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  1. He was an amazing man. I have not read his autobiography but I have seen him interviewed and his personality and heart were beautiful! His charity work was amazing. A true man! I also hate to say it but I have to say that Sean Connery isn't too far behind. I saw a pic of him recently and they did not say good things. He refuses to go out in public. He and my dad are the two reasons I love Rolex Submariners.
  2. Your best 5513 will be built by a member of yourself. Case wise, I find Phong or his son Jensen makes the best case. You can go aftermarket crystal. Dials also phong. In fact you can have phong build you a full 5513. I went with Mike here, (Misiekped). I got the parts and he put it together. Got a Rolex dial from star time that was aged in its own wax bag the patina is out of this world, and Mike had the Rolex hands the right patina. (If you need anything Rolex Misiekped is your man) He serviced the 1520 and I got the case from Phong. I just got the outer case. I found a case back on Ebay for a lot but it adds to its character. I got a bracelet from Ebay with a VD band. I found a bezel and crystal ring on TRF. I got a new crystal on TRF. The insert came with the real bezel. Mike dyed the peal to match. The final watch is breath taking. It is in every way a Rolex minus the case. LOL. If only a real case would come up. I see ones on EBAY and while I have brought 3 cases on Ebay all ended up being real, these are so hard to tell. The metal Rolex used back then was not 904. And there are so many good copies out there. I guess my point is to do it yourself. Sourcing if the funnest part. Then to actually build it is fun and a skill I am happy to have learned. Keep us up to date with which way you went. But if you need a turn key one, Phong makes an ETA version and a Real Rolex movement version. Rob
  3. Where are you located? Also what kind of movement are you running. I have a bunch of spare movements for parts if you need a part hit me up.
  4. Pam's are the best bag for the buck when it comes to copies period. They are so good that even collectors can't tell some of them apart. It is amazing.
  5. The NY, NJ get together is getting close. If anyone is interested I would like to get a head count. So PM me or Mike on a bike. The location is the same one we had did two years ago in Hoboken NJ. The room is perfect and we have our own privacy. It should be a blast.
  6. Hey I was hanging out with Mike (Misiekped) yesterday and we were talking about having a get together before the holidays. Last time we tried it ended up getting canceled because everyone backed out the last minute. So we are going to try again. Any one is welcome. It has to be in a where we can hang out and just talk and show off our watches and maybe have a meal and a few drinks. So who is down for it? I am going to post this in RWG, RWI, RepGeeks. Maybe we will get a great turn out!!!! First who know a good neutral spot? Last time we did NJ and it was a great spot because we had the lower floor to ourselves. That way we can be just us and not the whole place hearing what we are talking about. Rob We need to work on a date and location. So what is good for you guys?
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What they say!!!
  8. I just ordered a used 3035. So hope its in OK condition. If not its going to need service. I've only serviced a 3035 automatic winding assembly and that was a bitch. LOL. Mike has my 16803 3035 dialed in that it runs -/+ 1 sec a day. I am amazed. It is like I sent it to rolex. He came over and used my Micro stella wrench tool and not kidding. 1 sec a day. The 3035 is an amazing movement. I don't understand why people don't do a lot more 16800's than the 16610. I love both but if you clone a 16800 the movement will move identical to a 2836 and 2824. The 2824 doesn't snap at 12 like a rolex but very close. Hand adjustment and beat and everything is the same. My 16803 would run the same if I had it in a altered 16610 case. Drill holes. I think the rehaut is a little different but really the 16803 is amazing. I go from that watch to my 16610 LV. Can't wait to have the Daytona zenith going. Throw that baby in the rotation. Right now its my 16800, 16610LV, 16803, 16710. The 5513 is only on special times where I don't need to know the date. LOL. The 1680 is the one that gets no love. The 16610 is retired and is in my safe deposit. As soon as I get my 16613 back from my father in law which might not be until he is gone. That will also go in there. Those are the only two that I have all the box and papers for. The 16613 I have the receipt from the AD. My next plan is now that the cases and all parts are Rolex for the 16800, 16710 I will add them on to my insurance too but wear them of course. If I can find a 1980's 5513 case. Man that would be amazing. God I love this hobby.
