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  1. yes, I had to give them my NAWCC number
  2. I joined NAWCC. It was $80 a year and they have some pretty cool stuff like a museum.
  3. I'm looking to purchase a star time Rolex case. I registered as a new user but I don't have a business so I can't make a purchase. Does anyone know how I can buy one?
  4. I have a Helenrou 5513 case (https://www.helenarou.com/5513-submariner-retro-vintage-diving-watch-with-swiss-eta551328242.html) Does anyone know if and what model Gen. crown will fit this case? Thanks
  5. For 40 I think it's a good buy. My guess is that it's a dg2808 gmt movement. The case has drilled lugs witch is nice. If you want a watch that is going to be a good hi quality rep. Then this is not the watch. I bought a rep. For $40 and turned it into something I really liked. Here is a pic. Before and after
  6. Will a eta 2824 fit in a 1570 case with a case ring? Is that what you would use as a replacement?
  7. The hands fit because the gmt movement is based off the 3135. But the dails will not fit. The gmt is a larger dail. The datejust and explorer use the same size dail
  8. That's a very nice watch by the way. I had this problem too with a build I did a while back. The movement is too tight against the dial causing the date wheel to bind. You have to remove the hands, dail and add the small spacer ring. It also could be that the case screws are too tight.
  9. I have a 15000 case that takes a 3035 and the eta 2836 is too thick to fit. You need to use a 2824 . I'm 100% sure. I read the same info as posted here and the 2836 will not fit in a rolex 3035 case. The other option is to get a 15200 case and use the yuki 3135 movement. No issues with Dwo and the yuki 3135 will take a gen dail. Did you remake this dail? I thought I saw it somewhere. If so can you post the link
  10. I tried the oven method to age the hands but really didn't like the outcome. They are not perfect put I'm happy.
  11. Here is my first try at aging.
  12. I'm nervous about aging the hands. I might see if I can find some pre-aged hands
  13. Hello, I started this Tudor ranger build using all the design elements that I like. I wanted something in 34mm because its small and comfortable to wear. Gen Rolex 15000 case Yuki dial Eta 2824 clone Generic snowflake hands Yuki Bracelet Removing the cyclops from the crystal Disclaimer: I know that Tudor never made a red Ranger with snowflake hand...etc.
  14. I like vintage watches and just a child when my datejust was made. For me it's no nostalgia its preference. I think any one that wear a watch had to be a little nostalgic. The price for some rolex models has kept up with inflation and other are just WAY over priced
  15. This is interesting the had the same issue with a yuki 3135. I replaced the winding works with gen parts, but I don't think you can do that with the SA3135 Is the SA3135 a decorated eta2836?
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