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  1. Telegram here: https://t.me/joinchat/I25Ot1HbiS8xNWM0
  2. Im selling 93150 Italian made bracelets over at RWI (also 78360/62510h/78390/etc)
  3. Thank you, but I have 2 now. Maybe someone else in need?
  4. I got them, they look good to me. But dont know if they are as good as Athaya's, because I never had those...
  5. Im never using MQ again. He is a PAIN to deal with, and after 3 bad orders I'm done with this clown. Use Ruby instead. Better prices, better communication and faster shipping!
  6. How on earth did you fit gen hands on an ETA? I just bought a gen dial as well and want to fit gen hands as wel...
  7. @edgematic1 it's been a while, any update? I'm looking to build a 6263 myself. I just found a watch with a V72 that was serviced in january for € 1100. I think I'll go for a Phong case, or did you manage to fix the Ruby case issue? I still have a gen 702 lying around, so will use that
  8. Yeah some ebay seller is charging me £50 per pearl!! Thanks will ask Helenarou
  9. I'm looking for some vintage pearls for my builds. Athaya's pearls are out of stock for quite some time, anyone has a different source where I could buy them?
  10. Nice! I'm working on a 7016/0, I can confirm MQ has high prices and poor service. I bought the case from him and asked to engrave 7016/0. It was silent for a week and got QC pics which I asked for. He engraved 7016 instead of 7016/0, so I told him. Another week of silence again and received this. As I already expected he just added the "/0", so now it's not centered. And WTF is this? Oxidation? He engraved right through it, and now it looks pretty messed up... I hope the rest is better... Otherwise I need to ask for a refund. But first let's wait another week!
  11. Stunning! Where did you source the movement? I'm looking for one quite some time...
  12. I mean I wanted to get rid of the the modern springbar "holes" on the JF case. The ST case I ordered has drilled lug holes (all the way through). Im building an 1987 16800. Got my hands on a really nice gen black faded navy insert
  13. Finding someone who can laserweld/microweld is tough. At least I couldnt find one. I wanted to "convert" a JF 16610 case to a 16800 one, and have the old springbar holes removed. But I couldnt find someone, so I ended up buying an ST case and will have it engraved...
  14. The working email address is infor@rubyswatch.com, where on the website it says info@rubyswatch.com (mind the additional 'r')
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