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  1. Crappy, I couldn't even use it. The retaining ring was to fat
  2. Oh by the way for info purposes for others, the GS pa462-66 crystal fit perfect, Clark's was to fat and so was the pa462-67
  3. This sucks, the watch I bought off ebay that was supposed to have a 2846, ended up being a 2836
  4. All the engravings where redone when case work was done, so really no way to tell and the inside on of the from the pictures is correct, I'll verify once I get my caseback opener
  5. That mail is slowwwww these days.... just starting to get parts in, will post pics when I start getting them on
  6. Well I had order the 702 crown and 7020 tube
  7. Ok so 700 702 or 703 wouldnt matter? Would it have to be retapped at all?
  8. And now I just figured out a order the wrong crown and tube... got the 702 instead of 703
  9. So I recently purchase what was supposed to be a well built 5513 which came in a little short of well built.. from what I was told the case is an mbw with casework done by rolojack and reengraved Vietnam dial Slay insert with gen aged pearl Hands and dial aged Run of the mil 2836 The crown is said to be gen but looks like someone filed into it at one time and has a big chunk missing where it it screws to the case. And for a bracelet it got a that appears to be from a tudor sub, dont know if get or not Parts iv ordered: -New aftermarket bezel assem
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