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  1. Now, one can always find something to say... But we're getting close here !!!
  2. Tudor Submariner Ref 7928 - The Exclamation Dot

    Thank you !!! That's very kind of you.
  3. Base watch used here is the JF version. Case was deeply modified: shaved to a slim profile, and considerably trimmed on the sides as the original lugs size is as wide as a sub-C !!! Dial is a real gilt made in Vietnam. See the brown hue of a true gilt when exposed under the sun! No black paint gilt wannabe can do that ! Athaya crown, JF bezel and insert all modified. Insert was shaved to paper thin to have the correct visible step around. Swiss 2846, Clarcks hands and SK crystal. One of the most attractive Tudors !!!
  4. You had a private preview of that...
  5. Now the parts list of the three watches for those who haven't guessed: Cartel ST 19 case and movement. Vietnam bezel insert and custom dial, Athaya crown, genuine T21 and Alpha thin hands. Full case reshape and engravings, hands relume and relacker for the subsidiary...
  6. This one has first generation style pushers ! It might be the last time I can perform that mod as I found out I can't do it on the current version of the cartel pushers. I can only do it on the older version without groove. The ring of the newer version can't be mounted on the proper tool... Too bad. So: here goes my last set of old stock cartel pushers... If anyone has one of those older reps: keep in mind we can turn them into something like this:
  7. What can I say.... Usual (sus) specs... Eye candy. The funny thing here is three gentlemen wanted pretty much the same thing at the same time. So: I had to pleasure to have three Black PN Daytonas on my working table at the same time ! What a sight !!! Enjoy the pics !!!
  8. Rolex 1972 6263 salvage mission....

    This watch only needs love now... But thanks for offering!
  9. This poor baby came into my arms for a salvage mission... The cartel mid case was butchered to host a DW bezel - unsuccessfully as it was holding on with glue... - the original pushers were replaced by after market gen style pushers - so since the L shape extension was gone the chrono could not reset - the dial was/is quite overly done. Say ripe. But most of all it was dirty. Let's not confuse dirt and patina. Hands lume was gone, crystal was cracked... ST19 was not modified so the totalizer hand was not in line with the dial. Dial was glued on, like... Damn. Lots of glue! So much it dripped into the movement. Only good points were the original coronet - poorly installed as the rear was not resurfaced so it was not sitting well and the glue was visible on the sides - and the genuine crown and tube. Such projects are thrilling !!!! Really. To take over a failed project and make it into someting nice is such a pleasure ! Case was reshaped. Sides and lugs. Bezel seat on the mid case was machine turned to get rid of all the scuff marks of the previous job and create a clean step. Bezel rear part was modified as well so the fit is now perfect and no glue is needed for it to fit tight. The challenge was on the pushers. The L shaped extention designed by the Cartel fits on a C clip design pusher only. So I had to modify one of the two gen style pushers into a C clip fit. Cut it, create a groove, and more importantly create the L in question using a piece of solid brass. Dial was stripped clean and coated with a matte finish. Relumed as well as the hands. Genuine coronet and index were cleaned. Coronet was resurfaced for a clean fit glued FROM THE BACK of the plate using the dial holes, not from the front : piggy style... Now it's a sweet little watch about to return to its daddy !!!! Thanks for looking !!!
  10. Top-10 most embarrassing Rolexes ever

    I laughed!!! Men, you're funny! I'd say I 1000% agree on all. When in Europe. It's a matter of environment as always. Some places makes us accept the heavy bling game... Like Dubai. Wearing a vintage piece in your McLaren simply won't match! And those watches are made for those desert boys. Now that they don't have to pick up camel [censored] to make a fire by the tent anymore things have changed...
  11. new source for vintage rolex dials???

    That's the spirit!!! That's what a community is for!!!!
  12. It looks like we might have a new ingod type reseller here... I dealt with her before on eBay and all deals went smooth.... It looks like the dials are rejects thought... As they all have a defect, but it's definitely excellent value for the money!!!!! That will allow us to build daytonas for less!!!! http://Rubyswatch.com
  13. ... His watch his rules. He doesn't want to contribute, so be it.
  14. Sorry guys, the owner asked for the pictures to be deleted....