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  1. Hi guys. Anyone know how to do this? I went to my classified ad and it shows that it's expired but I don't see an option for renewal thanks for the help
  2. Exp2 on a new strap
  3. JF V2 Exp1 - SH3132
  4. What's the site? Old addresss I have is giving me 404 error
  5. Call your credit card company and explain the situation. They will reverse the charge. Be persistent
  6. TTT. Still can't log in on iPad but can on phone. Same username and password. Weird
  7. Did you use your credit card thru PayPal or your bank account? Always use a credit card....
  8. Hi guys. Anyone else having trouble logging in from iPad? I can get in from iphone, but when entering same credentials on iPad, I get the message "username or password incorrect" any help is appreciated