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  1. AP Picture thread

  2. AP Picture thread

    AP EoD
  3. Dutch/Belgium GTG April 22th (2018)

    Any other Dutch / Belgium RWG members!?
  4. Dutch/Belgium GTG April 22th (2018)

    Looking forward mate!
  5. After a couple of great Dutch/Belgium GTG's it's time for another GTG! Sunday April 22th 2018 This time we planned it a bit different as before. We are going to split up the GTG in two parts. Part 1: For those who are interested in the watchfair they can go to the fair in the morning. Part 2: For those who want to skip the fair and meet us the lunchroom for some drinks, they are welcome over there*. Starting time around 14:00. This way the members who want to visit the watchfair have anough time to see everything. * We communicate the location of the lunchroom to those who join us, for safety reasons. The Dutch forum (www.RHForum.club) will pay for the first scale of "Bittergarnituur"! Location watchfair: Meidoornkade 24, postcode 3992 AE Houten (Utrecht) Location lunchroom: We'll communicate the location to the members who join us. For those who joined before, it's the same location as the other GTG's. Hopefully we will see you there! Please let me know if you are joining
  6. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    PAM312 on TWB strap
  7. OK, who sent me 3x AP watches?

    Who want my address? I'm also a big AP fan!
  8. OK, who sent me 3x AP watches?

    Does it contain one of your modded AP Divers? In that case it might be a parcel from @spacerpower ?
  9. Water proof

    My V7 submariner is water resistant, my local watch smith did that for me. I can swim with the watch but I'm definitely not diving with the watch
  10. Dutch/Belgium GTG January 21th (2018)

    See you next time
  11. Dutch/Belgium GTG January 21th (2018)

    Always nice to speak with guys who got the same addiction
  12. Rolex Daytona 6263 Paul Newman

    Thanks brother, and I don't own this PN anymore. It's sold
  13. Dutch/Belgium GTG January 21th (2018)

    What an amazing day with other watch collectors. First things first. We wenst to an expo, didn't see that much interesting pieces. Next stop (the fun part): having lunch, beers and a lot of nice collections. It was a great GTG, thanks guys and see you next time!
  14. Dutch/Belgium GTG January 21th (2018)

    Selected a couple of watches for tomorrow.