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  1. No more waiting! The watch is back from Domi.
  2. Nice! Mine is back to Domi. Screw of the mainspring barrel was broken. The 3135 movement package I bought from here needed a lot of work because a couple of things where broken. Also the Gen auto winding plate has a big deep scratch. Hopefully it will be back soon.
  3. Looks like a T39, SD crystal. If you like it OK but not correct for this model.
  4. What crystal, plexi does it have? It looks like a SD plexi.
  5. Everything is with my Domi right now. The waiting has started grrrr.....
  6. Does not look like tape to me.
  7. Allmost there. Case is finished now. Correct flat 4 insert with tritium pearl. Correct O clasp for 1990 year on the Gen bracelet. 2160 caseback, ok if a replacement. Gen 703 crown and Gen tube all with new gaskets. Gen crystal, no LEC and no AR. Gen tritium dial. Still waiting for the gen tritium hands.
  8. Thanks mate. That is what I hoped for since I could not find a open 6&9 3135 date wheel jet.
  9. Talked to the Seller. His anwser: Neue Nachricht von: loradeiregali2008 (6,928) is a high-quality aftermarket identical to the original. I hope yours where Gen!
  10. Thanks! Also for sharing with us. Good spirit from you.
  11. Yeah, I knew that.😁 I meant the bracelet parts on ebay!
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