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  1. TAG Heuer

    My favorite 7016

    Bought this one M2M over RWI. Could be yours.
  2. Take a look overhere: Cousinuk Eta movements for a solid price
  3. TAG Heuer

    sub 11610 gen or fake

    Pics of movement maybe??
  4. TAG Heuer

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    My newest purchase from Kilowattore.
  5. I have pointed out to you in those other two threads. Maybe you should read them🤔
  6. TAG Heuer

    FS: Rolex Daytona SS White Dial Ref#116520

    What he means is that you only can put a watch on sale in the correct topic and you have to be a VIP member and read the sales rules here: https://rwg.cc/forum/352-watches/
  7. TAG Heuer

    Just to let you know...

  8. TAG Heuer

    Just to let you know...

    They all use nicks like we do. It seems that Mary is a guy😂 Who else can we trust? 😉
  9. TAG Heuer

    Just to let you know...

    Again a Dutch guy who give us a bad name. You see this happening everywhere. Scoring a few bucks quickly seems so easy to do.😡
  10. TAG Heuer

    1655 build ongoing

    You already make a good start for that 1655. Recieved mine from Mary last week and I have to ship it to do some modding. I tried doing it myself but it was a big disapointment. Yuki sells a quite good bezel for $99 and the handset is ok too. I only not sure wich type of swiss eta I will/can put in it. I will follow your build👌
  11. TAG Heuer

    Rolex 1655 Explorer 2

    The magic hands of Rolojack did it again 😁 Beautiful piece.
  12. TAG Heuer

    Best 1675 builder?

    Mine by Tripdog
  13. TAG Heuer

    Tudor 7031 build thread

    Truly a piece of art👌
  14. TAG Heuer

    5500 explorer build

    Love that Tudor😍