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  1. Thanks mate i just send a mail to Trusty, regarding Horus unfortunately they don't sell plot end links...
  2. Hi guys i'm looking for a provider of AP gum strap with plots end links any idee of a trustable provider? Thanks
  3. This is gen version from official store
  4. Hi RWG, just to share few pics of this wonderful watch received few days ago... Enjoy
  5. fab1973

    PAM 0422

    official Panerai it's a gen 422
  6. Hi RWG, just to share few pics of this wonderfull watch received this mornig :
  7. i trade it for another watch, initially the seller asked 4.000 € but the real cost is a little more i think but i don't know ecxactly
  8. Hello RWG, just to share this masterpiece 6152-1 build by "Ged" Specs : *CASE - Case is probably the best and the most accurate donor these days. Old school fiddy midcase. which was completely reworked by NZ. It's his #12. Case was natural aged from time and wearing. Looks almost brand new,but has a very light wearing traces. *Bezel is the newest version from NW. *Caseback is the newest version from NW with domed plexi *CG comes from NW. Which has perfect fit for this midcase. NO GAPS, NO OPEN CORNERS like on old Jackson midcases, absolute perfect fit. Again re drilled for M2 NZ screws *Inside the case there is additional ring fixed which takes 37 dials. *Movement ring from SS. *Athaya V2 fixed crown + brass tube *NZ lug bars *Both lugs were engraved - DIAL - Dial is the newest version from NW 37 mm 3 pcs version ,blasted and it was additionally little bit reworked on a surface in order to get thinner LP engravings. - MOVEMENT - Movement is amazing masterpiece from Jorge. Very early serial number, sunburst main plate, different look of wheels which is not as his usual ones and matches gen piece. Sub sec pin was removed and TCP + HW mod is here. Movement was deeply serviced by Michael by dissembling all the parts. Also I asked Michael to put a brand new main spring here. Brand new 616 stem. So movement is running very accurate,very healthy probably for another 60 years.
  9. yes watch at begin comes from you i think
  10. ahahah! details! you're absolutly right! did not see it when picture was taken, sow it after, now seated as it should!
  11. no idea mate i got it as it is yes no problem with phong case, accept gen mouvment etc...
  12. mwahahahah yes i got balls i'm a man like you mate ! i did not do it my self...got no skills for that
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