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  1. Hi guys It's been a long time. How are things going? Stock pic of what I'm wearing today: Have a great weekend, all. Val.
  2. Ken I'm all for ranting, it cleans the throat and clears the mind. But I gotta ask: was there a direct attack on any of you guys or the whole team? I get the overall impression that you guys are enormously well respected. The occasional criticism is usually directed at specific decisions you guys have to take; and everyone understands they're not easy ones to take. The team's respect and credibility is based not only on the fact that you guys have seemingly been around forever. It stems from your willingness to discuss openly, accept criticism and act only after reflection and based
  3. Your thread is a friendly place to me, perfect to enter and sit down for while and forgetting the worlds trouble. Val.
  4. That looks awesome! Uwe is top. Love the Ingy. Val.
  5. Thanks, Nanuq. No banning needed, I agree, everyone must have the right to make a fool of themselves. Carl's not hurting anyone. A very valuable thread here. Val.
  6. Hi there and welcome! Make yourself at home. Val.
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