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  1. Cartel with non oyster pushers? Nice! I didn't know there was one as as far I could see the only available case made by the cartel is a 6263. Could we see more please? Especially the pushers side!
  2. I have a 6239 case left if you want to trade...
  3. Thanks my friend ! Next pictures I'll take will be your slim PCG !
  4. It will be in your hands soon !
  5. Ahhhh.... The best PN dial ever made for 7750 based Daytonas? I believe it is. Every time I make one I fear it will be the last. Those dials are so much better than any other he had made. If only such attention to detail was given to the others. The balance of proportion between the elements to adapt the design to the 7753 is absolutely optimal. It makes you wonder if the black second track is too small or if it's just an impression... Specs are as usual: DW case, dial and hands. Gen crown, coronet and crystal.
  6. yeah... I won't get the length. But I can match the teeth profile! At least I will try.
  7. I'll rework the pushers to get closer to this. I need to create a bevel. Funny how you need to do things first to notice more details....
  8. I would not touch it at all... The dial is the sole reason that watch, or any vintage chronograph signed, has a value.
  9. Here is a build based on a cartel 6263. The insert was removed and replaced by a Vietnam insert. The movement was CLEANLY converted to reposition the 6 o'clock hand. I could not resist finishing the top plate with a perlé... Even if no one will see that. Dial is from Viet nam WITH feet installed for the Venus 75. Revarnished to be more resistant and not get damaged on the edges, relumed and index finished with black enamel as it should. No glue here !!!! All clean and tidy inside out. I can't stand chewing gum finished watches.... Subsidiary hands are from DW as cartel hands are too large for my taste. Gen 700 crown, and cartel pushers modified to look like first generation pushers. Cherry on the cake: retailed by Hermès..... so we reach the half million !
  10. So does this watch in the same spirit of a new old stock condition case and a well restaured dial for those who like their watches clean and tidy: http://www.passions.com.sg/v2/watch/rolex-c1930s-anti-magnetic-chronograph-steel Your comments are always so sympathetic ! A pleasure ! Happy new year to you mate !
  11. The trick is to sand down in dome. Not flat. Otherwise you'd cut out the rehaut for reaching the inside of the case on near 1/2 a mm. So, the bezel rteaining ring is modified too to fit on. I will make a picture of the process next time I do it.
  12. Do you undertsand it is now fitted in a correct size case with 19mm bracelet ends? The dial was shaved to fit in. The original case is of no use with it's odd size and symmetrical pushers... Can you post pictures of your dials please? There was 2 nice versions only if I recall. Silver and black. The PN looked stupid.
  13. Yes... I know that... Watches get restaured though, and RSCs will always fit a new crown. Again: using main stream parts and keeping the bar below the 1k all included for a complete watch powered by a swiss movement drove the parts list to what it is. Now the new cartel reps offer pencil hands. But they are inaccurate. So.... gen like mercedes hands for a "service" look or fakey pencil hands... Anyways, the only way to reach perfection is to go gen. Thanks for your kind comments on the case works, I love what you did on your watches !
  14. close enough... Genuine case lugs slope down more.... but using a cartel base that's the best I could do. There are genuine with less curved rear like this one : http://www.chrono24.com/rolex/submariner-james-bond--id3768130.htm shape varies sometimes on these old models....