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  1. I just purchased this one from Andrew...awaiting delivery due to the Chinese holiday. I very much wanted something new, non standard, thin and with color. My search led me here. I have been looking at alternate straps as well. That Hirsch looks great....may scan ebay for one or use my Vietnam maker to create a croco one. One last point, given the rarity of GO in the wild, absolutely no one will note the rep/gen difference....especially with a green dial. The degrade dial looks incredibly good!! This one may come close to the super rep classification.
  2. Total fraud...probably sucking in cash from noobs. Stay away...!
  3. thanks for the information. i do not have a crystal press tool...so that option is not available to me. anyone care to help me? I can send the watch to you. let me know. i may try the photo above to see if that works.
  4. team, odd thing happened. the minutes (right side) sub dial ring fell off at some point today and needs to be reattached. can someone post a picture of the case with the case back removed noting which screws need to be removed to release the full movement to get to the dial? i know how to remove the stem using the keyless works and i can handle the repair by gluing the ring....I just do not know how to take out this movement. alternately, i am happy to send this to a member for a repair if you want to earn a few dollars. I would also pay for a oiling and tuning if you have these skills. pm me or me know below wih a picture. thanks!
  5. I always wanted to try one of these Daytonas so I picked one up from Andrew @ Trustytime01.com. Let me also say, a first rate experience in every way....henreally is a top trusted seller. QC photos approved on Saturday and DHL delivered Wednesday afternoon. Amazingly fast and secure shipping from China to the US. I kept the black deployant strap. This one is a bit more formal with the mother of pearl / roman dial, but I softened it a bit by swapping out the strap with a grey perlon. These MOP dials are spectacular in the sunlight...bursts of greys, pinks, reds, and greens. So far, time is great at -6 seconds/day. Out of an abundance of safety, I have not used the chrono...and no plans to. Enjoy...
  6. Medium gloss with sunburst effect.. under a 40x loupe the tapisserie is clearly visible.
  7. The repaired Daytona with the gasket/water issue from above is expected to arrive today via DHL. I will add some pictures when it arrives. A new brown croco strap from my Vietnam dealer will be added to it as well. That should liven it up a bit.
  8. any updates..photos on this topic? i really want the darkside in ceramic, but want a first hand report.
  9. Any updates here on the darkside ceramic? Very curious to see some detailed shots.
  10. Here is my recently purchased 2016 gen .001 model with hesalite on a croco strap. Note the subdial spacing differences and tachymetre bezel font and tick thickness and spacing vs. your rep. Technical reference: http://www.omegawatches.com/watches/speedmaster/moonwatch/professional-chronograph-42-mm/31133423001001/
  11. embossing seems like a smart move as the factory cannot reproduce the tapisserie manually as ap makes them.. it would be too costly in time and tooling. i think the dial has nice detail. i like it, but summer is over. might be tough to pull this off outside of the warm months. i also think seeing a gen version is HIGHLY unlikely so you have scarcity effect working. i cannot imagine ap selling more than 500 of these globally each year. it is a rare bird. others have commented the white case color is off. it needs to be whiter? given the scarcity, i wonder how these people can make that claim. i was at an ap dealer in Chicago recently (swiss fine timing on michigan ave) and they noted they could get one in if i was interested. it would take up to two weeks. i was there to see if they had any 15450's in stock. they did not. would i buy this...yes! especially if i could outfit it with a low beat tissot powermatic movement. in the mean time, i will to live with my v7 diver in steel. oh well!
  12. have not worn this one in weeks....decided to drop in the green deployant croco to motivate use.
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