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  1. This is awesome! Where to buy and what Pam is this?
  2. Happy Birthday neverworn!

  3. Damnit no way to get the gen parts.. So I'm still looking for these parts..
  4. Does the gen have the Same parts? Are they intercangeabel ?
  5. No it's not a gen watch ! If somome got these parts for sale or have a source for it: please let me know or contact me! Thanx for the help
  6. Sorry for asking such a Question, but i´m not the rolex Guy and a little stuccoed here: my friend got a Rolex White Gold Sub and lost his Bezel.. Luckily he find it but the "holding" parts a missing.. What holds the Bezel in Place? and most important: where can i get some spare Parts? Someone having the missing Stuff? Thanx for all support!
  7. Happy Birthday neverworn!

  8. Patek 24/7 wouldt be my suggestion.. Awesome watch for a lady
  9. Found one from my buddy precious time
  10. Hi everyone, i orderd a fiddy for a friend of mine and he mest up the crystal real badly.. i searched the web and only find the ebay replacemnt crystal for 150 bucks.. any other sources available? doesn't need to be a the perfect one.. thanx in advance!
  11. Happy Birthday neverworn!

  12. 1665 should be the old seadweller.. I'm looking for the new deepsea with ceramic inlay..
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