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  1. Looking good! And charging for sales is exactly the right way imo...
  2. Hi RWG ;-) I don't know, somehow I just lost interest... still lurking here from time to time though. And I still have a couple of reps I am wearing regularly. Cheers W.
  3. Noob GMT II today. A real classic! :-)
  4. A gen GMT Master II and a gen Breitling Navitimer. Damn, I really shouldn't have sold them... :-( As for reps... yes, the 1680 build by fxrAndy. That one was really nice! Ah well...
  5. Very nice collection! 1939/1940... wow! Balvenie Double Wood for me today. Love it!
  6. That helps, thanks. Now I can see the differences. Still - in person and without a loupe I wouldn't be able to tell. Maybe my eyes are bad indeed...
  7. First of all: Thanks. And yes, I'm pretty sure it's a rep too. But sloppy lume? No, that might just be the photo angle. The ft is wrong and the 6 and 9 markers are to thick? Hmm... really? The gens I see in photos look pretty much the same to me... well, probably slightly too thick on the markers... It's supposed to be a 16610LV (with black insert) btw.
  8. Hi there, could this be a genuine Rolex dial? Experts, please chime in... I will give you more details later, but right now I would just like to have the opinion of our Rolex experts here. Thanks! Whatever123
  9. Oh, we found a couple of wonderful restaurants there. But I agree, 3-4 days is enough. There's a lot more to do and see around Lake Garda. Especially the villages are a lot nicer there - Malcesine, Torri del Benaco, Garda... very nice places.
  10. Ah, nice one. Varenna. Photo taken from the castle above, right?
  11. This should be an easy one... where was I last weekend?
  12. Haha... OK, I was there as well a couple of weeks ago. The ferry was a giveaway. ;-)
  13. Hmmm... difficult. Could be one of the lakes in northern Italy though... Lake Como?
  14. That looks amazing! How does that Caja China work - the coal sits on top?
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