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  1. martijnp

    A challenge.

    I just can't beat that. That is a bargain!
  2. martijnp

    Daytona Ultimatum Auction Catalogue

    Interesting, thank you!
  3. Top notch bro, this looks great!
  4. martijnp

    Love Modding these $80 Invicta's

    Some cool projects! Thanks for sharing
  5. martijnp

    The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Great to see this watch is going to USA now. Looking forward for the pictures
  6. martijnp

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    IWC Laureus Ingenieur
  7. martijnp

    My ever expanding collection

    Great collection and funfact, on all GTGs I met @Nummer14 he brought ALL of his watches
  8. martijnp

    Rolex Wristies thread

    This is stunning!
  9. martijnp

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    16610LV today
  10. martijnp

    AP Picture thread

    15400 for today
  11. martijnp

    Dutch/Belgium GTG April 22th (2018)

    Are you joining us mate?
  12. martijnp

    Dutch/Belgium GTG April 22th (2018)

    BUMP for the GTG next week! Got already 10 members who join us
  13. martijnp

    Tudor on the cheap

    It definitely looks good but it actually got a bit of a Hamilton look. For that money just get a Hamilton Jazzmaster for example and save over 1k usd.. I'm, personally, more interested in the new Tudor GMT
  14. wow some insane mods going on over here. Great looking piece and beautiful watch!
  15. martijnp

    IWC Tribute to Mark XI

    Pretty close to gen rep if you ask me! I like it