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  1. Happy Birthday b16a2!

  2. I remember a while ago now wheni the first Asian clone movements came through. At the time they were some $120 cheaper than the put together 'Swiss' version. There was then an uproar when some people received Asian instead of Swiss...now a few years later I've popped back on and Asian clones are selling for higher prices than what the Swiss ones used to. I got out of this game a while ago, not through any real choice, mainly because I lost interest. It bece so focussed on precision, dealers service in terms of 100% perfection,and second hand resell values that were frankly ridiculous. For me the forum spirit is what has brought me back to have another look, but having done a bit of browsing, I've come to the conclusion that given the choice between a replica watch with a replica movement, the prices are so close to bottom end gens now, I'd go for the gen. Can't even pick up a bargain on SC anymore. Pricing as pretty bad back then, but I can't believe how expensive they are these days. It's taken that fun factor away from it for me; its no longer a thoughtless purchase. I'm having to make a conscious decision as if I were buying an entry level gen. Don't get me wrong, the quality looks good, but for the money, three reps could see a second hand purchase of a Tag/Omega.
  3. Happy Birthday b16a2!

  4. Long time no post, hope everyone is well! A big improvement for me that really seems to change the look of the watch is the thinner bezel knurls...the old rep had such a thick/large distance between the inner edge and the outer edge. Looks a lot smoother like the real thing now. Still not 100% but much better.
  5. Happy Birthday b16a2!

  6. Just on a side note, should this be reported to someone...I mean, somebody could walk in there and think this is an absolute bargain.
  7. 100% fake, the easiest tell is the datewheel...then you have the thick bezel which is also another quick tell.
  8. Can you share some of the close up pics?
  9. Assuming no box or papers have they forwarded the serial number to you or any pics? Always best to authenticate prior to purchase
  10. I'm a Liverpool fan....which is frustrating. For the past two seasons we have played exactly the same kind of football in the Premiership games; keeping possession but lacking that critical edge when finishing. We just haven't had the quality of players to keep up with the like of the two Manchester clubs. Maybe one day we will challenege for a top four position again I love watching the Spanish league for the great skill, Barcelona and Real Madrid are a joy to watch.
  11. Stunning watch you have there, the old Explorer 2 is one of the nicest Rolex's out there.
  12. I buy reps because I cannot afford the gen of all the watches I like.....reps buy me variety. Gen owners dislike fakes/reps because they steal the design which is illegal and sell it at a lower price. We can convince ourselves that gens aren't worth the inflated price, in truth, this is irrelevant. They are luxury items and priced highly because they are exclusive and intended for people with enough disposable income to purchase them...reps destroy this exclusivity.
  13. Think I'll join you on that one
  14. Sgtguk - that really is a beautiful Tag, there is something about the new Tag Links, they really hit a home run with the design! I'll have to keep putting the pennies away to save up for one of those
  15. Congrats on the purchase, the PO is one gen watch where you get an awful lot for your money. The build quality is incredible, and the 45mm has a real presence to it...would be great to see some more side by sides with the rep