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  1. It's been a while since I logged in into RWG but so much fun to see this watch that I had in the beginning is still going around the world!
  2. After a couple of great Dutch/Belgium GTG's it's time for another GTG! Sunday October 7th 2018 This time we planned it a bit different as before. We are going to split up the GTG in two parts. Part 1: For those who are interested in the watchfair they can go to the fair in the morning. Part 2: For those who want to skip the fair and meet us the lunchroom for some drinks, they are welcome over there*. Starting time around 14:00. This way the members who want to visit the watchfair have anough time to see everything. * We communicate the location
  3. Sorry just noticed this post! It is from JF Do you polish your car with that watch!? :P he forged carbon looks amazing on this AP Diver!
  4. Ken, I'm sorry to hear this. My condolences
  5. I just can't beat that. That is a bargain!
  6. Some cool projects! Thanks for sharing
  7. Great to see this watch is going to USA now. Looking forward for the pictures
  8. Great collection and funfact, on all GTGs I met @Nummer14 he brought ALL of his watches
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