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  1. NY / NJ Get Together - This Weekend

    Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing
  2. After a couple of great Dutch/Belgium GTG's it's time for another GTG When: Sunday, January 21 (2018)Where: Meidoornkade 24, postcode 3992 AE Houten (Utrecht)Time: 10:00 at the front door of the fairThe plan: Like always, at first we're going to the watchfair "De Rikketik". After the fair we're going to a dining café for a lunch and some drinks. After the lunch it's time to look at each other collections. More information about the watchfair: http://www.derikketik.nl/Everybody is welcome to join! Please let me know when you are in so we can meet at the front door. See you Sunday January 21th!
  3. NY / NJ Get Together - This Weekend

    Been in New York two times in the last 2 years. Too bad I couldn't make it to any GTG. Any pics of your GTG guys!?
  4. RWI moderators in da house

    One happy family. Welcome gentleman!
  5. Server/software upgrades

    Thanks boss! The drop down menu on the header is difficult to read because of the text colour
  6. Canal street prices are going up lately. It's an OK watch but definitely not a super rep. Enjoy this piece but take a look at our TD's.
  7. I know that website, and it's a good site with great prices. Enjoy your watch with those straps. Looks good!
  8. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400

    Not yet bro, the JF AR is pretty decent. More gen like if you ask me Got 2x AR on my Diver and FC 44mm ROO. It is such a cool update but unfortunately less gen like..
  9. Rolex Daytona 6263 Paul Newman

    Pics are offline, re-uploaded them:
  10. AP Picture thread

    Royal Oak 15400 for today!
  11. Audemars Piguet Diver 15710ST (White Dial)

    I agree on the 2xAR on the black diver, see here my modded AP Diver black dial:
  12. The RWG official watch has lanched!

    Where is she now?