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  1. This is stamped. However, the "stamped" look can be achieved with engraving: after engraving polish to clean edges, then wash the surface with acid to give a sandblasted look to the bottom of the letters/numbers and finally do the final brushed finish. Result will be perfect.
  2. I'm having fun here.... Over two years in the making for the large one !!!! Dial and hands are custom. Super high grade vintage swiss movements... Pretty exciting watches to my taste... Enjoy he pictures !
  3. rolojack

    DW 6263 Daytona

    Classic DW fully refinished with nice pushers installed and a genuine coronet.
  4. A great watch here, I'll let you guys guess the specs... 🙂
  5. This is after the model sold in the UK in the 60s. Case full reshape -done a while ago- and viet bracelet repolished as it should
  6. DW made some of the best cases !!! Pushers are really nice and bezel is fairly accurate. Gen T21 and gen coronet, reshaped case and athaya crown. Cool summer piece !!!
  7. rolojack

    Rolex 1655 Explorer 2

    Genuine Cyclop 116, genuine crown, custom Viet dial, reshaped and engraved cartel case. Shaved caseback to low dome. Note the correct shape of the CGs on the mid case !
  8. Viet case, custom real gilt dial... Top end build. Enjoy !
  9. rolojack

    Does anyone have Rolojack's contact info?

    Hi guys, sorry but currently I don't accpet jobs... I have way too many currently and I try not to compromise quality. I ask patience to all. If you're in a hurry, please contact someone else to build your dream watch. Thank you for your kind understanding !!!! I wish I could help everybody as it's a real pleasure for me to communicate with nice people and assist them in getting their grail piece !!! But I have only two hands... 😅 And I refuse to do sloppy work in a hurry.
  10. Refinished Vietnam case and custom dial. Nice gloss finish on the dial with a fine white 3D print. Extra flat lume as it should on GMTs to allow the GMT hand to operate smoothly.
  11. I will let the owner share the specs if he desires to...
  12. This build was EPIC! Almost two years in the making. The owner was very demanding as he's familiar with the original of this specific year. Dial was redone twice !!! As well as the engravings untill the goal was reached. A great piece resulted of all this good attention. Enjoy the pics !!!
  13. Here is one of the most difficult Rolex reference to get: the 1019. I has a unique case shape that does not allow using an other ref as a base. Unique crystal size and hands... Everything but the crown differs from all the other refs. This one was totally custom made, with a very nice case !!! Diameter is correct, and it hosts a genuine vintage T39 !!!! So simple apparently... yet so difficult to get. Enjoy the pictures !
  14. rolojack

    Classic DW Daytona enhanced

    Just what it needed to rock: gen T21 and coronet, relumed and reshaped ! Sweet sweet babe...
  15. rolojack

    White gold DD cases

    A few cases engraved, reshaped and color treated that will soon become exciting DayDates ! Look at the light gold perfectly even hue of the metal. When fitting a genuine WG crown, one can see the color is perfect !