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  1. Looks pretty good to me, nice job
  2. Good advise, I'll dig around in the garbage and try an find it
  3. I got a big problem, I was putting on the new dial and hands and screwed the keyless works of the movement up. Then tried to fix it and wasn't successful, so now I'm in need of a 2846 to replace it
  4. I've turned to rep watch because I love history of Rolex and how they started and the quality the stand for.. I cant afford a rel one but can certainly make a rep to the quality of Rolex using different parts
  5. So I took my watch to my watchmaker just to ask if he would ever work on it if I needed him to seeing it's a rep... *now mind you this guys been fixing and servicing Rolex for 30 years* he said he would... but the coolest thing that brought a smile to my face that he said was... (are you sure this is a fake case??) Lol. I had to tell him to look between the lugs
  6. Got it on Ebay, here's the item number 113752996710
  7. Got the tension washer installed.. now the bezel works perfect.. no play at all and turns great when pushed down.. woohoo
  8. That looks amazing.. I cant afford to take things that far, but want the highest quality rep stuff I guess in the end I'm not super important to me is its %100 correct. As long as it's well built and serviceable. Cause the only person that's gonna notice it the most is me, and the few people that do notice it on my wrist won't even know it's a rep
  9. Iv been doing a bunch of research and this is one of the L342xxx old mbw cases which if I read correctly is pretty much as good as a phong case, so I guess I did pretty good.. now it's just a waiting game to replenish my PayPal with funds Hey just to verify.. under the bezel is supposed to be a tension washer right?.. cause right now it doesn't have one and there is a bunch of play and the bezel spins way to easy. The bezel was off the watch when I got it
  10. Hey this is probably the only sub I'll ever be able to afford, so I'm gonna build it to what I want it to be, and smile..
  11. I have an aged dial and hands coming that I ordered when I ordered the other watch, so I'm gonna use it for this one FGS??
  12. Here she is. I. I love with this thing, except the bezel is loose cause I believe it needs a tention washer I love the polex wording cause I'm polish so it's my polish rolex.. that's what I'm gonna tell everyone haha
  13. Got the watch, It is indeed a swiss 2836. The lugs look like they were already drilled so that's a plus
  14. Thanks for the info auto, I'll check it out when I get it.. should get it tomorrow
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