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  1. Lolex watches Rep or gen?

    Congratulations on your engagement! I would say, go for the rep. Try it on. Wear it every day and see how you feel about it. If you love it as you do now, go and buy the gen, if it feels "like any other watch", dont spend that much money on it look out for that watch that does make you happy, every day
  2. I made a strap!

    Looks nice! Keep up the good work
  3. I'm still alive but....

    Sorry to hear, best wishes and hope for a quick recovery.
  4. Oris goes back in time well................

    I like it on the nato but the bracelet isn't my cup of tea tho
  5. Top-10 most embarrassing Rolexes ever

    Well I had a laugh at this post That leopard daytona is deff the most ugly Rolex in history.
  6. Some of my old watch photography

    Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing these
  7. Annual Calendar 503502 !!!!! Connoisseur HELP!!

    Or 'International Watch Brothers'
  8. Story of a 12-year old replica watch

    Just lovely! What an amazing watch and great story.
  9. Oh my, this sucks!! How could this happen with a watch that expensive.. Hope the AD / Omega can solve this for you.
  10. Happy Independence Day

    Happy 4th of July!!
  11. 4 years today. Thank you RWG

    Congrats mate! Good to have you here Just noticed 4,6 years for me.. Time flies
  12. ****** Vacation 16/07 - 06/08 ******

    Enjoy your holiday buddy!
  13. Annual Calendar 503502 !!!!! Connoisseur HELP!!

    I love this watch but that "BR." on the movement is just too funny Despite that, lovely piece!
  14. Rolex Daytona 6263 Paul Newman

    Sorry guy's I don't have any info about this watch. Bought it without information. Maybe @Daytona1984 can clarify something about the watch?
  15. For the 15400 there are a couple of factories. BP, TF and JF. At this moment, JF is the best factory. But i'm only talking about the 15400. I never saw the chronograph version like your picture repped.