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  1. Anyone out there got an extra AP RO 20mm tang buckle?
  2. It's hard to say. In the photo the numbers appear to be grey instead of platinum silver so I can't be sure if it would be an improvement. You can see in my photos above that mine looks more metallic silver like the gen. A great many of these came with white numbers and the platinum silver is a huge improvement on that.
  3. Platinum paint mod on Rolex ceramic bezel SubC and GMTIIC. Hey Guys, My main purpose here is to gage demand, to see if enough folks need this sort of service to make it worthwhile. I am located in Southern California. So if you have an interest either respond here or PM me and let me know. I will check the thread daily to get the results. At first, when I saw the standard white paint in the inserts of these watches it seemed ok, but then I saw my first Platinum Paint mod and there was just no comparison. So I set out to have it done my watches. While I located a couple who could do this in Europe I had difficulty finding someone here at home in CONUS. As a result I decided to figure out how to do it myself. How hard could it be after all? I began by removing the bezel from one of my watches. I’m a car restorer so I began by testing various automotive finishes, but none of them seemed to work well. Either, the texture was wrong, they wouldn’t adhere properly or they wouldn’t hold up during normal use. Finally I’ve managed to find a coating that works quite well and I’m including a couple of pictures here of the final result. It is permanent, has not faded for several months and seems impervious to soap and water or simply wiping with a soft cotton cloth. Like the original white paint it can be scratched and will not stand up to lacquer thinner, enamel reducer, acetone or ammonia cleaners. The watch in the photos is an inexpensive MBK rep from Stan. I’ve heard criticism of the pearl, but I believe the engraving on the ceramic bezel is quite nice and shows off the mod to good advantage. The finish I'm using also comes in a gold metallic color that I think would work well on the gold watches, but I haven't tried one yet. If someone wants to be a test subject I will do it for free except for cost of shipping. The reason I write this is because I’m considering trying to offer this mod as a service to members. I’ve never done this before, but I’ve been a member here for a fairly long time and believe I’ve built up a fair amount of good will amongst the other members. I’m not going to state a price at this point as I believe I will need to get approval from the administrators. I will only state that it will be very reasonable compared to prices others have charged. There will be two prices, one based on receiving bezel only and a slightly higher price if it is installed on the watch. Rionrlty.
  4. Yes we are. Here is a link to the listing. If you have any trouble with it just go to the site, scroll down and select Breitling then scroll down to the second page and you will see it. http://www.intime.co/breitling/2475-bentley-gt-bp-1-1-best-edition-ss-green-dial-on-ss-bracelet-on-a7750.html
  5. Yeah, I don't think anyone has made that rep yet.
  6. Trusted Deaper Intime has these available currently in all colors for $338. Here is a link to the blue dial one, but there are other dials available. I have a black one and it is a great watch. I love it. http://www.intime.co/breitling/2217-navitimer-gmt-ss-blue-jf-1-1-best-edition-a7750.html
  7. Hi All, I just received this beauty from Ryan at Intime and thought I might give a revue. Sometime back I had one of the first generation of these and it was a beautiful watch, but I was a little bothered by the inaccuracies on it. Unlike that one, this version does have the ratchet assembly that turns the inner bezel without affecting the crystal, which remains stationary. I’ve never felt a gen. bezel before, for comparison, but it seems to work fine in both directions. It is a little harder to turn in a clockwise direction than in counter clockwise, but I’m pleased that it works as the gen. unlike the old one. It’s a little spooky, almost like magic, when the outer and inner bezel moves without moving the crystal. The older version had pointy ends on the lugs, but on the gen they are squared off slightly. The beveled ends on this version may be squared off ever so slightly more than the gen., but it is hard to be sure from pictures. From the QC pictures I had doubts about the red printing above the lower sub-dial. Although they tried several times for a clear photo it still looked blurry and hard to read. I’m pleased to report that it looks great to the naked eye, but you can see from the attached photos that I had trouble photographing it too. It must be a problem with the camera’s ability to sort out the red on green color contrast. The texture of the dial seems a close match to photos of gens I found on the net. At first I was afraid the color of the green was too light, but since then I have found pictures on the net of two different colors of green, and this one closely matches the lighter one. I believe Breitling might have altered the green color somewhere along the line during production, but I guess it could be the photography that makes it look different too. It certainly is a nice color and I like it better than the darker versions I’ve seen photos of. Many years back