, and just remember that the RWG crew has access to and will moderate the clubs, but we will take into account what kind of club you start. Public clubs, where all posts are open and all members can join will be moderated as the rest of the forum. Secret/hidden clubs will not be as closely monitored, as these are not visible to everybody. Raffles Raffles will from now on be integrated in the forum software and winners will automagically be drawn by our raffle software. As a test, I have posted a new raffle here: It's a free raffle where you can win a free VIP-membership, so go ahead and get your free ticket! Also, we are bringing back a bunch of new and old collectors, so keep your eyes on the collectors area. And finally, we will be making some changes to the classifieds section real soon. The most significant change is that members will have to pay for a new ad. For VIP's and above, posting ads are included in their memberships. That's it from the RWG news channel today. Enjoy! PS. Need to upgrade your membership: Visit our store: htps://rwg.cc/store
  7. View this giveaway FREE!!! VIP Raffle Want a free 3-month VIP membership? Just get your free raffle ticket here and you are good to go. 3 winners are drawn in 48 hours Submitter Admin Expiration Date 1 day and 14 hours Submitted 08/29/2017 Category RWG Raffles  
  8. cant upload pictures?

    Should work now. if not, let me know.
  9. Downtime

    Hi all and sorry for the long downtime Server went offline about 24 hours ago, but I was a sleep, so did not notice until I got up and was alerted by staff members. Strange error with disks/partitions and partitions tables was the base error. Server has been reinstalled and latest backup is loading in the background from our backup-server. 50 GB og images/attachments/etc., so a lot of the content on the forum might be missing some content. Should be back online within a couple of hours. Welcome back and sorry for the inconvenience. Oh, one more thing; The forum might be a bit slow/unresponsive while restoring the backup due to server resources used to decompress the files. Even thought this process is set with a very low priority, there are a lot of files on the way back on the server, so that's why it might be a bit sluggish the next couple of hours++
  10. Issue when posting a new advert

    Could you let me know what kind of options you select for your ad?
  11. Can you try changing the forum theme to the RWG Alternative? Use the "Theme" menu, way at the bottom left and then try again.
  12. Site issues fixed

    The error that prevented you from going to any page number over 1 has now been fixed.
  13. Glitches...

  14. Unfortunately, this is a bug with the forum software and has been reported, but not fixed yet.