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  1. Mattjames84

    opinions with arf rolex...

    im thinking about purchasing an arf sub with the sh3135. was wondering how the rehaults come out though. i saw a noob v7 that had a near perfect rehault.
  2. Mattjames84

    tech question regarding omega

    thats what i thought, thank you
  3. Mattjames84

    hulk sub bezel..

    anyone know where i can get a bezel insert that lines up better.. i cant stand how the 30 is so off at the bottom. just picked this watch up.. love it, but the inserts gotta go. oops in this pic it shows the arrow off at the top
  4. Mattjames84

    tech question regarding omega

    if i were to buy a rep omega with an asian 2824, would i be able to swap in a swiss 2893 that iv got? i read that the 2893 is thinner. what all would need to be done for it to work? would the case accept it?
  5. Mattjames84

    My 12 years of rep collecting experience

    thank you, thats great advice..
  6. Mattjames84

    Gmt 16753 dial gen or rep?

    Just an update, funding for my project has run a bit short.. I need a case thatll accept a gen 18k bezel which I have my eye on one that's on Ebay for $500 but I was kinda looking for something a bit cheaper
  7. Mattjames84

    3135 interchange..

    How did my post turn into this
  8. Mattjames84

    Gmt 16753 dial gen or rep?

    Here are a couple pics I took with my phone and a loop
  9. Mattjames84

    Gmt 16753 dial gen or rep?

    So I got the dial delivered today and it looks WAY better then the pictures and you can hardly really tell the scratches are there unless your real close on an angle, so I think under a crystal youd never notice.. and I also found all the gears to convert me 2834 to a gmt
  10. Mattjames84

    Gmt 16753 dial gen or rep?

    Well hey if I have to, I'll make my own case.. just gotta find someone that has a mid case laying around so I can make a mold.. iv got almost on ounce 18k I can melt down
  11. Mattjames84

    Gmt 16753 dial gen or rep?

    Haha yeah I kinda figured r stood for rolex... lol
  12. Mattjames84

    Gmt 16753 dial gen or rep?

    Can anyone give me a link to the R factory? Or a link to that specific watch if you dont mind?
  13. Mattjames84

    Gmt 16753 dial gen or rep?

    Boy I wish I had the chance to mess with real rolexes kn my, but then I wouldnt have to build what I want if I could have a real one... so question.. where there 2 types of bezels used for the 1675? I'm gonna have to google the dimensions on the 16753 case so I get the right one too.. I feel like I'm going into this blind, for it's pretty fun haha
  14. Mattjames84

    Gmt 16753 dial gen or rep?

    I'm also going to order a 2836 asian gmt when I have a bit more more money. I went on a crazy spending spree this weekend, got a bunch of rolex parts.. gonna have to let some of them go now that iv finally decided what I'd like the build, which finding that dial helped lol
  15. Mattjames84

    Gmt 16753 dial gen or rep?

    I'll post some pics after I get it and its cleaned up. Also does anyone make a rolex dial adapter for an eta movement?