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  1. thanks.. yeah i really dont wonna get rid of it but automatico is right, parts are pretty heard to find, but not only that but if things arent like a direct fit and need modification.. i dont have the right tools to do the sort of stuff.. honestly tho, ill probly end up hanging onto it
  2. well i did buy it for a good deal, i wont lie but selling it werent my intentions however anything i buy in life i look at as an investment and seeing i cant afford a whole lot, im forced to try an make a little profit on anything i sell, to save for what i really want.. im sorry i seem like a flipper.
  3. thank you for the advice, i think im going to follow it also.. going to look something else but deffinately want something vintage rolex
  4. might sell it for $1100, or equal trade but other then that im savin up for the 6204 case
  5. that would be $863.. cant let it go for that..
  6. oh my.. very nice wanna sell it? lol
  7. what you willing to pay? haha this is actually a nice movement too, the balance is good, i just need to service it. im gonna wait on that tho
  8. thanks, here a couple pics of what in working with, it may be a different cal but i know its based off the 630.. maybe someone cal school me? its 18 jewels 6 adj.
  9. i emailed them to see how much thy case is, waiting to hear back
  10. i know jim, im sorry. thanks foorbc the replys
  11. ill ignore that response since the ref 6205 sub had a cal 645 which is a 600 series dont mean to be rude but just dont appreciate people chiming in thinking they know everything and giving missinformed answers
  12. i got an old rolex 630 chronometer movement id like to build a sub with.. is it possible? what case would i need.. these are probably stupid questions but oh well.. thnks for any answers
  13. im thinking about purchasing an arf sub with the sh3135. was wondering how the rehaults come out though. i saw a noob v7 that had a near perfect rehault.
  14. anyone know where i can get a bezel insert that lines up better.. i cant stand how the 30 is so off at the bottom. just picked this watch up.. love it, but the inserts gotta go. oops in this pic it shows the arrow off at the top
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