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  1. If anyone is interested, I have a V2 rep that I have had for a while but the 7 marker has come unglued. I purchased the gen in the 42mm size about a year ago and have not done anything with this spare V2 46mm rep since the 7 marker came off....Would be a great base for someone wanting to build a franken. PM if anyone is interested. Also, have a ton of Omega parts, gen dials, hands, bezels that I have decided to part with, if anyone is int...Trades preferred or open to trade for labor if someone has the time to finish a couple of franken projects.....Just dont seem to have the time lately...
  2. I agree with chronoluvvv......The variety. Plus the "bang for the buck" For the price of 1 genuine, you can try out 10 reps......Wear it for a while and see if you like the style, then sell off the other 9 and buy the gen if you really want it. I like tooooo many different watches and its fun to try all of the different brands that you would never buy the genuine version. I certainly have no problem buying the gen of the ones I really love, but it was fun to try out reps like the Graham and Hublot, I would NEVER buy the gen of those brands, but it was fun to try them just to see what all the fuss was about. Truth is, the reps of most models give you a pretty good indication of the gen without all of the upfront cost and resale depreciation if you didnt like it. A good example for me is that I would have never bought a SINN until I started buying reps. Now, it is one of my favorite brands and I have a gen U1 and have built an ultra-franken U2. I would have never even given the SINN brand a chance until I heard about how good the rep quality was, tried it and fell in love with the style and realized it was the perfect diameter and thickness for my taste. Now I'm hooked on Sinn... (no pun intented....)
  3. You gotta wonder about the quality of this thing, but it showed up in my email as a special offer......Anyone have any thoughts or experience with one of these? For $40 shipped, might be worth a try? Of course, it may just be $40 down the drain too.... $39 single winder w/free shipping?
  4. REF: Breitling SOH 2010 black.

    I'm interested in this watch if its still for sale.


    Mike. aka Lazoon (UK)

