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  1. Thank you @tframo Thats a lovely watch by the way!
  2. Hi I am looking at buying a Rolex Datejust 36mm from Trustytime i want to change a few things on it like Genuine Bezel and a Genuine Dial could i buy any dial for it and will fit or will i have to buy a curtain dial that will fit with the hands. Once i have done the little project i will post it on here i have some ideas for a few projects and will post them on here the before and after! Im quite excited to get them going and to share them and to give other people some ideas as i have seen some people building there projects on here! Thank You Freddie
  3. http://trustytime.store/

    Thanks @Legend i will help as much as i can and once i get watches in i will post them on here. Kind Regards Freddie
  4. http://trustytime.store/

    Thanks a lot @occb2 thats a lot of help i will be ordering from them soon and to @Legend sorry if i offended you or anyone on the RWG sight i do like this site and do read up i just like to be extra careful as i have been scammed and that was because i wasnt 100% sure it was a trusted dealer and when i started asking questions i got steered into the right direction again im sorry if i offended anyone. Thanks a lot to everyone for all the answers it is much appreciated Kind Regards Freddie
  5. http://trustytime.store/

    Thanks mate will be ordering from them soon your watch looks really nice im thinking about getting the same or a datejust with a white face 36mm
  6. http://trustytime.store/

    Ok is it easy to buy with them do you just purchase a watch like you normally would from any website or is it bit more complicated
  7. http://trustytime.store/

    Ok cool thanks do you know whats better with shipping puretime or trustytime i live in the UK
  8. Hi is http://trustytime.store/ a legit store ive seen people say that it is and isnt
  9. How long does the process take with them like shipping and posting the watch do they do it the next day or does it take a few days for them to post it out Regards Freddie
  10. ARF 126600 Rolex Sea Dweller opinions

    Yes i was thanks a lot
  11. ARF 126600 just arrived. Lots of pics.

    can you send the link on here on where you bought your watch from it look so nice
  12. ARF 126600 just arrived. Lots of pics.

    is that a yes or a no i have just started looking for a replica watch i dont know whos legit and whos not ive seen people on here saying that they have received there watch from puretime but there is other website scamming people using there name
  13. ARF 126600 just arrived. Lots of pics.

    do you know if puretime05.com is legit and actually does really good replicas and posts the watches
  14. ARF 126600 Rolex Sea Dweller opinions

    Hi so puretime05.com is 100% legit and they use 904L so its all safe im just worried about getting scammed
  15. ARF 126600 just arrived. Lots of pics.

    Hi can i have a link to the website and how long did it take to ship