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  1. Ploprof strap alternative

    Thanks, without sounding cheap it’s a bit to much for me at the moment. I am pursuing the 20mm xtension and will give them a go however I wore it a few times and it’s actually comfy. Watch Out!
  2. Hello

    Welcome tukan hang out in the classifieds however do some flying around and peck up some info Good luck Watch Out!
  3. Ploprof strap alternative

    Came across this image on strapcode site. PM’d them regarding matching my mesh pattern which is discontinued however the 24mm extensions were in stock. Watch Out!
  4. Ploprof strap alternative

    My Strapcode band tapers from 24 to 20mm at clasp and needed extensions, I ordered 24’s to use at head end. Is this wrong? Watch Out!
  5. Mesh or Engineers

    Mesh, question. Picked up a ploprof v2 with strapcode mesh, seen a few extensions used on head side of band. Is this wrong? Watch Out!
  6. Test from tapatalk

    Cool Don'
  7. new noob here :)

    Your a newb not a NOOB! I like the timewalker chrono, order and get your qc pics going. Don'
  8. Ploprof strap alternative

    What size do you order so it will work with the omega ploprof adj clasp? Tia Don'
  9. Mesh or Engineers

    Where do we get extension links for mesh Don'
  10. The ARF DSSD 116660. Comment on the dial?

    Video link worked. Hear a toilet running in the background, hence the blue dial[emoji848] Don'
  11. I’m to late lol. Been lucky calling these out but it’s already done. Don'
  12. RWI Hangout

    Being a gen owner of TT Daytona, TT sub, Pam 88 and Bentley 30sec . Most of my social circle knows I carry good tastes in time pieces. I stick to SS in rep world to add variety and flavor to my mix, love what the hobby has become with quality and detail however refrain from pieces out of my league or wrapped gold. Thanks Don'
  13. RWI Hangout

    Heard mixed reviews of this piece with its incorrect hands issue and seconds markers where Swiss made is placed. It’s the JF 2017 SS Rep even wo working regatta function (no sailboat yet lol) I’m pleased with this model compared to my other higher end reps and my gen bluesy., Don'
  14. RWI Hangout

    Just picked up my ym2 from RWI before the crash. In beginning was the same way, curious to its presence and really enjoy having it in rotation. Kept in all SS theme Don'
  15. Beat me to it, coming from you is a solid confirmation. Op nice pieces[emoji848] Don'