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  1. its been repaired or two movements made into one, do a search on ebay, there are a bunch of those movements in different finishes. also its most likely a movement made by someone else that rolex branded for use in their use. kind of like an eta ebauche used by say Tudor etc.
  2. Ok, so back in the shop, finishing up my backlog and looking forward, several members have asked for dials, so i have been making a few here and there and thought i would show you guys the steps and ask if there was anything in particular you would like to see made. These are fun to make and take a lot of set up and jig making to get right but the end result is a nice dial with tight fitting inserts that can be anodized or painted to suit. Any text or logo can be added, or changed around. I will be making the standard dials MM, LP, RP, etc but if there is something you would like to add feel free to list it. Anodizing takes a while so i have sent some of the standards out to be done, meanwhile painting them works just fine too. Stock brought to correct depth Dials cut backwards Cutting text Tool paths for the plexi, the plexi takes 0.25mm end mills to accurately cut the indexes so they fit correctly Inserts finished they then get cleaned and polished More plexi fun! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. thanks, i was a draftsman by trade, now just this bronze would be awesome, sure why not! thanks guys for the positive feedback!
  4. The full size egi donor cases we have access to are, well, kinda crappy, lugs are short, lug holes are in a bad spot, getting the bezel off and back on with out warping it is next to impossible, I could go on, but you get the point. This one was made in house everything except the second hand and the movement, while its got a few parts that would be changed to more gen like appearance, it's all made like the gen. I didn't have any round stock in the required size for the76mm length of the case so it started life as a plate. This was then turned to the final over all diameter, and the shape of the lugs turned I to the face and back Then off to the mill to cut out the shape, drill the required holes etc Once that was done, the bezel, case back, rotation hold down ring and crown guard were made. (Forgot to take images of those processes[GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]) Once all the parts were made and fitted, some fine tuning was done, cutting in the sharp angle at the lug to case (pain in the butt!) fitting the little brass slide tabs that keep the bezel on and allows it to rotate, cutting the overly complicated crystal, cutting the notches, milling the spring pin holes, setting up the bezel so the markers line up correctly... Fitting the removable movement ring (will accommodate 240's with a 3 piece dial) and getting it to all work together. Finishing touches, made dial 43mm, markers screw in lug bars, blasting and lightly aging the finish. It all came together to end up like this. Thanks for taking a look
  5. Happy Birthday neckyzips!

  6. Happy Birthday neckyzips!

  7. Happy Birthday neckyzips!

  8. anyone have one or know where i can get one?
  9. Pug, i vote for a not so fadded insert, a better pearl, maybe slosh it around in some coins for a while, fix the date wheel spacing, (i have a few spacers if you need one, ill give it to you, or you could use an o ring via the hardware store?) and call it done, i personaly like the clean look, but that may be that i tend to over bake the dials... nice job it looks great!
  10. hey, can you get maui jims, or costa del mars?
  11. right, that whole thing is from the bottom of her heart... has nothing to do with publicity?
  12. i have the same thing with them, patrick is quick with a response, and a funny guy, but i think chris is tied up with another project and hard to get. all i wanted was a dial diamater, 2 months now...
  13. excelent fellow, awesome seller, this guy stands by his word. very refreshing in this day and time...!

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