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  1. Anybody else experiencing this issue?
  2. Upgrade applied. All members are back on our regular theme. If you prefer the other, lighter skin and want to change, use the theme-menu at the bottom;
  3. Hi all Our forum software has been updated to the latest release. Because of this, the regular design/skin of the forum stopped working. Until we get an updated version fromthe developer, the IPB default skin will be used. As soon as we received the update for our regular look, all members will be reverted back. Sorry for any inconveniencec and please use this thread to report any other strange behaviour
  4. Hi all. Sorry for the late input, but a software update has rendered our regular skin useless. Waiting for an update to fix. Will keep you posted.
  5. Got invited to this today. Signed up, since it didn't cost anything else than submitting my email for now and invite some friends. Looks like some interesting people are behind. I'm a bit of a geek and since the start of the first forum I've been running, I have no idea how much I've paid to paypal, stripe, etc in fees, so new and innovative payment solutions are always welcome. Feel free to use my invite link to sign up if this is interesting to you (only have 1 invite left) and share your thoughts if you have any knowledge of this. Is this the new Bitcoin? Initiative Q is an attempt by ex
  6. Tapatalk should be working now. If not, try removing the fridge light....
  7. Forum software has been upgraded to latest version. If you notice anything not working, please keep it to yourself Or post it here
  8. Hi y'all Sorry for the prolonged offline period, but ran into some issues. All good now, except some missing content that is syncing from our other webserver, so it will be onine again shortly. So now you know, if there are any images, emojis or anything else missing from posts.
  9. Hi guys Unfortunately, we've had a DB crash on our DB server, causing some posts made in the last couple of hours disappear. So if something you have posted in the last couple of hours have gone missing, you know why and should repost. When it comes to the Sales area, we had to create a new watch-sales forum, so all old sale posts are now gone. If you had a watch for sale, please re-post.
  10. Due to the problems with the watch sale forum, I've had to create a new one, so this is where you should post your watches for sale from now: https://rwg.cc/forum/352-watches/
  11. Unable to recreate on my end. Using latest Chrome on Android. Works just fine. Strange...
  12. Seems you had added 6 x 6 month renewal. I have corrected this and you will find the invoice here: https://rwg.cc/clients/?controller=purchases
  13. You have nothing to be sorry about! Your donation is highly appreciated and I take my hat off to the fact that you might be a bit down and even still you donate. Respect, sir!
  14. Giveaway Winners tframo Platinum Member 202 Joined in Giveaway 9 hours ago Joined October 9, 2012 Content count 1,572 Details from Prize 1 Find Content  
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