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  1. I like it a lot...waiting for the oystersteel model since the whitegold one appeared. Hopefully, this one will be repped well soon ❤️
  2. 44mm diameter...ad a little more at the crown...wears as large as a PAM 44mm, but it´s not bulky
  3. Sry, not an AP Expert unfortunately...maybe someone chimes in. to me it looks ok, no scratches at all... best, J
  4. Are you planning to install a gen or LWO movement? Because I do not think a gen dial will fit the 7750/3126 movements... I may be wrong
  5. Thanks Nanuq...I would have bet my axx that this one is a MBW... Does one have a source for a pearl as well? thx, J
  6. Gentlemen, I am asking for your support. I own a 1680 Sub, unfortunately smashed it and the Plexi broke. My watchsmith cannot source the X-tal, so I am in need of your help to point me in the right direction. I am not sure, but I think it's an old MBW Sub I purchased years ago...between the lugs it reads "Orig.Polex Design", engraving inside caseback states the famous "Gelena Shitinerand" ? Can someone pls take a look at the pics, and tell me type and source of crystal, and also a new pearl would be nice... Thanks a lot in advance?! J
  7. I do not think his intention was to sell it ;-) beautiful watch!
  8. Thanks Panerai153, that's exactly what I wanted to know! Thank you for your response! Best regards, J
  9. Thx MP, I still hope that someone grabs his JF 15400 and take a look at the movement.... I already asked twonof our TD's, also with no response until yet... it's simple: turn the 15400 and confirm that it has no "PIGUBT" issue...it really looks like it is misspelled from the pics.... You know this feeling when you're ready to pull the trigger and you habe to wait for answers... thanks for reading! J
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