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  1. Just wanted to add a shout for Joshua although may start another thread after my aquaracer arrives. I've had a few reps over the years but lusted after that sub that everyone does. Probably total delivery time from day of order to the UK... 12 days. Blew me away. Thanks again Joshua. Over the moon.
  2. My first wristie on the forum and a massive thanks to Joshua for sorting everything out for me! Amazing service!
  3. I thought it was a joke or something! Thanks. Being such a nice Sub I could probably justify it in fairness. Especially for quality and the one I want!
  4. Come again.
  5. Hi chaps. Anyone have a decent orange rubber strap for a sub they were happy with? Managed to pick up a lovely black one with my Sub but fancy an orange one now and again for a change and more casual look. I think everest do a cracking one but it's almost the price of a rep in itself.
  6. Most TDs have a strap section that offer decent rep straps.
  7. Is the TD section for paid members only?
  8. Thanks guys. Any sellers you guys prefer? I've had plenty of cheap bash about watches but I haven't been working physically for a few years since managerial promotions etc but still have a hands on role and wear jeans and a shirt to work so not looking to match a suit for eg, casual with leather strap. I have other nice watches for that. Tudor sounds perfect actually. Love the description of flying under the radar especially rep wise.
  9. Beautiful mate. What strap is it wearing?
  10. Beautiful thin, really is and an awesome write up with nice links! I was slightly confused by the first paragraph though. You said you couldn't afford gen or Franken but then destiny struck? What do you mean? Was it a rep for sale? Lovely modifications.
  11. Agree with the experienced chaps above. What a stunning watch with so much history.
  12. I could never own a gold Rolex in all fairness but my god that is a beautiful time piece.
  13. Any really good offers going around for a cheap daily for work men? I may end up just buying a Seiko of some kind but there are some pretty looking quartz watches out there. May pick something up in the trading section perhaps. Anyone get a bargain for a daily?
  14. Something I had the pleasure of wearing recently.... This purchased by my boss a while back. Beautiful watch... And a pretty old piece. Not sure on value...
  15. Welcome chap! Another Newbie friend! The DSSD always looks so crisp! Good luck finding the correct one for you!