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  1. kgvertu

    [QC] Submariner

    Do they not make full watches? Looks amazing. Is the dial on the by good enough?
  2. kgvertu

    Anyone currently has this model yet?

    Ah found some guys. It's not a great rep I've found so far. Will keep looking. Just fancied a new brown strap watch to go with my black strap sub.
  3. kgvertu

    Anyone currently has this model yet?

    Thanks guys. It's the most release and commanding a premium. It's not a standard speedy.
  4. A friend was on the waiting list for this one. I know it's pretty new. Anyone stocking it yet? I may send the image over to a few TDs as they're always very helpful in fairness. Thanks in advance guys.
  5. kgvertu

    Tudor Pelagos ZF Vs ???

    Hi chaps. After being over the moon with my sub over the last year I always fancied a Tudor next over a speedy. From the research that I obsess over it seems a ZF model 5 liner is the one to go for. Anyone agree? I see a couple of V6 and V2s iirc. I'm happy to pay properly for the correct one or the best one currently. Thanks in advance.
  6. kgvertu

    What model Datejust is this chaps?

    Yeah the first one was wrong. It had Roman numerals. This one has numbers. I have found it on PC and they've sorted me out with the smooth bezel etc. Looking forward to giving it to my dad.
  7. kgvertu

    What model Datejust is this chaps?

    Thanks chap. I'll see if I can locate it!
  8. Hi guys, looking to pick up this stunning Datejust for my dad, want to give my business to the trusted dealers after great experience with them previously. Seems on the TDs there are a lot of different Datejust model I thought you lovely experts may be able to help.
  9. kgvertu

    Joshua at perfect clones

    Just wanted to add a shout for Joshua although may start another thread after my aquaracer arrives. I've had a few reps over the years but lusted after that sub that everyone does. Probably total delivery time from day of order to the UK... 12 days. Blew me away. Thanks again Joshua. Over the moon.
  10. kgvertu

    Rolex Wristies thread

    My first wristie on the forum and a massive thanks to Joshua for sorting everything out for me! Amazing service!
  11. kgvertu

    Orange Rubber Rolex Strap

    I thought it was a joke or something! Thanks. Being such a nice Sub I could probably justify it in fairness. Especially for quality and the one I want!
  12. kgvertu

    Orange Rubber Rolex Strap

    Come again.
  13. kgvertu

    Orange Rubber Rolex Strap

    Hi chaps. Anyone have a decent orange rubber strap for a sub they were happy with? Managed to pick up a lovely black one with my Sub but fancy an orange one now and again for a change and more casual look. I think everest do a cracking one but it's almost the price of a rep in itself.
  14. Most TDs have a strap section that offer decent rep straps.
  15. kgvertu

    Cheapest Daily Beater In The Rep World?

    Is the TD section for paid members only?