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  1. Omega Snoopy

    Always had a soft spot for this watch and really like the 45th anniversary model (http://www.fratellowatches.com/speedy-tuesday-omega-speedmaster-professional-silver-snoopy-award-311-32-42-30-04-003/) Had a look at the rep from the usual suspects the caseback is laughable.
  2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Safari 26470ST

    That is my favorite watch of all time you have there and it looks awesome on the new strap.
  3. 6 months later...(lots of pics!)

    Nice to see such a varied collection of cool watches. Wear them in good health young man
  4. Oh so sexy leather face.

    Think I am in love! http://www.ablogtowatch.com/hublot-classic-fusion-berluti-watch-all-black-scritto/
  5. New Omega PO ceramic Deep Black...

    WOW! Both the brushed and glossy finishes look awesome IMO. Will defo get one if its repped.
  6. Some Location Scouting

    Amazing pics fella
  7. Hi. I have had no contact from buyer and you are next in line. My PP is alanbtmn@hotmail.com. The total is $268. Please let me have your delivery adress and I will get her shipped.



  8. A few pics of reps I have owned over the years. Thank you RWG, still my favorite hangout !!! I could cook a stir fry in that rehaut! Pearl you are drunk, go home. 30 is a little tipsy too! The one that got away @Legend. If I remember correctly it went for $250 But as with all things change is inevitable and now I never take this rep off (a present from my dear mother). All kinda respect @Rolexman for the top tip. and this thread is in now way attached to any sales thread, a bit. Cheers folks.
  9. I have always had a soft spot for this model and deeply regret selling mine
  10. Wristies from the past few weeks

    Realy nice trio just there. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Fantastic post that filled me with confidence for the imminent arrival of the ZF 5007. Thank you Rolexman
  12. A huge thank you to @Rolexman. Trimming the stem worked a treat and my beloved beater is now back where she belongs. Top marks for such a simple but effective fix . Start: Middle: Finished:
  13. Thank you for your advice @Rolexman. I will give it ago and post outcome/pics on this thread.
  14. Thanks all for your responses. Could I just ask @Rolexman How much is a sensible amount to trim? (I assume its from the crown end of the stem.....Sorry bit of a noob again)