  5. I'm looking for a basic Omega seamaster ladies quartz with a white dial, something simple w/o any bling, about 28mm or so.....I looked on Josh's site and only saw automatics, they have one on Watch Eden but have never ordered from them before, I've only used their site for reference as they have so many watches on their website. I've been tempted but just always qeustioned the QC and/or shipping times. Anyone have an opinion on them and/or if Josh's versions would be better for a basic $100 quartz rep? Does Josh source stuff that he doesnt have on his website? If anyone has any other suggestions on sources for ladies Omegas, I'd welcome any ideas....I've done zero due diligence on ladies reps and kinda under the gun on getting something here for Christmas gifts if it is going to take 3 weeks or so to get here. Definitely going to get one of the Tag versions but stumped on the Omega Thanks, -Murph
  6. cool watch.....I like the Heuer dial, very classy look. Nice to hear about you and your dad sharing hobbies, Ive learned so much from my own father that its nice to share something like the appreciation of watches back with them. His monza cleaned up nicely, and will surely be one you'll wear (again) with pride....
  7. Courgaree....I've got all the parts minus the gen bezel (which I decided against) but the seconds hand arrived bent from the previous owner and haven't taken the time to order another one from Offrei....Its been sitting beside the franken UPO project in my "to do list" pile...ha! Haven't had much time for reps lately but maybe this will spark me to get those two projects finished....
  8. I put the SB600 on it and cleared the problem right up.....Much, much better.....shot with the 50mm 1.8 and much sharper. I was afraid the flash would create glare but it actually did the opposite. Thanks...
  9. What makes those tripods better than say, the Sunpak.....I see that Manfrotto is very highly rated in everything I've read but just trying to understand the difference. Here is what I ready about the sunpak pistol grip, what are your guys thoughts, good or bad, or what would it lack that the manfotto provide. sunpak 6600pg reviews
  10. I recently picked up a D90 and a couple of lenses, flash, etc.....b/c it was a good deal and I really love photography but have never made the plunge and just go all in. I am really wanting to learn how to shoot properly and hope to try to take some classes and pick up a couple of books that will help me learn how to become a decent photographer. It seems like a natural fit with my love of watches so going to give it a go. I purchased a Sony A300 about 3 months ago and really like it a lot. Besides the kit lens, I picked up a Minolta 50mm 1.8 lens that was very sharp and was able to get some very good shots almost efforlessly. I was very satisfied with it and loved the Live view feature but it uses a CF card which I just dont like b/c the SD cards are just so much easier for me to use to transfer images into my desktop/laptop/Ipad, etc....vs having to use the card reader via the USB for everything. After hearing so many good things about the Nikon brand and lenses, I decided not to put any more money into the Sony/Minolta line and make the transition to Nikon where there are so many more people who are advocates of that brand for not only advice/support/lessons, but for the availablity of lenses, accessories, software,etc....just a more "industry standard" type of brand. I picked up a D90 with the following: 50mm 1.8 18-55 VR 3:5 -5.6 VR 55-200 VR 4.0 - 5.6 VR Sigma 10-20 4.0-5.6 EX DC HSM SB600 flash Apature remote w/time for time/lapse ( intervalometer?) I've got about $1300 in everything I need to find a decent tripod as mine is horrible and a macro lens for watches. Couple of comments that I would appreciate any insight: 1) I have gotten some great shots with the Sigma wide angle and the ultra wide angle is a must for me and the style of photography I want to explore outdoors but I'm not really getting the best shots indoors compared to my Sony. 2) I do have "shaky hands" and it seems like everything that I take hand held with the D90 is not as sharp as the Sony, I thought that the VR of the 18-55 and 55-200 would be enough and it has helped but still need a tripod for best results whereas the sony, I can get acceptable results handheld. 3) Looking at my lenses setup, what would you guys recommend either adding, selling, etc...to be able to have: - A good wide angle option, wider than 18mm but not crazy fisheye wide but still able to get creative shots in a wider than normal range - A good mid-range zoom that is image stabilized to help with my shaky hands - A good watch lens, whether that is the mid-range zoom or a dedicated macro lens? I dont really understand the difference - A decent but not awesome long range zoom (least important but that could be to my misunderstanding of what they are used for) 4) Couple of tripod options: I would like to have one tabetop/travel tripod and one decent full sized tripod: I'm considering these just for the price/performance ratio: tabletop tripod - Trek-Tech full sized tripod - sunpak 6600pg 5) Lighting options - Of course, the best option is to shoot outside, but not always possible, so I just have a couple of Home Depot work lights with 26W daylight CFLs that I have been using, worked great with the sony but the flash keeps wanting to "pop up" on the D90, do I need more light on these lenses? I can use up to 150w bulbs in the socket so was thinking about a couple of these bulbs 85w Eiko 6) Finally, all said, would I be better off sticking with the Sony brand? I could switch to the newer SD card based bodies that have the full time live view and image stabilization built in and get some better glass. I just cant imaging that would be a better option than the Nikon D90 setup and am sure it is my inexperience with the D90 and lack of skills but that is of course, an option. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or insight.... -Murph Finally, here is a first attempt at a couple of "artsy-ish" type shots which is what I really want to get into eventually.....I welcome any critique of techniques or how to improve them. I didnt spend a whole lot of time on them and with very basic picasa editing
  11. Wow! If I had ever owned a day date there would be two links in the mail tomorrow. Unfortunately, Never had one so can't help.Surely, there is someone out there with extras laying around. I do have a pile of parts and watches that need some kind of something to make them right for me as most of us probably do. I gotta think that a request for links on all the rep forums would result in a happy ending here. It might take more than a day or two, but as that particular size watch is popular with the "puny wristers" (like myself) I can't imagine there not being spares in someones parts box. We have all bought watches that didn't work out for some reason or another, and typically source the parts to make it work or just resell. This is a cheap fix and I'm sure having bought from and currently borrowing hackRs watches, (great slevin by the way) that the day date would be worth the time to find a coupla links.Sure hope this gets sorted out. Trying not to choose sides but find a solution....
  12. Love the dlc, much much better look with the thickness of the watch. I had no idea they were that thick. Cool watch. Nice contrast on that strap too. Congrats.
  13. Wow! Looks great ryaku.....Hope mine turns out close to yours,,,,,minus the gen insert. If you had to do it over again, Would you say the expense of the bezel and labor to do the insert mod was worth it. Or do you feel the rep bezel, gen dial, hands and crystal would have been "close enough". Just your opinion....
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