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  1. Thankyou, Iv just got into the reps within the last 2 months. I own a few gens, Rolex Breitling tag etc. Learning each day about reps. I love the sub I purchased and just got another but the hulk. I will I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any modded ones also with upgraded parts. Many thanks. Thankyou and appreciate that. It’s a great site and lots to learn. Made my first buy on the site yesterday of a sub hulk so can’t wait to get that. 😁
  2. Oh really. Probably best to leave as is. Appreciate that Thankyou very much. 😁
  3. Anybody have a clone 3135 movement for sale 😬. May aswell try fit that then a clone eta. Thanks.
  4. Hi realy appreciate your message. This is why I’m on this site. I keep learning something all the time 😂, I will try a TD next. thanks again. That is a ETA clone. Not a swiss eta. Notice the lack of markings on the rotor and under the balance. Thankyou. I keep learning. Learning the hard way but learning 😂. will go with a TD next. Cheers again.
  5. Hi, here is a pic of movement. Real nice feel to watch also.
  6. Thankyou, and I will be wearing it. I was surprised it came in the box, I only wanted the watch 😂
  7. I paid $700 all in. Hi, its from a private contact who deals in gen watches but promised he would get me one. He said I paid what he paid. I tried to buy from toro,s site but it wouldn’t accept my card.
  8. Hi everybody. as a newbie on the site thought I’d better share my first purchase. I got the new noob v9 submariner today with the Swiss eta movement.
  9. Fantatsic looking watch. Thanks for the update. And enjoy your new watch. 😁
  10. Where can I find a list of trusted dealers please. Many thanks.
  11. Hi and welcome also. im sure you will have a good experience, I look forward in buying my first buy. I’m after a gmt master 11. I will I’ll check the guy out who you mention, see if he has one in stock thanks again.
  12. Hi guys. newbie here. Been following the site for a while but have decided to join today. Iv been trying to souce a hood genuine trusting trusting place I can purchase a good quility clone Rolex. Iv tried puretime and tried to pay but wouldn’t accept my Visa card. Im in the uk if it makes any difference. Thanks in advance guys and appreciate anyone’s time. Mark.
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