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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  2. Looking to see if many more of you lovely chaps pulled the trigger on this gorgeous watch? It's the only thing I've seen recently that stopped me in my tracks and this seems to be a high standard rep.
  3. Thought I might contribute! All genuine I would add! The Hulk is just mesmerising on the wrist. Truly.
  4. Thanks Tony. The trusty version looks lovely I must say! Just never ever realised Daytonas were 40mm! Done some more research! Found my next watch! Thanks again!
  5. Beautiful!!! Was actually on trusty but wish there were better filters. Must be a thousand Daytonas on there to go through! Thanks gents. Wonder if it will work on my wrist. So used to a smaller Sub.
  6. It's my type of spec! Not sure if it's new or available anywhere?
  7. I think the v9 is very good from what I've seen but may just hold off and get something else. Really really love my black sub.
  8. Anyone claim to have the best just now? I love my sub and have been lucky enough to have worn a genuine hulk for a period of time and it made me genuinely lust after one. If I do take the plunge I want to try and buy the best. My current sub is fantastic. One thing I did notice on a lot is the bezel engraving/colours can look dirty/dark on some reps. Possibly a newer hulk rep has ironed out a few more kinks? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the comparison shots. Amazing. Thing that always caught my eye, how the engraving white on be bezel looks so clean but on the rep it always looks dirty. It's quite a big flaw when you're that close!
  10. Do they not make full watches? Looks amazing. Is the dial on the by good enough?
  11. Ah found some guys. It's not a great rep I've found so far. Will keep looking. Just fancied a new brown strap watch to go with my black strap sub.
  12. Thanks guys. It's the most release and commanding a premium. It's not a standard speedy.
  13. A friend was on the waiting list for this one. I know it's pretty new. Anyone stocking it yet? I may send the image over to a few TDs as they're always very helpful in fairness. Thanks in advance guys.
  14. Hi chaps. After being over the moon with my sub over the last year I always fancied a Tudor next over a speedy. From the research that I obsess over it seems a ZF model 5 liner is the one to go for. Anyone agree? I see a couple of V6 and V2s iirc. I'm happy to pay properly for the correct one or the best one currently. Thanks in advance.
  15. Yeah the first one was wrong. It had Roman numerals. This one has numbers. I have found it on PC and they've sorted me out with the smooth bezel etc. Looking forward to giving it to my dad.
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