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  1. Of course I do! That is a great watch. I had one for a short time. Forget now why I got rid of it. I think I had decided at the time to keep the PO as the black dialed sports watch. I kind of developed a "one watch per broad category" objective. Still do, though as I said earlier I have a hole in that category now. Youve reminded me that maybe I need to consider that watch along with a new Sub.
  2. No, I didn't do any color corrections on any of them. Its the greet dial version, not the silver which is the one that appears more like white in some lighting. The grey dial is rhodium so it has that look in all light. I actually don't own the watch anymore. As much as I love the way it looks I find it very uncomfortable as I started to feel about many watches. I suppose thats the main reason I have gravitated back to Rolex after so much exploration. I'm old school at the end of the day I guess and I like the classic designs. But more than that I love the way they feel on me. 9 times out of 10 these days you will see me with one of the two Day Dates or the Yachtmaster. If dressed in a suit which is rare I'll wear the VC and if in shorts or otherwise very casual clothes the Aquatimer. I do have a whole in the casual corner for a black dialed sport watch and I'll bet I end up with another black Sub, which like most was the first rep I ever had. Full circle. At this point there are only a couple watches I really want that are more collection type pieces. I want a great perpetual and a great column wheel chrono. The perpetual is likely to be a Lange, though I'm still getting my mind around dropping that kind of money on a F'ing watch. Though the PT DD was a painful warmup. lol. The column wheel chrono is leaning toward another VC. Maybe this year who knows. Honestly I've been enjoying having a small collection and wearing all my watches every week for a change. I found with a large collection once I photographed them they would sit and eventually started to wonder if I was actually buying them just to have fun taking pictures.
  3. Its been a long time since I took a watch photo, but here are some old wristies I took back in the day to post here...
  4. Thanks D, good to see you too. Cheers. So what are the best new PAMs in your opinion?
  5. Seems like Panerai has been the front runner for the really accurate stuff since I've been away then?
  6. What kind of gig are you looking for?
  7. From a comfort perspective I'd have to say the Aquatimer bracelet. I had the steel rep and own the Ti gen still. Great unique design. I think the rep Rolex jubilee bracelets are really silky too. Very close to the original. Not may fav look personally but beyond comfortable.
  8. Good to see you too. I gotta get over there and visit one of these days...
  9. BTW, if anyone is interested my gen Rhodium/roman/oyster Datejust is up for sale on TZ right now. I had two of them actually identical except I had a fluted bezel I put on one, and wore it a ton before I got the Day-Dates. That one I sold locally and the one for sale now is the one I basically never wore. I probably should have listed it here first but didn't think of it...
  10. Hahahahahahahahahaha. The markets have been wonderful. Lots of volatility in the last few years, which for us is welcomed and then some. Though we still have some funds frozen from that F'n MF debacle. Makes me sick. We got most of it released and thank God we didn't clear everything through them. I've got associates from other firms that are going broke not being able to trade their funds at all. Criminal that the Merc didn't make that right and nip it in the bud right when it happened. Don't get me started...
  11. Yeah, they tend to be usually. I like to buy reps of stuff I'm interested in to see if I really like it before springing for the gen. Saves a lot of money. The PO, Aquatimer, Yachtmaster are all good examples of that process. I've gotta update the gen collection in the signature though as it has changed a bit. Was almost 50 pieces at one time which was ridiculous as I never wore them. All that remains are the YM, the VC, the platinum/glacier DD and the Ti Aquatimer from the list, and I added a RG DD w/Tahitian MOP dial and a 44mm Aquatimer from the Vintage Collection. I wear them all regularly which is a prerequisite these days. I'm not really a collector anymore....
  12. Hahaha. I still have that Mini actually. Don't drive it much but it's such a great little runabout. Just turned 12k miles. Not bad for an 07 huh? lol
  13. Hi guys. It's gotta be an age since I checked in here. What's doing with the usual suspects. As I glance at the boards it's comforting to see the usual suspects are still around. What have I missed? Lotta new super reps I'm sure? My collection really slimmed down a lot to just a few from each "category" that always get attention but I'm already getting the bug again. Oh-ohhh...
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