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  1. Yeah some ebay seller is charging me £50 per pearl!! Thanks will ask Helenarou
  2. I'm looking for some vintage pearls for my builds. Athaya's pearls are out of stock for quite some time, anyone has a different source where I could buy them?
  3. Nice! I'm working on a 7016/0, I can confirm MQ has high prices and poor service. I bought the case from him and asked to engrave 7016/0. It was silent for a week and got QC pics which I asked for. He engraved 7016 instead of 7016/0, so I told him. Another week of silence again and received this. As I already expected he just added the "/0", so now it's not centered. And WTF is this? Oxidation? He engraved right through it, and now it looks pretty messed up... I hope the rest is better... Otherwise I need to ask for a refund. But first let's wait another week!
  4. Stunning! Where did you source the movement? I'm looking for one quite some time...
  5. I mean I wanted to get rid of the the modern springbar "holes" on the JF case. The ST case I ordered has drilled lug holes (all the way through). Im building an 1987 16800. Got my hands on a really nice gen black faded navy insert
  6. Finding someone who can laserweld/microweld is tough. At least I couldnt find one. I wanted to "convert" a JF 16610 case to a 16800 one, and have the old springbar holes removed. But I couldnt find someone, so I ended up buying an ST case and will have it engraved...
  7. The working email address is [email protected], where on the website it says [email protected] (mind the additional 'r')
  8. My first build: Special thanks to @jmb
  9. markiemark


    Im sorry, I had no intention to play the devil's advocate or side with anyone in this matter. I just wanted to help by providing info I got...
  10. markiemark


    I dealt with him in the past without problems, I have him on whatsapp and he asked me to post this. He can't reply because he is banned. So I'm just the messenger... Im not siding with anyone, nor do I have personal stakes in this matter. I mean, I'm not getting watches or $6000 haha. I also warned swiss6uk to not open a paypal dispute without admin aproval, and try to solve it with the modder first. And like I always say, every story has 3 sides. And this applies to this one as well. The buyer's side, the modder's side, and then there is the truth...
  11. markiemark


    The modder has been asked to provide his address and this has not yet been done. That's why the watches have not been returned...
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