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  1. It's been a while since I logged in into RWG but so much fun to see this watch that I had in the beginning is still going around the world!
  2. After a couple of great Dutch/Belgium GTG's it's time for another GTG! Sunday October 7th 2018 This time we planned it a bit different as before. We are going to split up the GTG in two parts. Part 1: For those who are interested in the watchfair they can go to the fair in the morning. Part 2: For those who want to skip the fair and meet us the lunchroom for some drinks, they are welcome over there*. Starting time around 14:00. This way the members who want to visit the watchfair have anough time to see everything. * We communicate the location
  3. Sorry just noticed this post! It is from JF Do you polish your car with that watch!? :P he forged carbon looks amazing on this AP Diver!
  4. Ken, I'm sorry to hear this. My condolences
  5. I just can't beat that. That is a bargain!
  6. Some cool projects! Thanks for sharing
  7. Great to see this watch is going to USA now. Looking forward for the pictures
  8. Great collection and funfact, on all GTGs I met @Nummer14 he brought ALL of his watches
  9. BUMP for the GTG next week! Got already 10 members who join us
  10. It definitely looks good but it actually got a bit of a Hamilton look. For that money just get a Hamilton Jazzmaster for example and save over 1k usd.. I'm, personally, more interested in the new Tudor GMT
  11. wow some insane mods going on over here. Great looking piece and beautiful watch!
  12. Pretty close to gen rep if you ask me! I like it
  13. Great, looking forward to catch up again @Sub007 Too bad but enjoy your trip @netniet
  14. I was wondering the same.. It is a nice watch, absolutely. But "FU Anytime"!?
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