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  1. Very nice project. Good luck with that👍
  2. Junghans Meister Driver Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk
  3. Glycine Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk
  4. Well, Mike, that's an interesting story. I am very curious about your collection now and your graveyard shelf.😁 I have three women at home and when I spend too much on watches, they also want to buy more shoes and clothes😉 and that is costly🤣 This way I can justify my hobby a bit.👍
  5. Just like maybe many of you, I'm was already in an early stage started collecting watches. This went on and off sometimes with a number of years that I have not even looked at them. The result was often that the watches also quickly disappeared from the scene and other interests got the upper hand. Now years later I noticed that the watch virus began to itch. Fortunately, there is now internet and that used to be different in the old days😁 and now the search for watches was a lot easier. I then came also for the first time in contact with a Dutch forum and later also internation
  6. Junghans Meister Chronoscope[emoji7] Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk
  7. Junghans Meister Telemeter Cal. J.880.3
  8. Junghans Meisterdriver Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk
  9. Too bad that something like this happens to you. But be sure you talk to the right guy. You accidently blame a friend of mine, also called Frederico on several forums. Hope you can find the right person. Scammer we don't like😡
  10. Master Driver Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk
  11. Glycine Airman GMT Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-A520F met Tapatalk
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