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  1. Hi Anyone in my "network" that could help my ship an item "clothing" if I buy on Ebay? shipping and tax is more than the item Reward promised
  2. 997 s

    AP Franken

    Wan just pm me if you are interested Wan just pm me if you are interested
  3. Hi all Does anyone know if the new SD 4000 V7 has matte dial as per genuine?? Grazie mille
  4. 997 s

    AP Franken

    Thx i agree white hands is makes a difference 2*pm:s recieved
  5. 997 s

    AP Franken

    Thx but new projects on the way...SO maybe I will sell it bump
  6. 997 s

    AP Franken

    Jasonbaylee As requested
  7. 997 s

    AP Franken

    Just wanted to share some xxx pics just got it back from the wiz Domi Hope you like it AP Tit Franken Gen Lwo 283 genuine dial and tachyring gen tube and genuine crown Gen hands Rounded pushers Modding the gaskets Full serviceof the movement Case mod/shaved midcase Full polish and satin inclusive bezel AR Crystal
  8. Faaaaaantastic build
  9. 997 s

    Rebuilding a GMT 2

    Nice work
  10. 997 s

    No more shiny links

    Very nice, very nice i
  11. 997 s

    JF Daytona Vs Gen

    Great review
  12. 997 s

    No more shiny links

    Cool more pics, more pics