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  1. I have a gen, brand new Kevlar strap and PAM pig buckle for this watch!
  2. Mike your photo skills are certainly improving! Greta shot. PS strap arrived safely thanks and you were right :-)
  3. Wishing everyone a really Fabulous Xmas. AJ
  4. I have handled the gen at a Panerai TD in Bond Street and can tell that this is a stunning rep and compares directly with the gen in all visual ways, actually coming out on top of the blackness of the carbotech finish. Put a Swiss movement in her if desired and you've got a hell of a watch for less than 5% of the gen!
  5. Got one on order fro Trusty, its the new Noob version exactly as your photo. AJ
  6. Does anybody have a V6 Fiddy or V6 Fiddy caseback i can swap out/buy please? AJ
  7. Here's the £17k list gen, I was offered it for £14k though :-)
  8. This is without any playing with the shot but with light reflecting on the right side. AJ
  9. I tried the gen PAM979 in London's AD last week and bought this from Trusty and can only say in the flesh it actually looks better than the gen due to being slightly darker. This photo has been adjusted a tad, however what a stunner!
  10. Arrived yesterday, awesome work.
  11. Up for grabs on the sales board at $400!
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