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  1. Yes lume still good and unchanged from when I bought it
  2. Keep an eye on the sales section here and on rwi
  3. Sorry to hear that Maybe tell him you will take one when they become available again its a great OOTB rep Got mine in December and worn it every day
  4. Hi Bought it from JTime Trusted dealer on rwi: https://jtime.cc/ I would definitely recommend and buy from them again Check out the Jtime ZF V2 review on rwi
  5. Hi does anyone know the weight of gen 114060 including bracelet? just weighed my ZF V2 at 147g and am curious how this compares Thanks
  6. Just seen this on Trusty’s site http://www.trustytime02.cc/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=39_205&products_id=20667 Wondering if anyone has bought one?
  7. IAN2109


    Hi I am looking at buying a 114060 I was wondering which version members think is the best? ZZF Noob V8 JF? Thanks
  8. Hi I have a 14060 no date sub that I bought from Trusty years ago I would like to have it modded but Rolojack no longer doing this work Does anyone know of a good EU based modder who has experience of subs? Was thinking of Rolex Addict but never had any work done by him before Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your reply I messaged the TD's but not being stocked right now One for the future I hope....
  10. Hi I was in an AD and tried on a silver dial 126200 datejust My word it was beautiful! I have looked on the TD sites but can't find a rep of this Does anyone know if it has been repped yet? Thanks
  11. Hi I am after a good quality MB fountain pen Anyone know the best source? TD or AliExpress? Thanks
  12. Hi I have seen the 34mm and 39mm OP on TD sites but cant find the 36mm case Anyone know if the 36mm OP is available? Thanks Ian
  13. Hi I have an old daydate rep and two of the dial markers have come loose Does anyone know of anyone in the UK or EU who can put them back on? Thanks
  14. Does anyone know the width of a 5513 dial? I am ordering a custom black gloss/ white gold surrounds dial from Helenrou and they are asking if I want a 29mm or 26mm dial
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