  9. I'm keeping it with all the white gold inca one that I have. The band and everything.
  10. I am in but for a 167XX case. I have a few of them that I want to build. We have 5513 and 1680 cases that are Gen spec already. MWB, phong. We have the 16800 and 16610 between Phong/jensen and TC and some WM9's floating around. We NEED something not done before. If not. I will work on it by myself. I still don't see giving my case as a mold and paying for 5 movements up front in the tune of $1200-$1300 each. To me they are asking me to pay for it all and they will have the mold to do as many as they want to on my dime. Nit cool..
  11. Is this still about dealing with Phong? Phong is by far the best case we can get for our hobby. I know TC is cheaper. I know TC is great. But that is one watch. I can tell you holding a TC case and a phong case together is completely a difference in the quality. TC had caught up on a lot. Bevel edges. The new bezel, I can't wait to see. But if we start looking at 5513 and 1680 and daytona. We don't have much choice and I don't want them. Cartel cases are few and far between. At least the ones that meant anything. The newer ones are far off. Now I don't understand the anti Phong. Phong is a bit of an old pain a lot of the time but I can't think of one time he has not come through in repair. One time he was flying out that evening and got a case sent to me next day. He has made mistakes, but who hasn't. Heck I ordered a TC case and it took two months to get and when I got it the lugs were a joke. One was half the size of the other and the top had the same issue. I brought it up to him and it took another two months to come back with a case almost as bad. Phong is a lot. He has the machinery and he has the knowledge. His son is amazing. That is who I have been using. My last 16800, 1680, 5513 X2, and my new daytona are all coming from him. He has not let me down and he is a gentleman to talk with. Never leaves you wondering then bam the case is there. He lets you know every step of the way. Is it pricey. Yes. If I buy a $25,000 C and C machine. Spend or have an employee spend hours to soften the case, I am not selling it for $500. I do believe that the prices are high but if your like me and everything else besides the case is going to be Rolex, I sure in heck want a case that will water seal and work as a real one will. I Have been luck to find a real 16700 case and a 16800 and a 16610 case on ebay. Yea they were crazy prices. I think the least costly one was the 16800 one and it was $1700. Not far from what phong charges. But it they were available every day then Phong would be out of business. Also to ease mines. I have a buddy here in Orange county that took his Sub to get serviced by a Rolex Watchmaker. The store no longer is a rolex dealer but the watch maker is still a rolex watch maker. He serviced his sub with a Phong case. No issue. I told him he was nuts and that he was going to get it taken and everything. $650 dollars later. He has a beautiful 16610 polished and everything. So Just saying. They are good at what they do and I will continue to use them. If you would like to spend $350 on a Cartel if you can still find one of the old Cartels go for it. Its a great case. That is the best thing of this hobby. We can all do what we want how we want. Take a Invicta case and mold it to a sub case. If it looks good. It looks good. But to blast a dealer we have here and someone who helps a lot of us. Its just wrong. IMO.
  12. Thanks brother. I thought the same thing. I got the case in hand and the case end pieces marks look a lot better live than the pics. Love it. Again thanks tons.
