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  1. macarone

    Repgeek members question ?

    Just you! Be careful Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. macarone

    What Omega are you wearing today?

    Got your back in the colder temps! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. macarone

    APP for Cataloging Watches?

    Good ol pen and paper! Never fails, even in the crash. Watch Out!
  4. Just was going to send you a few 7750’s get thru your personal stuff buddy! Let me know when your ready! Watch Out!
  5. macarone

    Dose anyone know what factory made this Sub?!

    That is from the Geneva Switzerland factory....... GEN! Watch Out!
  6. macarone

    Cars & watches

    Watch Out!
  7. Trawl aggressively! Glwyt Watch Out!
  8. macarone

    Baking a dial in an oven - Tropical Dial Recipe

    Is poking it with a toothpick to see if lume is still moist a good tip? Watch Out!
  9. macarone

    Is this a Sub Noob V7

    Good luck! Watch Out!
  10. macarone

    Is this a Sub Noob V7

    Just keep it buyer/seller orientated! If he asks you to get on your knees, RUN! Watch Out!
  11. macarone

    Is this a Sub Noob V7

    Go for it she’s a stunner Watch Out!
  12. macarone

    Is this a Sub Noob V7

    That’s Gen! Watch Out!
  13. macarone

    Show the PAM combo you choose today

    Just landed inbound 199 on LeFont Watch Out!
  14. macarone

    Can Reps take a beating

    Sounds like a nice build and on a 125 you’ll be fine! I could be a ($&@ and suggest you save the money for a bigger bike lol. Glwyb! Watch Out!
  15. macarone

    Can Reps take a beating

    What are you building? What do you ride? Watch Out!