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  1. markiemark

    Rolex 1655 Explorer 2

    Those CG's 😍😍😍
  2. markiemark


    Im sorry, I had no intention to play the devil's advocate or side with anyone in this matter. I just wanted to help by providing info I got...
  3. markiemark


    I dealt with him in the past without problems, I have him on whatsapp and he asked me to post this. He can't reply because he is banned. So I'm just the messenger... Im not siding with anyone, nor do I have personal stakes in this matter. I mean, I'm not getting watches or $6000 haha. I also warned swiss6uk to not open a paypal dispute without admin aproval, and try to solve it with the modder first. And like I always say, every story has 3 sides. And this applies to this one as well. The buyer's side, the modder's side, and then there is the truth...
  4. markiemark


    The modder has been asked to provide his address and this has not yet been done. That's why the watches have not been returned...
  5. markiemark

    A 1016 dial along with some regret

    I really like MQ's, but it's non-ETA. So I'll take the Yuki route...
  6. markiemark


    @Mike on a bike @Legend Paypal claims that 4 other people also filed a dispute against the same modder! I find this highly interesting...
  7. markiemark

    Rolex 1675 gilt exclamation dot

    Could you please give urls of all the ones you mentioned?
  8. markiemark


    Understandable, fellas... It doesnt really matter how/what/why, but an unauthorised PP dispute is always a bad move...
  9. markiemark


    No, I did not. Im not picking sides or whatever, both are "just" forum members to me. No buddies, mates, or lovers. Just wanted to add some info to the story, but 5 watches is very coincidentally to me...
  10. markiemark

    Best 1675 builder?

    Im also looking for a vintage rolex guy who can help me out, in EU. Looking for something like this: But I'm afraid I will have to go nuts (money wise)...
  11. markiemark


    I happen to know the full story. He bought 5 fully modded AP's and all 5 had problems. I've seen video's of non working watches, broken date, cloudy cyclops, loose hands... I told him to work it out with the modder and not to file a dispute, but he was furious and did it anyways...
  12. markiemark

    AP Picture thread

    Before letting it go...
  13. markiemark

    RWG 2016 awards. Let the nominations begin!

    I'd like to nominate Angus (Puretime) for dealer of the year. He went through a lot of sh*t this year, invested in a new website for better customer experience (chat and ticket system), and he's always a standup guy!
  14. markiemark

    29/12/2016 wristies

    Still in a Christmas mood: