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  1. cartel. Beautiful dial! Worth cannibalizing a vintage chrono...
  2. dial feet must be relocated. You can always simply glue on a feetless dial but I find that dirty....
  3. This one was a Sulka or something like that.... It housed a Landeron 48
  4. I reshaped it.... Thanks for pointing it as I forgot to mention it.
  5. Now stage by stage: here is the case after shaving the upper part and refinishing beteween the lugs/engraving. It's with family undergoing the same treatment.... Next stage is the top of the lugs reshaped, and the sides slimmed Then primary mirror finish on the sides... I drill the lug holes after. So the polishing does not dig too much metal around the final hole. Laste stage, after drilling the holes is cutting the bevels and shaping the CGs. Et voilà ! Final polishing. Then aging and re polishing. Result is above... Thanks for watching !!!
  6. An other babe in the 40's chronos family.... Nice 18k solid gold swiss made case from the 40's housing a honest A Venus 175. Looks nice. Feels nice....
  7. First, see the final product. I aged it accordingly to the sole original part: the crown. The result is a soft patina. No beating, just some wear and mild marks. The dial is a faux guilt from Vietnam with a very fine printing. Great font !!!! Base case was cartel, it was totally modified. Slimmed, shaved on the sides, crown seat recessed to place the crown right where it should be. Bezel insert was shaved down to paper thin untill it could snap fit in.... Overall it's very gen like. A sweet watch ! Coming next the pictures of during....
  8. To be honest I never checked exactly.... When I shave the cases, I just remove as much as possible until I reached a visually pleasing result. It's all about perception. In general: cartel cases are super fat vs gens. Which is good because it allows us to carve almost anything out of those pigs.
  9. Definitely thicker !
  10. I've never seen one thicker than that.... I even believe the old cartels are thinner since they used it to do other subs....
  11. Thanks for the kind comments !!!! Alan: please post pics after you fit in the final dial !!!
  12. That HR case is so thick.... It's definitely better after a little diet! The bezel was carved too to reach a closer profile to genuine. A swiss T39 was shaved and repolished to recreate the same side profile as the stock HR sapphire and so be pressed fit WITHOUT GLUE in place. A clean and tidy build, as the bezel insert was shaved thinner for it be be clipped in as well. No glue here ! All clean and dry fitted.
  13. Here is a build based on the late JF series. What needed to be done was mostly recessing the crown seat and cutting the bezel smaller by reducing the outer diameter. Other than than, usual reshape of the top of the lugs, redrill of the lug holes and reprofile of the CGs. Everything was aged roughly, then carefullt restaured. Bracelet was sand blasted and repolished as well. It's VERY smooth now, and without any grease of some sort... Crystal is swiss, dial is from Vietnam, crown is from Athaya, flat 4 insert is a cartel old stock aged and thinned like the gens to snap in the bezel without any glue leaving a clean step up around.
  14. I'd love to see... Unfortunately the pics are gone. So: the cases are full custom made? Or from Vietnam? Or a modified small swiss brand case like mine? My 530 is 37mm by the way... Same as the originals whose sizes range from 36,5 to 37 depending on the case versions if I got my information right.