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  1. Hi Eric, we can handle those. We’be already done a few of them. regards, Mike
  2. Thanks for your kind counsel P. and the encouragement regarding he writing.
  3. Had the second installment (book) just about ready for publication when Patsy Passed away. I've been trying to get back to it, but just haven't been able to get in the right frame of mind. She was my most ardent fan and it's hard to get motivated without the encouragement she supplied. It's been eating at me though so I'll get back to it soon I hope.
  4. Hi fella's, I've been hanging around here for a few years now. I've been collecting both gens and reps now for about 30 years or more. I started getting into reps in the late 1990's and my collection right now is about 75% replica. Over the years I've taught myself to do a lot of the work required on my watches, but it has never been easy to find competent watchmakers to take care of the more involved repairs. About 8 months ago my wife passed away and I found it desirable to find something to occupy my time, and get my mind off of that. As a result I took a job with a watchmaker with whom I had a 20 year relationship. He works on both my gens and my reps, so he has about 20 years or so of hands on experience working on the replicas we all love. From personal experience I know that it is sometimes difficult to find someone reliable to work on them. I've had many watchmakers refuse outright and others to do it only reluctantly. And that's if you have a watchmaker in your area at all. At any rate we've decide to offer our services to members of the various forums. We are located in Southern California, USA, but will accept work from all over the world. Our prices are competitive, but best of all we speak replica fluently. To be clear we do not consider ourselves "modders" but prefer to do basic servicing and repair. If you are interested please contact me via personal message, at which point I will answer any questions or concerns you might have and supply personal contact info. Here is a link to our website http://hemet-majorjewelers.com/ Best Regards, Mike
  5. Guys, I am really confused. It's plain to see the forum has changed again, more like the old one now. Thing is when I visit the trading section all of the posts are from way back, the newest being from early February. To make things even stranger I keep getting email notifications for new sales threads. When I follow the links in them it takes me to a recent listing, but when I search the trade section it is not there. Can anyone help me sort this out? rionrlty
  6. Hi Sixx, Good to hear from you. I'm currently working on getting it out in soft cover as well as Audio. I'll be sure and let you know once it is released. I'm really gratified by the response I've gotten from forum members and a few of them have already purchased the digital version. Regards, Mike
  7. Thanks so much. Working on the Paperback as we speak, but it seems to be a big deal with re-formatting for size, from the digital version. I'll keep you in mind.
  8. Thanks man, appreciate it.
  9. Gotcha, that's why the softcover is not here yet. Everything has to be re-formatted to fit the physical dimensions as opposed to digital and its way beyond my capabilities. I credit digital with giving me the opportunity to realize a life long desire in writing. I do all my writing, research and publishing right here on my computer. I never anticipated that I would become grateful for that typing course they made me take in the 10th grade. It took most of my life to get to the point of acceptance though. Back in the mid-1960's I was an illustrator and had the opportunity to get into computer technology on the ground floor, at the defense contractor I worked for then. I cross trained for several months and got so frustrated that I quit the job. My good buddy at the time stuck with it and is one of the foremost IT experts in Las Vegas currently. Who knew?
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