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  1. Two questions for you guys, 1. Which click spring is the best? 2. Would 593 end link fit an 16610? Or only 16800?
  2. Thanks guys. I am making good progress. Case is there and will most likely go to France for some spa. As soon I paid off the movement with parts it will go to Domi. Still looking for a flat 4 insert with tritium pearl. Maybe some one will trade one for a nice pointy 4 insert with tritium pearl? I have a bunch of gen crowns and crystals to choose from. Gen bezel, retaining ring and tube are there. Tritium dial and hands are free availabe on that action site but for a premium price. Still looking for cheaper stuff.
  3. I know, I think I sold my last one to you a couple of years back 😁
  4. Thanks Denimhead. Please let us enjoy your finished 16800 when it is ready. So, if I understand correct the ST case may be the better choise if I manage to get campher on the case edges? I was thinking of doing a 16800 myself but none of the available cases do have the shorter 3035 movement rehauts. Thats why I went for the 16610. Any suggestion on who can work my case in the EU?
  5. Hi every one. I am in the proces building a 16610 R series from arround 1988. First why this series, because of Tritium on dial and hands for that nice ivory vintage look. Second, I love drilled lugholes. Third, availability of SH/Yuki 3135 which can be modded with gen parts. And last but not least the availability of gen and aftermarket parts. So, what do I want to use and here you come in to play, every comment or suggestion is highly appriciated. - latest ST 16610 case or JF 16610 no rehaut. I have both incoming and would like to know which will be best. - SH/Yuki 3135 with all neccesary gen parts, I opted for the Hologramet package in the for sales part. - Gen bezel, retaining ring and inser with Tritium pearl. I have this all incoming but the insert has a pointy 4. - Gen crystal, no LEC no A/R, incoming - Gen crown and tube, incoming - Gen dial and hands, Tritium, still looking for - Gen date wheel 16200, incoming. But should I not get one whith open 6 and 9? What part number does it have? - First JF clasp and bracelet, later a change with Gen parts (but wich?) So, what do you think?
  6. Where did you source that secondhand? Still need a bit of work in the tip of it but fir the rest it looks very good.
  7. lovely. I think you changed the second hant too, much better now.
  8. My thoughts exactly. Not even H4 would be tall enough to get the hour hand at a decent distance from the dial.
  9. Stunning. That is one hell of a Franken Rolex. +1 one the case, that little bevel on the back is a give away.
  10. looks great, good work by Kent. mine say hi!
  11. https://www.ebay.de/itm/121984714750 what is your opinion? Is it at least a Gen PCG case?
  12. Guy's, I am not letting this guy down on this. I am talking to him with PM to sort this out. In the mean while please chime in if you have more info about this case. I am allready convinced about the case back not being gen and will compensate OP for this. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. He bought it from me, and I bought it from Ephry73. Maybe he can gime in! As a side note, I am out of the rep buisniss. This is exactly why! You never now what you get, not even from members here. I costs me to much nerve breaking time. That again works on my health. And it is not worth it. I enjoy watches, still do but I will stick to small, gen brands that are affordable.
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