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  1. astonjenks

    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks Guys Just back from Dinner at one of my favorite Restaurants, Gravetye Manor, Bob we'll take you there next tie! AJ
  2. astonjenks

    Merry Christmas from RWG

    Wishing each and everyone and your families a really fantastic Festive Season AJ
  3. astonjenks

    6152 thick plexi

    many thanks AJ Cant see him here?
  4. astonjenks

    6152 thick plexi

    Guys Does anyone know where I can buy a Thick plexi for a 6152 project please? AJ
  5. astonjenks

    Modding APROO "The Real Batman" ?

    Contact The Legend for this AJ
  6. astonjenks

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome from your fellow UK member AJ
  7. astonjenks

    Richard Mille

    Sorry not really. AJ
  8. astonjenks

    Andrea Leotta problem buyer

    Trust me its a nightmare you do not want!
  9. astonjenks

    Welcome to the family

    Many thanks my friend, will do when I get time AJ
  10. astonjenks

    Welcome to the family

    Received this stunning IWC portuguese Super Franken today from a great member to join my ever increasing IWC family. Just finished polishing her and fitting a new IWC OEM blue gator strap and she is a stunner. Regards AJ
  11. astonjenks

    Baselworld 2017 Seadweller single red. Noob or ARF?

    yes she might :-)
  12. astonjenks

    Baselworld 2017 Seadweller single red. Noob or ARF?

    ARF V2 all day, i've had 2 so far:-)
  13. Great work my friend. AJ
  14. astonjenks

    New V2 ARF SD arrived today

    Like a DSSD in size but not as tall! AJ