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  1. Thank you for your well written post Sogeha. Yes I am ready to move on. I will try to post stuff as much as I can. I am self employed as an employee benefits consultant and life and health insurance broker with 32 years experience. That keeps me busy a lot. Thank you all for having me in your forum. Perhaps if anyone in here has an issue with their medical insurance or needs advise I can help. Send me a message if you do. I don't charge for advice. ☺️
  2. Hey come on guys just because I'm the FNG (F'ing New Guy) doesn't mean you guys gotta gang up on me. 😄 I got frustrated asking for a link and not getting one and trying to find it on my phone and not being able to. The watch I want goes quick. Plus I've recently had someone on ebay yank my chain (3 different people in 3 different countries) by dickin' me around with a fake purchase. I got paranoid that it was happening again here. Nevertheless I apologized in a PM to Macarone for getting short with him. I am at fault. Look guys, I may be a "newbie" to this forum but I am not to watches and Reps. I am also not some kid in mom's basement. I bought my first watch, a Casio digital multifunction, in 1983 while I was a senior in high school that was waterproof so I could wear it while surfing. I later lost it surfing Hurricane Alisha in 1983 2 days before landfall on a 18 foot wave at the Surfside Jetties on the Texas Gulf Coast. I've bought and sold several watches since. Over the last 7 years I have got into collecting Reps and have bought over 20 which I have bought and sold. Currently I own 7 reps and 5 microbrands....two of which are a bronze Memphis Belle Heritage Predator hand wound and an Aquadive Bathyscaphe 300 auto. Just recently scored a unicorn with my aquisition of a V2 Ploppy. So while I may not be a huge collector, I am a serious one. I suggest instead of getting all giddy at the opportunity to rag on the FNG in the public forum, how about we try and make friends, eh?
  3. Tried it in Explorer too...same thing. I guess I'm screwed and can't bring my plate to the sink....much less eat the food on the plate. 😪 User name in RWI is Flank45 in https://forum.replica-watch.info/forums
  4. I clicked the link and all I get is this. I am on Chrome. Is that why?
  5. Well I don't know WTF to do. I searched Panerai 187 and PAM 187 and PAM187 on both RWG.cc and RWG.bz as well as RWI and I get nothing. NADA!
  6. I've been on rwg.cc, rwg.bz, rwi...and found nothing of what you are saying. If this is some kind of childish cruel junior high school joke then okay you had your prank kiddo. Yeah, yeah ding dong run and the phone call with asking "is your refridgerator running" or calling the grocery store and asking "do you have Prince Albert in the can". Okay did I pass you hazing yet? Are you happy now? [censored] it! I'll buy a PAM285 and you can take your hazing elsewhere.
  7. Macarone, I have searched RWI and found nothing as well as the others you told me about. I have asked for a link but you never give it. Are you toying with me? Really not cool if you are. If you are not toying with me then please give me a link to the said watch you are referring to.
  8. Nice picture. Are you selling it? Does it have the 7753 movement with working date adjust at 10:00? if so how much please?
  9. Looking for a PAM 187 1000M with the A7753 movement and working date advancer at the 10:00 position. Please let me know.
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