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  1. It is an amazing replacement case. Sterile. You can fix a lot of the sharpness with having the case worked. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I have a few if you need one. I am guessing you are talking about the 16610 case?
  3. The part number is B25-295-CAR-C1 for all the ceramic 6 dig watches.
  4. On a real rolex it is very hard to see the crown unless the dial is a odd color. I owned a real hulk and it did not show the crown much. When the LEC first came out it was almost impossible to see the crown with out a loop. If you hit a led light on it with the right angle then you could spot it. Reps show a lot more than real.
  5. Hands down the best rep as is. The date in mine is to the right too much. But only on a few dates. So I won’t be changing it. Teeth are too sharp. Who cares. If we want to brake it down and pic. The band is wrong then. The real 126600 the clasp is larger then the sub. This one is the same size. We need to stop with the obsession of thinking we are buying the actual real watch. This watch is as good as it gets. You can walk in to work with someone who owns the exact watch and they won’t know the difference. If you put it side by side with it you will still
  6. The V6S that I picked up, the one that had the real LV bezel, and the owner had the real hulk dial that he had not installed yet, is not bad. Someone took the time to engrave it. It has tones a good things. Few things were mis represented but that wasn't the fault of the guy I got it from. He was told that the crystal ring was real. The bezel was, but he said the bezel never rotated right. Well the nylon washer was pressed on the noob ring. I don't know if you guys know what the difference between the noob and the real rolex crystal rings are? I can post pics, but lets just sa
  7. That I believe rolex calls steel. I think the YM with that color was called steel. They will call it what ever as long as you buy it. LOL.
  8. I'm going too just attempt to cut and paste my RWI post. But fall all of you who know me and that I brought a real 116610 case a few months ago. It ended up being a 116610LV serial number. Well I built it too a fully real 116610 but I used an LN bezel and LN dial. Well today I got too trade for a really nice 116610LV that was a noob V6S. it had a yuki from Craig and real full 116610LV bezel, real crystal. The yuki has a real auto winding bridge and a real date wheel. The 97200 on the V6S is real minus the clasp. The prior owner brought a new real 116610LV dial. So Here is what I did.
  9. The noob gmt isn’t a SA3135 which is their version of a clone 3135. They use a sa3186 which is a Asian eta clone with modifications to make the hand stack correct. What we are talking about is getting a Sh3135 and modifying it to be a true copy of a 3185. Then you will have a reliable movement that works as a Rolex 3185. You just need to have it fitted in the case by someone because the noobs are made for eta movements not Rolex or clone Rolex Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hey brother. I got the a 122660 yesterday in the mail. It is amazing. Really a great rep. I would say super rep. Looking at it there really no need to modify it. I will do some things to make it look better that is just because I can't stay still. But a nice polish on the rehaut will do wonders. Also on the bezel itself, it is very sharp. I am going to need to work it and soften it up. One more thing I have noticed it the date wheel. It has too go. So I am looking around for one. But I brought a new 2824 for it. I was stupid. The A2824 is running amazing. Lets see
  11. Anytime brother. That is why were are here. To help and learn from each other. While the demand for the movement from Yuki himself had drop drastically the demand for the movement hasnt. Everyone still wants a good 3135 clone. Few things has made this hobby blow up and set the preference's really high. 1)The invention of the clone 3135. Yuki or SH. Even the SA if parts were available. 2)The invention of Rolex spec cases. Use to be only phong and some Vietnam places. TC or Sean some WM9 ones. Noob is killing it. Coming out with the 116610 case that can fit e
  12. Very nice. I will be testing the case and band as soon as I find a location. I dont see a difference in 904 and 316. TO me they are both good. But so far all the cases and bands that came out where ARF tabled 904 have passed as 904. So I dont see why this one won't. Rob
  13. Thank, Yea I will. I have a brand new top ETA 2824 sitting here that I got from startime. I am looking for the best date wheel cover. I would love to figure out how to get a real datewheel in there but there is just zero room too do that on an ETA 2824. But I will locate a date wheel then go to town. I'm going to polish the rehaut also and pressure check it. In time. I will just wear it for now. Thanks everyone.
  14. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Few things I have too do too this. Polish the bezel. Take off all the sharpness. The date wheel is terrible. Looking for a TC. I will see. Need too put a fresh ETA 2824 top version. I will knock it out all at one bang. I will also verify how water proof it is. I will do a 6 bar test because that is all I have. one more thing too add. This is the first watch that the crown and tune are like butter. There is zero reason to update it. It words amazing. Same are the feeling from my real Rolexes.
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