I had a gen. two-tone 39mm Chronomat, which had nearly the same color dial. The bracelet is the best one I’ve seen yet on a Breitling rep. I’ve done nothing to it and it feels supple and fluid just like a gen. When the screws are tightened down it does not bind up, so I may not even Loctite the screws as I have on all my other Breitlings. The only flaw involves the speed adjustment on the clasp, which is a product of the last link not being rounded off properly. I would probably not use this feature anyway, but I will reshape it a little later on to get it working right. On my older version the end links on the bracelet did not fit properly and stuck out at an angle different to the angle of the lugs. I worked on it and made it fit better, but could never get it exactly right. On this watch it fit perfectly right from the start as you can see in the pictures I’ve attached. On this model the hands and markers are not bright steel color, but instead have a gunmetal tint. This seems to match pictures of gens I’ve seen on the net. Strangely, the maroon dial has bright silver as well as on the dark blue dial, but the lighter blue with the dial texture like this one, seems to have the gunmetal hands and markers as well. I’m not sure why they alter it from one color to the next, but it looks fine and is easy to read, especially against the lighter colored sub-dials. When the light hits them right, they reflect just like bright polished steel. The AR seems typical of most recent Breitling reps and is very gen like IMHO. The lume is bright and stays readable for hours, although like my Navitimer there are only small dots next to the markers. In my opinion the only obvious tell is the incorrect hand on the subdial at 12. Although it’s only a minor flaw if I can find one I intend to change it later to the correct shape, which has an arrow shaped tip. I am consistently amazed by how each generation of these reps keeps improving. I’ve owned many gens over the years and IMHO they are getting remarkably near the quality of the gens, at least in appearance. The back cover engraving on this model is especially nice. It reminds me of Japanese products back in the 1950’s. At that time to say something was made in Japan was synonymous to labeling it cheap or poorly made. Now they make some of the best quality products in the world. Admittedly the Chinese are infringing on trademarks and manipulating the value of their currency, but so did Japan during the 1960’s and 1970’s, and still are to some extent.
  8. Yeah, I came to the same conclusion and just approved the QC pics. They did send a better picture, but it still looked blurry. I think it must be some weird color shift thing with the camera. I can't wait to try it on mine and see if I get the same effect. It might be worthy of a write up on the Breitling Forum. It's good to hear from you.
  9. Thanks for the heads up genTLe. That's a great buy, but they are the 49mm version and just to large for my puny wrist. The one I'm interested in is the 45mm version with day/date. Again, thanks for taking the trouble.
  10. You got it R. Trouble is if I can't find out for sure I may switch to the blue sunburst dial, which apparently doesn't have the red script. It seems that the green and a blue color come with the pebbly surface on the dial like this, white sub-dials and have the red script. There is another color of blue with sunburst texture, white sub-dials and without the red script. Then there are the ones with the cross-hatch design that have sub-dials matched to the dial color. Intime has them for $328 right now, but they don't have all the colors the other TDs do.
  11. This watch has been a favorite of mine since the first time I laid eyes on it. When the latest 1/1 generation was released I was very excited. To be hones I buy most of my watches on resale and rarely buy from TDs, but I've made an exception in this case and recently ordered one. I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but my favorite dial color is the green one. The QC pic I just received has served to emphasize a possible problem with the red "Certified Chronometer" script on the dial, located above the lower sub-dial. I suspect these are all made in the same factory because on every TD site I've visited the red script looks blurry and indistinct as in the picture below, which is a special close up QC picture of the watch I ordered after I registered my concerns. My gut instinct tells me this may be a product of the photo or lighting, but I'm afraid to commit based on what I've seen in pics so far. If anyone out there has taken delivery on one of these can you please respond and let me know if my concerns are justified.
  12. Hey guys a lot of you know me. Welcome kkc777 with open arms. He's a stand up guy and really has a sincere interest. Should be a credit to forum.
  13. Does anyone know what the lug width is on the new 1957 case Speedmaster with two subdials?
  14. I agree. But it would have to be the full size 47mm version. The re-introduction included a smaller size (38mm) and it's just too small. They are all over Ebay at bargain prices. I don't usually wear bigger than 45mm but I would make an exception for this. The center section of the dial rotates, similar to the mechanism on the Cousteau diver where the outer part rotates. Maybe that movement could be adapted.
  15. Longines Lindberg hour angle/ captured seconds.