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  1. Hi, please reply to my last PM.


  2. ocram

    Loose Bezel Breitling Avenger

    You can pop it off very easy. Just take a little plastic knife and put it between bezel and case. Now you see the click spring. Just bent the little noses a bit more and put the bezel back on. This helps a bit
  3. ocram

    PAM 243 date loupe issues

    Absolutely normal! Convex or concav crystals do strange things! Also gens are that way
  4. ocram

    PAM127 comparisson GEN vs V6 vs ZF

    I live in a town where Rolex and PAM is present all the time. In the Subway, in a Restaurant...everywhere! But I've never seen a Fiddy in the wild (besides some ugly reps) So F..ck the flaws! Nobody will ever call you out!
  5. ocram

    New Fiddy/PAM 372 photos

    Great pics! I want that 372
  6. ocram

    What to do with my Breitlings?

    Very sorry, too. Tried to PM you but it seems your inbox is full. Please get in touch with me, thanks.
  7. If you've never done something like this before, just let the watchsmith do the job. All you need is a little plastic tool to get the bezel off and two thumbs to get the crystal out of the bezel.
  8. All the same and the WSO crystal is a simple swap. Go for it and then sell the 217 to me [emoji4]
  9. What happened to your other diver project?
  10. ocram

    Strap Makers that make Belts?

    Amazing!!!! How much is he asking for one of these belts?
  11. ocram

    Belstaff 554 bag from Toro

  12. ocram

    Belstaff 554 bag from Toro

    It's awesome! Had this, sold it and have it in the way to me again But it's way cheaper on Aliexpress
  13. I have this Steinhart which I will put up for sale the next days