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  1. Should work now. if not, let me know.
  2. Hi all and sorry for the long downtime Server went offline about 24 hours ago, but I was a sleep, so did not notice until I got up and was alerted by staff members. Strange error with disks/partitions and partitions tables was the base error. Server has been reinstalled and latest backup is loading in the background from our backup-server. 50 GB og images/attachments/etc., so a lot of the content on the forum might be missing some content. Should be back online within a couple of hours. Welcome back and sorry for the inconvenience. Oh, one more thing; The forum might be a bit slow/unresponsive while restoring the backup due to server resources used to decompress the files. Even thought this process is set with a very low priority, there are a lot of files on the way back on the server, so that's why it might be a bit sluggish the next couple of hours++
  3. Could you let me know what kind of options you select for your ad?
  4. Can you try changing the forum theme to the RWG Alternative? Use the "Theme" menu, way at the bottom left and then try again.
  5. This issue has now been fixed.
  6. The error that prevented you from going to any page number over 1 has now been fixed.
  7. Fixed.
  8. Unfortunately, this is a bug with the forum software and has been reported, but not fixed yet.
  9. Thank you for your continued support and your comments. We will continue to work on the classifieds to make them better and a more integrated part of the forum.
  10. No worries. It's there, as some members prefer a lighter theme
  11. All members can now choose between the current theme and a lighter and brighter theme. You can switch themes using the "Theme" menu at the bottom of the forum;
  12. Threads like these do have a little warning on the bottom that the topic is old.
  13. But you ARE on here Seriously, can you take a screenshot of any error messages or post the text of the error messages here? There have been 1 or 2 times that an insecure image has been loaded from a third-party site that does not run https and that wil cause a waning, but those you can ignore if that's whats going on. But give us some screenshots or text of the error message and we shou,d be able to help