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  1. The final product looks great, I’m truly impressed the pictures are well presented and your humility “It’s fairly easy” is a model to emulate. Congratulations on a job well done, enjoy it well, that’s a gorgeous Speedy that truly wears like gen.
  2. Nicely done, very, very nice. I simply have to do this too.
  3. Looks great, I’d love to see this model updated, if they could just get the case back right and fix the chronos... it’s so close!
  4. That turtle looks great! it's good to be family...
  5. Love this. Absolutely. love. this. picture.
  6. Ball Fireman Racer DLC I bought it because the color matched my 1972 Sundance Orange Metallic Pontiac... and I dig the tritium tubes.
  7. Clive Cussler's favorite, worn by Dirk Pitt regularly... come to think of it, do you have a buddy named Al, Nanuq?
  8. It is horrid. I have the quartz rep sold by narikaa, the size of the case is wrong, but a lot of the details are correct and it is my go-to daily beater, the silver snoopy award is one of the best points of this simple watch, not sure why a version2 could not get that aspect correct... the rep will also need to add a luminous bezel to really get my attention and motivate replacement:
  9. Credit where credit is due, or put another way, why we should stick to Trusted Dealers: Both Andrew @ Trusty Time and Angus @ PureTime have the above mentioned watch (2016 Planet Ocean Master Chronometer) listed with untouched photos, PureTime has also included a detail photo of the lug bearing the "NOF FOR SALE" engraving. Well done guys!
  10. I think what motivated me was regards the SPECTRE watch, many were deceived, as the versions changed they happily posted pictures of the just received V.2 only to learn what they actually bought was a V.1 with an updated nylon strap. There are those that continue to convince themselves otherwise... but back to the current watch; here I post some detail from the above picture. I would also like to point out when I mention 'paint' I do mean digital enhancement, not liquid... while this likely goes without say, it is just to clarify. While this could be found in a careful review of the QC pictures, the QC pictures are not sent until after payment has been made. Once the transaction is complete you would find yourself on the wrong side of a $400 USD or more financial investment. My personal experience has been if the QC never measured up I was moved to another product, not a refund. Of course your experience may differ.
  11. I believe that most of us as members of this site and or others exhibit an effort to discern the very best product offering for the amount of money which we desire to spend, accordingly much effort is expended to define the tiniest of flaws and share that finding with others. But, what if that effort is being thwarted by those that peruse the threads for purposes otherwise? Example 1. Last year the excitement regards the release of the Omega SPECTRE LE was palpable, many commenters on the threads expressed a strong desire for the rep and when it became available much was made of both the highlights and the faults. Relatively quickly multiple version became available and specific indicators of the different versions were identified. The numeral "5" on the bezel was one such indicator, as quickly as it was identified to buyers, it was hidden from buyers on multiple sales sites. Sellers began to alter their photos to hide the flaw, using 'paint' or 'PhotoShop' the numeral was painted/covered from view (see photo). No individual seller can be faulted as many took to this practice, unfortunately it continues... Example 2. The new release of another Omega brings the issue back again, an easily identifiable flaw is evidenced in the 2016 PO, the case is engraved "NOF FOR SALE", yes not only is the watch marked as a dealer demo, it is both engraved and spelled incorrectly. What to do? the sellers have reached into the recent past and taken to PS/Paint again to hide the flaw, TS Intl a TD on many sites painted out all four lugs in an obvious effort to conceal the flaw (see the photo). Untouched: and the PS/Paint version, notice the color blocks, blow up the pic a bit and you can see the Serial number peeking out of the silver paint: Once again as before TS is not alone, others have produced similar photos ie CT, et al. I don't peruse all watch models there may well be other examples in the brand you prefer, my hope is twofold, first that we are all aware as buyers and second hopefully that others would use our critique as helpful advise and cease trying to prevent an honest appraisal. What say you?
  12. Faults, first the Gen does not have that SPECTRE image on the strap hardware. Second notice the pictures, the bezel has known faults and the pictures on this particular watch have them hidden. Look for the numeral '5' the font changes between versions and because it is hidden here there is no way to determine which you may receive. Third, the 'bright' inner bezel ring is still too narrow. Fourth, there are new models available with 28** series movements, the Miyota however is a reliable movt, some stutter, some do not. Google YouTube videos of the gen and you will see the stutter is inherent even on the GEN Omega. Regardless, it's up to you. I bought a V.1 and still wear it happily.
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