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  1. My new book

    Hi Sixx, Good to hear from you. I'm currently working on getting it out in soft cover as well as Audio. I'll be sure and let you know once it is released. I'm really gratified by the response I've gotten from forum members and a few of them have already purchased the digital version. Regards, Mike
  2. My new book

    Will do.
  3. My new book

    Thanks so much. Working on the Paperback as we speak, but it seems to be a big deal with re-formatting for size, from the digital version. I'll keep you in mind.
  4. My new book

    Thanks man, appreciate it.
  5. My new book

    Gotcha, that's why the softcover is not here yet. Everything has to be re-formatted to fit the physical dimensions as opposed to digital and its way beyond my capabilities. I credit digital with giving me the opportunity to realize a life long desire in writing. I do all my writing, research and publishing right here on my computer. I never anticipated that I would become grateful for that typing course they made me take in the 10th grade. It took most of my life to get to the point of acceptance though. Back in the mid-1960's I was an illustrator and had the opportunity to get into computer technology on the ground floor, at the defense contractor I worked for then. I cross trained for several months and got so frustrated that I quit the job. My good buddy at the time stuck with it and is one of the foremost IT experts in Las Vegas currently. Who knew?
  6. My new book

    What do you do?
  7. My new book

    Yeah, for now. It will be in Paperback, but it takes a little longer to get it formatted. Less expensive to buy digital too. Price now is $4.00, but will be about $12.00 when available in paperback. Kindle is Amazons reading app and can be downloaded to any device for free from Amazon. I read on my android tablet as well as my IPhone from time to time. Try it out. Mike
  8. My new book

    Thanks Bangster, I hope you enjoy it. Mike
  9. My new book

    Hi Guys, Many of you know me well as I have been active on the forum for nearly 4 years now. I've actually been collecting watches, both gen and rep, for nearly 25 years now and have upwards of 35 watches at this point, mostly reps with few gens thrown in for good measure. I spend considerable time on that, but it is not my only interest. I am also a writer and have been working on several books for nearly 5 years now. I recently self-published my first release on Amazon a couple of days ago. Over my time collecting I've found that many of the same people who enjoy watches also possess and interest in automobile related things. Many are actually Auto enthusiasts and I am too, having restored nearly 60 classic cars during my 70 years on this earth. The book is in the Science Fiction genre and is primarily about Time Travel. However the impromptu time machine happens to be a nicely restored Jaguar XK 120 roadster. The book also includes many examples of cars from the 1930's to through the future year of 2037, in their natural habitat. Coincidentally a couple of vintage mechanical watches from the 1950's also play an important role. The name of the book is "JOY RIDE" and it is the first in a series known as "SHINY SIDE UP". The next one is in the editing phase and should be available before the end of summer. It's working title is "RIDING SHOTGUN". For those of you may be interested here is a link to the book on Amazon. Regards, Mike https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XJCFN1L/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1489364565&sr=1-1&keywords=Mike+Rion
  10. Anyone out there got an extra AP RO 20mm tang buckle?
  11. It's hard to say. In the photo the numbers appear to be grey instead of platinum silver so I can't be sure if it would be an improvement. You can see in my photos above that mine looks more metallic silver like the gen. A great many of these came with white numbers and the platinum silver is a huge improvement on that.
  12. Platinum paint mod on Rolex ceramic bezel SubC and GMTIIC. Hey Guys, My main purpose here is to gage demand, to see if enough folks need this sort of service to make it worthwhile. I am located in Southern California. So if you have an interest either respond here or PM me and let me know. I will check the thread daily to get the results. At first, when I saw the standard white paint in the inserts of these watches it seemed ok, but then I saw my first Platinum Paint mod and there was just no comparison. So I set out to have it done my watches. While I located a couple who could do this in Europe I had difficulty finding someone here at home in CONUS. As a result I decided to figure out how to do it myself. How hard could it be after all? I began by removing the bezel from one of my watches. I’m a car restorer so I began by testing various automotive finishes, but none of them seemed to work well. Either, the texture was wrong, they wouldn’t adhere properly or they wouldn’t hold up during normal use. Finally I’ve managed to find a coating that works quite well and I’m including a couple of pictures here of the final result. It is permanent, has not faded for several months and seems impervious to soap and water or simply wiping with a soft cotton cloth. Like the original white paint it can be scratched and will not stand up to lacquer thinner, enamel reducer, acetone or ammonia cleaners. The watch in the photos is an inexpensive MBK rep from Stan. I’ve heard criticism of the pearl, but I believe the engraving on the ceramic bezel is quite nice and shows off the mod to good advantage. The finish I'm using also comes in a gold metallic color that I think would work well on the gold watches, but I haven't tried one yet. If someone wants to be a test subject I will do it for free except for cost of shipping. The reason I write this is because I’m considering trying to offer this mod as a service to members. I’ve never done this before, but I’ve been a member here for a fairly long time and believe I’ve built up a fair amount of good will amongst the other members. I’m not going to state a price at this point as I believe I will need to get approval from the administrators. I will only state that it will be very reasonable compared to prices others have charged. There will be two prices, one based on receiving bezel only and a slightly higher price if it is installed on the watch. Rionrlty.
  13. Breitling Bentley GT 45 (Green Dial) report

    Yes we are. Here is a link to the listing. If you have any trouble with it just go to the site, scroll down and select Breitling then scroll down to the second page and you will see it. http://www.intime.co/breitling/2475-bentley-gt-bp-1-1-best-edition-ss-green-dial-on-ss-bracelet-on-a7750.html
  14. Navitimer 46 any luck on finding a rep?

    Yeah, I don't think anyone has made that rep yet.
  15. Navitimer 46 any luck on finding a rep?

    Trusted Deaper Intime has these available currently in all colors for $338. Here is a link to the blue dial one, but there are other dials available. I have a black one and it is a great watch. I love it. http://www.intime.co/breitling/2217-navitimer-gmt-ss-blue-jf-1-1-best-edition-a7750.html