  13. I will be taking more pics. But here is the history. I have been attempting to get a case for any of my subs. All my builds are completely Rolex now but the cases. Over the years I have brought, 16610 case and 16710 case. I saw this 16800 case on ebay and its local in NY. Guy has amazing feed back and 0 negatives and over 750 positive feed backs. http://www.ebay.com/itm/182264843323?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT To me it looks great. It has marks of the band and it looks like a closet queen 16800. The markings are correct the font are correct. So my question, since it wasn't cheap does ANYONE see anything fishy about this case. I don't have it in hand. I will tonight BUT I will be in Hershey PA for a reunion unit Sunday. All input is great. If you don't know please don't comment and say anything. All input is greatly appreciated. My rolex place by be closed down and I have to go to Connecticut or NYC to have it looked at and apprised. If you don't can't check out the link, here are some pics. Oh I will have more pics on Sunday night. I know you guys here make me look like a 1st grader when it comes to classic Rolexes. I compare the pic to my ST 3035 and the Phong 16800 case I have is a 3135. He made a mistake sent me the wrong movement case. I asked him, how many 16800 do you know that have 3135's? He gave me a discount and I kept it. But I have a 3035 and all my 16800 is going onto the movement and into the case. Thanks guys. I will have the serial number checked if I can at Rolex. Prior to me buying it I called some of my active guys in the NYPD and had them put the serial number in NCIC to see if it pops up as stolen. It was fine. The good thing is that this dealer in queens that I got the case from is local. He sales lots of stuff, mostly watches. He has lots of cases and in this one he has the movement, full bezel, dial, hands and bracelet. So that shows me he got the watch and chopped it up. He has a bunch of other Rolexes on there. Just not sports ones. I told him to be on the look out for a 16710 for me. Thanks again advance. Rob
  14. I will say that I have brought a lot of cases from both Phong and his son Jensen. I'm not talking 2 or 3. I have been very happy on them all but one. But out being retired if someone is willing to point me in the direction of how I can get my hands on the machinery to make cases. I am more than happy to learn how to make them. I did did attempt to have them make me a 16710 case. Phong wants me to buy 10 and supply my real 16710 case that he would return to me. His is son was a lot more reasonable. He wanted me to send him my real one and in return I would get my real one back and I would get a discount on the 5 I had to order. If i knew how to do it I would make them myself. Would love to learn. He wanted my watch and 1/2 of the $. To me that pissed me off. I was paying and giving him what he needed to make a case. All he heads are the contacts. Nothing out of his pocket. Then he wants to charge 1450 a case. I brought my real case complete with crystal and bezel and back for $1800. That aside. They by far make the best copy for a 16800 16610 5513 1680. Ok they might need a little more case work to be perfect but every thing real Rolex fits like it was made for it and it seals. I'm on a cruise right now and took my 16800 driving. I hit 100 feet easy on the dive and watch is holding like a charm. I also do have to say that a TC case is an amazing 16610 case for the money. I have comparison pics over at RWI. Having them both in front of me, bare, nothing on them yet you can see the quality of the phong case. Machine markings, sharpness. But for the $500 -$700 difference you can make it nicer than a phong. By by far the best copy 16610 case I have ever seen in this world is a TC case worked up. I sold it out of laziness because i didn't want to change the phong case. As as far as using a TC case for a 16800. It won't work. You can make a old 16610. But the rehaut is completely different on the 16800 and the 16610. Crystal are the same but the depth isn't. So the date looks larger on a 16800. Plus you can't stick a 3035 in a TC case. Being on a cruise I can't upload pics of a 16610 and 16800 rehaut. But it is very noticeable how different they are. TC makes an amazing case for the money. But when all is said and done at the end of the day a phong case is the way I go. I have stop dealing with dad and I just deal with Jensen. But after the whole 16710 I think I am going to be looking for a new case maker or just start doing them myself or just buy real. I have seen them on eBay for $1800- $2500 and they are real. Why would I pay $1450 for a fake? Especially when I only need 2.
  15. I can say this. I got two great 5513's from Phongs son and a 1680 from phongs son. My 16800 from Phong himself came out terrible, He put it as a 3135 so I had to source a 3135 instead and used my 3035 in a build that came out amazing a 16803. So I was a bit angry at the father. The case before that I ordered a 16610 case and he messed up the holes for the bracelet and had to redo it. I am sticking with the son.