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  1. 22 dead and 59 injured, what a terrible and cowardly thing to do, no religion support this terrorism!
  2. Im lovin her so the odds are looking good!
  3. Thanks to you Micky! AJ
  4. Thanks Mike, I will sure try :-)
  5. Just finished BK pimped DSSD with Swiss heart, relumed and Steve Double AR, stunning work Micky!
  6. Guys I am simply blown away with the watch Micky (SSTeel) has put together for me and wanted to share some pics/details. I have always been a fan of the DSSD as it fits my 8 inch plus wrist better than the regular 40 mm Rollies and has a great weight. I have owned no less than 6 of variants including some very special ones however this must be as good as gen (in some cases better). We started with a 'newish' version that a previous owner had done some work, namely a relume on the hands and dial and a double AR from Steve (amazing) The downside was some of the rehaut work and the fact it had an A movement, which is ok, but isn't a Swiss. So when another DSSD was offered, this time a great BK modded DSSD with a gorgeous Swiss movement I snapped it up! The brief to Micky was simple, use the Swiss movement, swap out the dial and handset, take the best bezel/case, fit the double AR crystal and refinish all parts into one watch, service to COSC standards and send back! (simple :-) The photos below clearly show what a truly amazing job Micky has done (yet again for me) and how stunning this watch is. I was in Rolex AD and can confirm that the 'Standard' Gen DSSD visually sits well behind this beauty with the double AR as the whole watch just pops! Its not easy to capture on camera, however the crystal disappears and it looks as if there's no crystal at all! Thanks Micky
  7. Nice Bob
  8. What a great guy although I'm still saying no to Stu using my H2 to break the record on! AJ
  9. Look great Richard AJ
  10. love it!
  11. Hi, I'm interested in trading for the Depth Guage by NAS -- I have a stunning PAM203 rep -- Here is a link to the sales thread for it:

    PAM203 Replica for sale


    I'll give you the 203 and $100 on top to make the deal.



    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. uptheorg



      If I wanted to get another strap, what is the lug width on this watch?



    3. astonjenks


      Hi Jim


      It is 24mm. The shipping/tracking code is as follows:





    4. uptheorg


      OK Thanks

  12. This little beauty has taken a total of 8 months to build which included a fully remachined case to take the gen spec dial and bezel, relumed hands and dial by Kenny, movement and case work and installation by Micky which included new Daytona A7750 fettled and COSC timed, new crystal and expert installation. Ive not seen one like it before and I think it was worth the build cost. Hope you like her. AJ
  13. Welcome AJ
  14. This today and is a C&R and will be posted on the sales board.