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  1. AP Picture thread

    Before letting it go...
  2. RWG 2016 awards. Let the nominations begin!

    I'd like to nominate Angus (Puretime) for dealer of the year. He went through a lot of sh*t this year, invested in a new website for better customer experience (chat and ticket system), and he's always a standup guy!
  3. AP Picture thread

  4. 29/12/2016 wristies

    Still in a Christmas mood:
  5. Genstein Rolex Hulk

    Well the green is off, the insert sucks, horrible sel, wrong date font, terrible date alignment, cheap clasp, poor overal finish
  6. Genstein Rolex Hulk

    Nobody is getting the joke? It's a gen guys!
  7. 1:1 AP ROO datewheel project

    Good to hear! Is the black also for the 44mm (FC)?
  8. Josh's new site

    What's wrong with PT?
  9. 1:1 AP ROO datewheel project

    They/he will...
  10. Dutch/Belgium GTG October 2 (2016)

    I'll be there, unfortunately I sold everything again (except my seadweller). Three watches are on their way, but they won't make it in time. So I'll be the boring guy with only one watch
  11. Fake watches are for fake people...

    I do not buy fake watches to be someone I am not. I buy fake watches simply because I like a certain model/style and I can't "afford" the real deal. Ofcourse I can buy a real watch that is cheaper, but what will I get? An overpriced Sevenfriday, which is basically a cheap Miyota? Or should I get a Guess watch that looks like a Hublot that had sex with an AP?
  12. AP Diver JF V8

    Why all the effort for a closed caseback...?
  13. My FRANKEN 360!

    Why did you censored the serial of a rep caseback?
  14. Anyone one a ZF 114600 nodate?

    - Yes it does - Dunno, it's not a heavy piece and it's comfy. I had the sd4k 116600 before, sold it because of its weigth and it was top heavy...